Monday, September 2, 2013

friendship with vegetable seller

    Hi friends. I am Arun. I’m 24 years old and I’m here to share with you my real life sex experience with my sweet looking and spicy vegetable seller turned servant maid. Her name is Kavitha and is 25 years old. She is a bit dark colour but looks very sweet. She works in a vegetable shop in my neighbourhood owned by her father. Her father takes care of the billing and Kavitha helps the customers in taking vegetables of required quantity. The very first time I went to her shop, my dick got a bit stiff seeing her. She has a bit fat in her belly, broad arms and huge boobs. I could not take my eyes of her boobs whenever I go to her shop but I somehow cover by enlarged dick with some basket to escape from her noticing it. I felt very hungry whenever I see her and was desperate to fuck her and squeeze her large boobs as much as I can.
    As I kept going to her shop regularly, both Kavitha and her father started recognizing me as their regular customer and we started talking freely with each other. One day, when I went to their shop, she was alone. I asked for a few vegetables and as usual, stood by covering my dick with one of the baskets. As she was picking up the vegetables for me, she said “Arun, please tell me if there are any household works either at your home or in your neighbourhood. I want to work.” I asked her “Then what about this shop Kavitha?” She said “My father will take care of the shop. We need some extra income. What we get from the shop is not sufficient for us.” Hearing that, I immediately felt something good was happening to me because we needed a servant maid at our own house. I told her “Yes we are looking for a maid. I will tell my mom and you come and speak to her this evening.” She said “Sure” and smiled. I gave her my address and left the place.
    It felt great and I said to myself that I’m getting near to my dreams of fucking her. I went home and told my mom. She also felt comfortable as Kavitha is a known person to me. Kavitha came to my house that day in the evening and she and my mom spoke about her work at home and other salary issues. My dad works abroad and so my mom takes care of household decisions. Both agreed to the terms on which Kavitha will work at my home and my mom asked her to join the very next day. As they both agreed, I was delighted as I can start thinking of how to bring her to my bed.
    From next morning, Kavitha came to my house at 7am for work. She used to sweep the floor and dust my house.
    Everyday I used to wait for her to enter my room and once she comes to clean my room, I used to sit on the bed and chat with her. She used to speak very freely and we had a lot of lighter moments laughing and giggling. As she sweeps my bedroom floor talking with me, I without her knowledge, peep into her chudidhar to see her big boobs hanging down but have never managed to see it properly from a good angle.
    I kept reminding her that “We are good friends and I do not see you as my servant maid.” She used to smile and thank me. It felt really good when she kept taking my words positively. One day, my mom went to temple early in the morning and I was sitting on the sofa in the living room, watching Kavitha sweeping the floor. As she finished sweeping and dropped the broomstick down, being alone with her, I wanted to get closer to her. So I called her and said “Kavitha, come and sit on the sofa.” She gave a surprised look and said “Me? no no..” I told her “You are my friend know? Then come and sit beside me.” She smiled and with a bit of hesitation she slowly came and sat beside me on the edge of the sofa. I asked her to sit properly leaning her back on the sofa. She then sat properly.
    I then started asking her about her personal life. I asked her “Do you love someone?” She said “no” and she asked me “What about you?” I said “not at all.” She immediately asked with a bit of gasp “Arun, are you trying to seduce me?” I could not believe that she read my mind. Not knowing what to say I asked “What do you mean?” She said “I’ll be frank with what I feel and I want you to give me a straight answer as well. Are you interested in sleeping with me?” I was shocked and amused and had no words to answer her.
    As I was looking at her surprised, she got a bit restless and irritated and said “Oh come on Arun. Don’t hide it. I have noticed you for a long time right from the time you used to come to our shop and cover your dick with a basket. You say you do not love anyone which means I’m quite certain you are interested in having sex with me.” I was shell shocked that she noticed me and with some guilt asked her “How did you know that I was covering my dick?” She gave a starring smile and asked “Have you never felt that while you stand with a basket in front of your dick for a long time it more often looks awkward?” I smiled with shyness and quickly realized that she has no problems having sex with me. I said “Yes from the very first time I saw you I wanted to fuck you. Ahh, are you interested in sleeping with me?” She smiled and nodded her head saying “Yes I have no objection having sex with you.”
    I immediately got geared up and not knowing what to do, jumped closer to her and attempted to kiss her. But she closed my mouth with her palms and said “Not now Arun. Your mom might return anytime.” I could not control my emotions and said “Then let us go upstairs to my room. If my mom asks, tell her that you were cleaning my room.” She said “No. Having sex is a great feeling and it gives you immense pleasure that you start to grunt and moan without your knowledge. I got a doubt and asked her “How do you know about these things?” For this, she gave a shocking reply saying “I have already had sex with two of my schoolmates when I was in 12th standard. Actually, I intended to have sex with only one boy but when we were having sex, the other guy saw us. So to shut his mouth, I called him and offered him to put his dick into my pussy which he readily accepted and chucked his dick desperately into my pussy. All these happened 7 years ago and I have no idea where those two guys are now.”
    I did not know how to react but somehow my interest on her grew big hearing that she is ready to spread her legs for me. I asked her “If not now, then when can we do it?” She said “We need to wait. We will surely get some right time.” Two days later, as she was sweeping my room, my mom called me and said she is going to a nearby shop and will come in about 20 minutes. I got very tempted this time and rushed to my bedroom, and as Kavitha was sweeping the floor bending down, I stood behind her, grabbed her thighs from behind and rubbed my hard dick on her asshole over her chudidhar.
    She got up, pushed me aside and asked “What are you doing? Wait for some time. If your mom comes back we’ll get caught.” I could not resist yet I stopped myself and said “Ok fine. But at least show your boobs now. Nothing more than that. I want to see it.” She thought for a while and said “Ok but you have to see it from a distance.” I agreed. She then put her hands on her back, unhooked her chudidhar, pulled her sleeves down her arms and lifted her bra up exposing her balloon like boobs. It was actually dark brownish colour and I was seeing them with my mouth wide open. I asked her “Can I press it once dear?” She then took my hands and placed it on her breasts and I squeezed it 3 or 4 times. It was too soft and spongy and I loved it. She then removed my hands off her breasts and said “That’s it for today.” She then pulled her bra down, fitted her boobs into it, pulled her chudidhar sleeves up and hooked it once again. After that I did not get that kind of a chance for days together.
    Almost 3 weeks passed and one afternoon my mom went to my cousin’s marriage. As the marriage was early morning next day, she left the previous afternoon and planned to come back the next morning after the marriage. I did not want to miss this opportunity and so I told her that I’m not coming. She kept forcing me and finally lost patience and left alone. As she stepped out, I wasted no time and called Kavitha and said “I’m alone now. My mom will come only tomorrow morning. Shall we have some sex now?” She said “I’m in the shop now. I cannot come now. If my dad asks where I’m going, I will have no answer.” I felt dejected and cut the call immediately.
    About an hour later, Kavitha called me and said “I’m ready to have sex with you tonight. What do you say?” I asked her “If you cannot come during daytime how will you come in the night?” She immediately replied “See, every night my father drinks without any limits and falls unconscious. He gets up only late in the morning after I come to work at your house. So tonight, after he drinks fully and falls unconscious I’ll come to your house and we’ll enjoy throughout the night. Tomorrow morning, I’ll get up, finish off my work and come back as if I’m returning from work.”
    Listening to her plans I was thrilled and shouted “yes yes I’m ready baby.” She laughed and said “Ok then I’ll meet you tonight.” and cancelled the call. I did not know how to express my emotions and waited for the night. After sometime I got some naughty ideas and called her and said “When you come tonight, also bring your sexiest nighty.” She asked me “Why” I said “I have some plans. Please bring.” She smiled hmm and agreed.
    I stuffed my belly with some good dinner that night and was eagerly waiting for her. It was 10:30pm and she messaged me saying “My father is down with liquor. I’m starting now.” I immediately had a bath and waited for about 15 minutes as I heard the gate opening. I opened the door and found Kavitha coming. I let her in, closed the main door and as I was about to jump on her, she stopped me and said “Before we start, I need half an hour and I want to use your bathroom.” I said “Sure baby. Have you brought your nighty?” She took a sexy pink nighty out from a cover with the inner part of the sleeves cut.
    She went inside the bathroom and before she closed the door, she said “Before I come, remove all your clothes and be ready. Lets not waste time tonight.” I felt very excited and stopped her and said “I also have a desire. When you come out remove all your clothes including your bra and panty and come with only your nighty on you.” She gave a starring smile and said “So this was your naughty idea with my nighty.” I winked at her and said “Yes baby.” She also said “I’ll use your scissors and razor.” I replied “With pleasure baby.” As she went in, I immediately jumped on the bed, removed my clothes one by one, got myself nude and lied down on the bed covering my dick with a blanket. I switched off the tube light and switched on the yellow light bulb in my dressing table and that dim light took my emotions to the peak.
    I heard her scrapping something and also using my scissors. I said to myself that may be she is shaving her underarms with my razor and trimming the hair around her pussy with my scissors. My dick already grew big, hard and erect. After sometime she started taking bath and I was so restlessly waiting to eat her fresh body and crush her pussy. This night actually came about 7 months after I first saw her and got tempted to fuck her. As I heard her closing the shower, I kept starring at the bathroom door. In a minute, she opened the door and came out smelling really fresh. She walked towards me with her nighty on, slowly climbed on the bed and came close to me. I could not resist the fresh fragrance of the soap on her body and immediately pulled her, hugged her tightly, kissed her all over her body. She was even more aggressive as she started kissing and sucking all over my body, went down and licked my nipples. I lifted her head up, held her back neck with my left hand, without any hesitation put my right hand on her busty breasts, went close to her lips and said “Sweets”. She smiled at me and I immediately kissed her sensually by sucking her lips and dropping it thrice. I really loved sucking her juicy lips.
    After some mild and sensual kissing, I wanted to enjoy her the way I wanted. So I asked her to sit in the middle of the bed, went behind her, placed my hands on her shoulder, slowly slid them down, put my right hand into her nighty and grabbed her left boobs. It was seriously big that I could not hold it with one hand. I pressed it really hard and she raised her hands and held my head. I kept pressing her water bag like breasts and slowly slid my left hand over her broad arms and placed it over her neatly shaved underarms. I could not take my hands off her boobs and I started pressing it harder and harder and slowly placed my face besides her and as she turned towards me moaning, I kissed her tight. This time I kissed her sloppily by rolling my lips wildly over her lips and dipped my tongue into her mouth. I literally sucked her saliva into my mouth and drank them.
    I was amazed and overjoyed that she did not stop me this time from pressing her boobs and also allowed me to kiss her deep into her mouth and suck her saliva. I finally got satisfied for the time being and slowly rolled my fingers on her nipples and removed my hands from her nighty. But I was still very thirsty and so I sat down, made her lie down on my lap and again sucked her lips sensually tasting her soft and wet lips thoroughly. I then asked her “Now you put your tongue into my mouth. She said “I have not done this before. In fact I have not even kissed anyone before you.” I then asked her “Bring your tongue out.” As she brought her rosy tongue out, I engulfed it into my mouth and sucked her juicy tongue wildly, and once again drank her saliva. Guys, her saliva was really good and I loved sucking every drop of it.
    As I was sucking her tongue deep into my mouth, I hugged her tight and slowly placed my hands on her shoulder and pulled her nighty sleeve half way down her arms, lifted her up with her tongue inside my mouth and we turned over with she sleeping over me. She then removed her tongue from my mouth and slowly pulled her left hand out of her nighty sleeve. She was too hot in that one handed nighty. She smelt so fresh that I could not stay away from her. I got up, kissed her shoulder, kissed and sucked her fleshy broad arms and slowly pulled her other sleeve down and she removed her other hand out of her sleeve in a flash, and slowly rubbed her palms down my body and for the first time put her hands on my dick.
    She immediately gasped “Vow! your dick is so thick. My schoolmates had a much narrower dick.” I said “They were just 18 years old baby. Mine is a 24 year old dick.” She slowly started to shake my hard and dark dick and said “I don’t think it is the difference. The length is almost the same but your dick is too thick. Have you ever measured the size of your dick?” I said in full excitement “I did it just before you came baby. Its 5.5 inches long and close to 2 inches thick. She raised her eyebrows and said “I feel your dick is going to tear my pussy tonight.”
    I immediately got excited, made her lie down on the bed and slowly slowly dragged my fingers from her toes, put my hands into her nighty, rubbed her knees, her fleshy thighs and put my fingers between her legs on her pussy. There was some hair around her pussy. I asked “You dint shave your pussy? She said “I just trimmed it. I’m afraid to take the razor near my pussy.” The hair around her pussy was very short, sharp and did prick a bit. I then slowly dipped my middle finger into her pussy and boy, it was seriously hot and wet inside. Her inner flesh was also gripping my finger a bit. It was tight even for my finger to penetrate. As I dug deep into her pussy, she started moaning Mmmm haaaa hhhaa ssss mmmmm. I then slowly inserted my forefinger also into her pussy and fingered her up and down into her pussy. Her pussy juice was dripping out as I dipped my fingers fully into her pussy. I slowly increased pace and started rolling my fingers inside her cunt and she started shouting louder aaaahh aaahh hhhaaaa hhhho howwww.
    I was a really superb feeling to have my fingers inside her hot, wet and tight pussy and I wanted to put my hand into her body. So I slowly dipped my third finger and then my little finger one after the other. She kept moaning and as I inserted my thumb, she could not resist it as she spread her arms, held on to the bed tightly and started taking deep breaths and moaned with her breath hhhhaaan hhhhnnn. First it was difficult for my finger to pierce her pussy but now I managed to put my hand inside her cunt. As all my fingers went fully into her pussy, I felt something soft and spongy inside. I was afraid to press it and so I slowly rubbed it with my fingers. She started moaning louder AAAhhh ammmmmaa hhhaaaa hammmmma.
    I felt she is delighted with it and I started rubbing it faster and faster and she gripped the bed tighter and kept shouting loud hhhaaaaa haaaaaa howwwwwww and in a few seconds, I felt a river of water gushing out from her pussy. As I adjusted and slowly removed my hand from a pussy, she peed heavily on me as some fluid splashed out of her pussy right on my chest and belly. She got up screaming as she started peeing right on my chest and belly. But it did not smell like urine and she smiled with a horny face and said “That was extremely good.” First I did not know how to react but looking at her horny face, my mood became really wild. I got close to her, raised her arms, pulled her nighty up, removed it completely and threw it on the floor. Seeing her fully nude, I was stunned as she looked just as sexy as I visualized her when I saw Kavitha for the first time in her shop.
    With that both of us got really wild as we hugged each other tightly, fell on the bed and rolled all over the bed and kissed her neck, her cheeks her arms and sucked her lips. I was on top of her and as I was sucking her lips, she caught my dick underneath and rubbed her wet pussy with my dick. I slowly put my legs between her legs and she placed my dick on her pussy mouth and said “Push it in.” I placed my palms behind her shoulders and pushed my dick into her pussy. It went in quite smoothly but as my dick rubbed the inner walls of her pussy, it was electric. My dick was half in and I slowly lifted my face feeling the electric sensation on my dick and saw her eyes half closed and moaning in a low voice hmmm ahhhhhh hhaaaa ssssss haaaan.
    We started sweating a bit but she was still smelling fresh. I wanted to dig deep into her pussy. So I slowly took my arms from behind her, pressed my thumbs on her armpits and slowly penetrated deeper and deeper into her juicy wet pussy. She started to moan a bit louder aaaaaahhh sssss aaaaaahhhh hhhhmmmmm aaaaahh. As I almost dipped my dick fully into her pussy, I felt my thighs getting chilled and I could not dip my pussy further into her pussy. I halted. She asked me “What happened? You have not even ejaculated yet stopped?” I asked her to wait a minute. However, in just a few seconds, I felt much better and got really excited and chucked my dick brutally into her pussy and fell on her with my waist was tightly pressing her waist.
    She screamed for a second auummmmaaa and hugged me tight. My dick was fully inside her hot and wet pussy and it was the moment I was waiting for the past 7 months.I wanted to crush her pussy hard and wild. We started sweating a bit heavily as we were tightly fixed with each other. The sharp hair sprouts around her pussy pricked my body around my genitals but I loved it. In fact I pressed dick even more harder jamming my genitals over her pussy hair as I loved the tickling sensation it created. She hugged me tight as I kept pressing her waist hard with mine and she kept moaning sensually on my ears mmmm ssss ahhhhh huhhh. I slowly pulled my dick back and fucked her gently by moving my dick back and forth inside her pussy. It felt really great as my dick rubbed the inner walls of her pussy moving up and down inside her pussy. Her pussy was very sticky inside as it gripped my dick creating a hichkich sound every time I pulled my dick and dipped it into her pussy.
    In a few seconds, I started feeling really wild. I lifted my upper body a bit, closed my fist and pressing it hard on the bed, I chucked my dick rough and deep into her pussy and fucked her really hard and wild by moving by dick back and forth into her pussy a bit more faster. She spread her arms wide on the bed, held the bed tight and yelled aaaahhhhhh aaaahhh hhhhaaaaa hhhhhhaaaaaaa. We were drenched in sweat and I could feel the sweat running down my back dripping between my ass. I could not control my emotions and I kept crushing her pussy and suddenly, I felt my dick erupting inside her pussy. I felt my cream gushing out and in the extreme pleasures of ejaculating, I fell over Kavitha shouting hhaaaaaasss aaaaahhhhh hhhhhhooo aaaahh as I felt my semen literally pouring out of my dick into her pussy. I did not know if I shouted too loud but I remember Kavitha hugging me tight and whispering on my ears with a heavy breath “Shhuu not so loud that’s it yeah yeah yeah” and kissing my cheeks as I was moving like waves over her body.
    My dick immediately got soft and smaller and oozed out of her pussy. I was breathing very heavily and slept over her for some time with my head on the pillow just besides her face. After sometime I slowly woke up, lifted my face and saw her smiling at me. She rubbed my cheeks and asked “How do you feel now? Satisfied?” I was amazed with the experience on bed with her and said “Your body is really superb. I felt like I’m in seventh heaven as I slept with you and because of that I will never say I’m satisfied.”She smiled at me with a starring look. I softly sucked her lips and slid down from her wet, sweaty body and slept besides her.
    We saw the time. It was 2am. She said “Lets sleep. I need to get up early, finish off the work here and get back home. Saying that, she turned and slept showing her back to me and my eyes fell on her ass. It was as fleshy as her boobs and I was too tempted to exploit her asshole. I did not know how to ask her. I immediately grabbed my dick and shook it. With the mood I was in, my dick automatically grew hard and big. Without her permission, I took my dick in my hand and pierced it between her asses and grabbed her boobs from behind and tried to pierce her asshole.
    She immediately tried to turn towards me but I locked her legs with mine. She asked in a surprised tone “What are you doing? I need to sleep.” I replied saying “Just one dip into your asshole baby. We will finish it in 15 minutes.” She said “I’m not comfortable with anal sex. Let’s not do this.” But I could not control myself. I replied “Trust me baby. Just once.” She turned her face, first starred and then slowly smiled. I was delighted seeing the smile on her face. I immediately squeezed her pussy hard and pushed my dick into her ass but I could just hit her asshole and could not pierce it. My dick was sandwiched between her big buttocks but could not penetrate her asshole.
    So I removed my dick from her buttocks and asked her to sit on her knees and bend her upper body down with her head on the bed. As she sat down as such, I went behind her and spread her buttocks to see her asshole. I was stunned as I saw her asshole. It was just a small black dot with a cluster of lines converging into it. It seemed really tough to pierce that tiny dot like hole. I asked her to stay the same way, took a body lotion from my dressing area, spread her buttocks and poured a few drops of the lotion on her asshole. She immediately gave a jerk and asked “What was that? Its chilling.” I said “Its just a body lotion. Relax. Your asshole seems to be too hard to pierce but at any cost I want to dip my dick into it.” She replied saying “You are crazy. But don’t hurt me.” I said “Ok” and started to spread the lotion over her asshole by rubbing it round and round on it and in a few seconds, I dipped my forefinger into her asshole. She gasped aaah and it went in like butter but it was very hot and tight inside.
    I slowly fingered her asshole, dipped my middle finger also into it and tried to make that hole a little bigger to make it possible for my dick to penetrate her asshole. In some time, I dipped my third finger into her asshole and as I kept fingering her, she said “Your 15 minutes is over and you have not even started.” I, with my fingers inside her asshole, immediately stood up on the bed, placed my feet in front of her knees and gently sat over her buttocks. I then took my dick, placed it close to her asshole, removed my fingers and immediately covered her asshole with my dick before it closes once again. My dick got stuck on the mouth of her asshole. She was a bit nervous and kept saying “careful careful.”
    I held her waist tight and slowly injected my dick into her asshole. She felt it a bit paining and kept shouting aaahh aaaaah for every bit my dick went in. It was seriously tight and I hugged her belly tight from behind, pulled her up a bit and chucked my dick into her asshole with some force. My dick almost penetrated fully into her asshole and she could not bear it as she closed her mouth and screamed mmmmmmmhhh mmmmmmmmhhh. But I once again felt heavenly as my dick was inside her hot, tight and sticky asshole. I wanted to fuck her asshole as hard as I fucked her pussy and so I tried to pull my dick up a bit but it was seriously stuck inside her really tight asshole. I held her buttocks and tried to pull it up. With some difficulty, I could pull my dick up a bit and immediately I gushed it back in and this time my dick penetrated fully into her asshole. She still had her mouth closed with her hands and moaned in a louder tone mmmmmm mmmmmmmm mmmmmm.
    As I pulled my dick up and chucked it back in a few more times, her asshole finally got a bit loose and became somewhat comfortable for fucking. I then fucked her asshole gently first by moving my dick back and forth and in sometime started to crush her asshole by forcing my dick hard and rough into her asshole, jumping on her buttocks clap, clap, clap. She continued to scream with her mouth shut mmmm mmmmmm mmmmm mmmm. and in just a few seconds, my dick erupted once again, splashing my white cream into her asshole. As I ejaculated, I could not control myself once again and I bent down and kissed her back tight as her knees slid down the bed and she lied down on the bed with her face facing down and I slept over her.
    Just like last time, after ejaculating my dick got softer and smaller but did not come out of her asshole fully. I then removed my dick from her asshole and slid down her sweaty body and slept besides her. She fell asleep in the same position with her face down on the bed and I slept besides her hugging her tightly from behind.
    I went into a deep sound sleep and suddenly felt that she was removing herself from me as my arms were around her. I opened my eyes and realised that it was morning. I saw the time. It was close to 6:40am. As she got up from bed and was banding her hair, I asked her “Did you have fun last night?” She turned and smiled at me and said “It was too good. Anal sex was painful initially but after you started fucking me I really enjoyed that too. How about you?” I got up, sat on the bed and said “For me it’s an unforgettable night baby. As I said earlier, your body seriously superb. I loved it.”
    She smiled at me and went inside the bathroom. I asked her “What are you going to do in there?” She said “I’m going to have a plain shower as I cannot have a complete bath before I go home. I was still a bit hungry and I immediately rushed into the bathroom and said “Lets give some final touch to our fun.” She again smiled at me with her starring looks and came close to me. We hugged each other, I turned on the shower and we got ourselves drenched in the shower for some time, hugging each other, kissing her shoulders, squeezing her boobs, she grabbing and shaking my dick and wiping off the sweat on each others’ body. We then wiped ourselves dry and got dressed up.
    She started her work at 7am, normally as she does every day and I was half asleep on the sofa as I was dead tired. After completing her work, she woke me up as she was leaving. She packed her nighty in the bag she normally brings while she comes for work and as she was about to open the main door, I pulled her close to me and kissed her tight for the last time, rolling my tongue into her mouth and sucking her tongue into mine. As I took my mouth form her mouth, both of us breathed heavily and smiled at each other not knowing what to say. She simply said “Bye” in a low voice and left the place. As she left, I was overjoyed and did not know what to do. I jumped on the sofa shouting yes yes and finally fell on the bed and once again went into a deep sleep.
    So friends, this is my real life sex story with my vegetable seller turned servant maid Kavitha. Hope you enjoyed my story “Friendship With Vegetable Seller
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