Sunday, September 1, 2013

Question 5: My boss wants to sleep with me.

    Please suggest me the way forward.

    I am 32 yr old married female. I work for a mid size private company as an account officer and my Boss is also one of the partners of the company. At first everything was ok but off late since I got promotion sometime back, I had to stay back in the office more than usual hrs in the evening. It started with my boss asking me to stay back on one pretext or the other to prepare some quotes or file tenders etc. and during initial days it was normal only. Also he did lot of favours to me.

    He also used to drop me near my house in his car . During that time, we used to talk a lot and he encouraged me to talk about my family, husband etc......... hewas very normal outside the office and was very jovial. After sometime he started asking me about my sexual life, my family planning, my precautions to avoid pregnancy, my intercourse frequency etc...........

    I felt uncomfortable on this but he said he is just discussing as a friend and made me comfortable. And it slowly began from there and we started discussing all this. Once while discussing all this he touched me and fingered me in his car. I was not able to stop him. Now he is asking for sex. He says he loves me and needs me.

    What should I do? Should I tell it to my husband?
    I am really scared to face this situation. Please understand my situation and give me advice.
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