Friday, August 23, 2013

Remembering High School

    Reminiscing today about the Good 'ol Days.  Back in my teen years when I didn't have a care in the world.

    Since I only have about 5 minutes, let me post the first few things I thought of.  Warning, I am in a "Funny" mood today, so my memories were funny ones.

    1. In one of my Earth Science classes, we were handed out a worksheet with the title of, "The Big Bang and the Day After." A Classmate sitting next to me whispered, "Hey,. The big bang and the morning after.  Sounds like my girl and I last Saturday" The teacher heard him and threw him out of the room.  

    2. A couple of my friends and I used to drive around together in my giant Ford LTD listening to gangster rap, throwing McDonalds Happy Meal toys at other moving cars, and tipping over portable toilets (sometimes with friends in them.)  I know, I know - Juvenile, but I was about 17 and I was living in a small town.  There wasn't a whole lot to do.

    3. There was this guy in school whose nickname given to him by his work buddies is Big Business because he handles his damn business. When he hooked up with women of a heavy variety, he said they were "Business Class."

    4. We had a teacher who Big Business used to drive nuts with his class clown antics, and one day when she asked where my book was, Business said, "He burned it." Without asking me if it was true, she called my dad to inform him that I had burned my Reading book. I get home, and my dad says, "So, you're burning books, huh?!"  Big Business had that kind of power.  He would say something and people would just believe it to be true.

    5. During a basketball bus roadtrip for a Friday night game, a buddy pulled his pants down and pressed his butt cheeks up against the glass for a girl to see waiting to cross the street at a corner. The girl caught a glance and then looked away in horror.  We were watching her reaction and then turned back to the guy on the bus (I think his name was Travis).  While we were watching her, he had turned around in the seat and was giving her a full frontal nude show.  Travis? was a ninth-grader and I was surprised the lady could see his junk!!!  
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