Monday, September 2, 2013

my virginity lost on result day

    Hello Friends, I am Anita Verma from Nasik, Maharashtra. This Story is from my Past in 2008, when I was studying my engineering and it was my last semester results. I have many more fucks after that incidence but it was the seal Breaker ;) . This is a real story about me. I need manly touches every now and then
    I will describe about myself first, I am not busty but with good sized boobs to attract men to lick them. I am slim with 5’8″ height. People find me very hot when I wear western cloths. But till my bf “Manjit” I never wearied any western cloths.
    It was result day of May/June 2008 when I cleared my exam with distinctions and my family & Bf were very happy for the same. We had hugged, rubbed and he have felt my every part till date but never saw me nude or fucked me. Because I never allowed him to do it. We have a empty flat at Mahatma Nagar Area in Nasik, were we used to meet, and I used to tell my parents that I am going for studies, cleaning and Lunch breaks as it was closer to my college every now and then.
    When he saw the result, we both wanted to have a private time. Kissing and hugging was in my mind. But my bf was a smart guy, he knew I am very happy to let him do all of it. When we entered the flat, he hugged me tight from back, but I stopped him and closed the door first. We started kissing on the couch itself, I love kissing for long so we did it for more than 15-20 mins without any break. after that we went inside. He kissed me and pushed me on the bed. It was usual for me so I cooperated with him. Again we were kissing for more than 5-10 mins when he said its time to toast and celebrate.
    He removed a bottle of Chenin Blanc of Sula Wines, and poured it in Wine Glasses he got in his bag. I wasn’t sure about to have it or not as I have to go home after the meet. But since I was happy I didn’t said no to him. We had 3-4 Glasses before we started to smooch again. I was saying loveeee uuuuu, thanksss for helping me in studddiess, you are aweessome. I started to moan, wine started to show its action I guess.
    He asked me to remove my top, as he wanted to feel my body. But I said no baby, not now. He said he is very happy today and want to get closer in every sense. I removed it as I knew I have inner then bra beneath it. I one go he removed his shirt n his undershirt. I was stunned at his built, it was one of the reason I loved him a lot. We kissed again, for first time I could feel his back and was moving my hands freely till the pant.
    He opened the button of my jeans and opened the chain, and was about to pull it down when I realised the act and stopped him. But he said he wants to feel me nude, I was surprised but was loving his touches and wine was working the way it should. In next 10 secs he removed every bit of cloth from my body and immediately he was also nude. I was stunned at the size of the cock. it was a 7.5″ cock with 3″ thick. I have never seen anything like it before. It was full tight and ready for action.
    We started to feel each other, and wanted to explore. It was a strange feeling but I was enjoying every bit of it. I was completely wet by the acts of the Manjit. He was touching every part of mine and sucking my boobs very hard. He started to bite my boobs but instead of pain I was in pleasure. Ahhhhhhhhhh I moaned.
    Please Manjit, be caaaalmmmmm. I looovveeee uuuuuu.. Ahhhhh Slowwww babyyyyyy. Pleeasseeee.
    he said “not todayy my jaan. I am very happy today.”
    He inserted his Finger in my wet pussy, I again screamed ” Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, nooo Please. Leave it Alonneeee”
    He stopped sucking my boobs, and started to smooch my body from boobs till pussyy. I was in heaven, He then parted my Shaven pussy which I did 3-4 days back. As I dnt like to keep any kind of bush around. He licked my clit with his tonguee.
    “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Please .. Yessss Do it , do itttt” I Said.
    He started to lick it hard, and was tongue fucking my pussy badly. I was just moaning and pressing his head towards my pussy. The girl who wasn’t ready to get nude was pressing bfs head in her pussy in few mins. After sucking for complete 10-15 mins I was about to cum. I tld him, Manjiiiiittttt I am cumminggggg.
    I exploded lot of juice for him, and he was very happy to drink every drop of it.
    Manjit said, ” Ani, come suck my cock please, you will like it as hell” he was very true about it. After that day I have sucked 4 cocks & each cock numerous time and every time I enjoyed it to fullest.
    He came to my side on bed and was on his back, with his cock tight and straight facing the Roof. I first moved his cock with my hand, then opened the top skin by pulling it back. It was huge, and wasn’t sure it will fit in my mouth still I touched my lips to its tip. he gasped .
    Wow, it had a great taste, I loved it. I was sucking it hard now, completely in and out till it touches my throat. He was jumping in pleasure, and his head up and eyes closed. I was doing it really fast now. After 5 mins, he said ” babyyyyy, I amm cummingggg”
    He is a monster, he threw litres of juices into my mouth and holded my head with his hand so I that I have no other option to gulp it or cough. but somehow, I drank every drop of it.
    I was tired, and came next to him on bed. my mouth still had taste of cum. I kissed him hard and made him taste his own sperm. We started to play again, I was kissing him deep feeling his body. He was doing same with me, now inserting his finger in my ass. In no time he was fully erect and ready to insert in me.
    I saw his tool and I went to it to suck it again. I did it for not even a minute when he begged me to fuck. I came on my back in bed, and he got the signal. He came on me, Stretched my legs and kept his tool on my pussy and said” Congratulations”
    before I could say thanks, he inserted his cock 2″ inside me.
    I screamed ” Thannnnnnnnnnkks, Noooooooooooooooooooooooo, Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee removvve. Its paining, its painning manjit……
    He was still for couple of mins till I gained senses, and immediately he pushed it further more, my hymen was broken. It was bleeding, I was in painn. I have never experience such kind of pain before. I was gasping for fresh air, when he pushed it completely inside me. I had tears in my eyes, he waited for couple of mins till I opened my eyes. He said ” I lovee u”
    N started ramming my pussy with good speed, I started to enjoy his strokes. Ahhhhh, Ahhhh, Do it fast I said. Please fuck me fast. I was completely wet with blood and my juice. He then increased his speed, both were moaning hard. I guess neighbors would have heard it. I was now enjoying his fuck, I said I loveeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuu, fucccckkkkkk meee harrrrddddddd, ahhhhhhhhhhh.
    He rammed his cock, for next 30-35 mins before he increased his speed / throttle and we both reached ourrrrr climaxx together. But I had orgasm may be 2-3 times while it was his first. He spitted his sperm inside my pussy, and fell on my body like dead.
    I was a wonderful experience, and I just said ” Thanks”.
    Then he came to my side, we kissed and slept for an hour when my phone rang. When I was trying to get up, it pained me and that time I saw blood all around the pussy, his cock and bedsheet. I couldn’t walk properly, but somehow I reached bathroom and cleaned the mess.
    We kissed before leaving, and since then I fucked him numerous times till I went to US for 6 months assignment. I had couple of White guys n black niggas experience over there which I will tell later on. But I might be in need of a nice cock in Nasik as I broke up with my bf,
    Who knows the destiny, we might end up in bed…
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