Thursday, August 15, 2013

Top 5 Excuses To Get Off of Work for Men and Women

    Here’s a list of 10 excuses that many have dished out to their bosses, which in fact means something else.  (Found on


    “There’s a stranger in our neighborhood and I don’t feel comfortable leaving”: Means I’m in bed with my lover and have no intension of getting up
    “It’s that time of the month” – Means I’m extremely broken hearted over nothing, moping around the house sobbing while feeling guilty for not going to work
    I have to renew my driver’s license” – this is the truth but with no intention of going back to work.
    “Traffic is bad” – Means I’m getting my make up done while driving, and it will be a while..
    “My kid’s sick” – It means that after taking the little one to the doctor, I can afford to catch that sale before the good things are sold out. So I won’t be in the whole day.


    “I have been summoned for court”- Means I have a job interview.
    “I am locked out of the house”- Means I am having domestic tiffs.
    “I got into a fight” – Means I was caught in a compromising position
    “I ran out of gas” – A friendly stop over that delayed me indefinitely
    “I have no hot water”- Simple terms: NO rent paid and facing eviction – can’t get cleaned up to get to work.

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