Monday, July 29, 2013

Desigñadora?? Quit Making Up Words

    I am a Spanish teacher so I have an eye for these things.  I hate it when people, whether they are students, executives, the president, etc., take English words and "modify" them into Spanish Words.  Take this advertisement for Gain.

    This is an add for Gain detergent.  Gain is trying to get a foothold in the Hispanic market here in the United States.  If you look at the chick smiling in the corner, under her name, it says "Desigñadora de aroma para el lograr"  

    First off, Sabrina Soto, who is not all that bad looking, must be smiling at the idiot Ad execs.  She is probably holding back a laugh since they "Made-up" a word.  Obviously, Desigñadora is meant to be designer.  Problem is, IT IS NOT A SPANISH WORD!!!  Get it right Ad-people.  Diseñadora is the correct word.  Don't just take the english word "Design" add a tilde to the n and put on a spanish suffix.  Give me a Break!!!  You would get an F in my class!
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