Sunday, September 1, 2013

Question 6: Husband's boss wants me again.

    Dear all
    I am in a bit of trouble, actually my husbands promotion order was stuck, as his boss wasn't signing the orders. So my husband decided to invite his boss on dinner (some 15 days earlier).

    The very next day when my husband was not at home his boss came to home, iIoffered him tea and by that time he kept staring at me and then he came close to me and put his hands on my thighs and said if you want promotion then sleep with me once, he repeated some what the same stuff for several days. Thinking about the good of my husband I gave up and had sex with him once. eventually my husband got promoted day before yesterday.
    Today at 5pm I received a call from the boss that he wants me all over again this weekend. what shall I do?
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