Sunday, September 8, 2013

100 Reasons to be a Teacher - A commentary

    I received an email from Wendy G. in Arizona.  She sent me a link to a list of reasons why it is great to be a teacher.  You can view the list here.   I have a short commentary following her email.

    Here email read as follows:

    Hello Matt!
    Given the  looming shortage of teachers, we put together a positive article for prospective teachers as well as those currently employed as teachers called: “100 Reasons To Be A Teacher.” 

    If you wouldn’t mind, could you share our article with your readers?
    Here's the post:
    Many thanks!
    Wendy G.

    I have to admit that with all of the negativity surrounding the teaching profession as of late, it is still a nice profession to be in.  I have enjoyed teaching and hope I can continue teaching for some years to come.  I obviously did not get into teaching for the $$$, but my reasons for teaching dealt with helping people.

    Like all professions, it is not perfect.  We sometimes have to deal with parents who have unrealistic expectations or, even worse, parents who just don't care about their kids.  We sometimes have problems with administrators who see things one way, while the teachers see it another way.  School Boards, lazy students, etc. are other items that teachers sometimes clash with.

    Luckily, for me anyway, the pros have so far outweighed the cons.  With my school making major budget cuts (possibly to include giving the pink slip to some teachers), education is facing a tough time.  Wendy Graham is correct in saying that there will be a shortage of teachers in the future.  With so many districts laying off teachers, I see many current teachers going back to school and getting a degree in another field, or switching jobs with their current degree.  Teachers we lose over the next few years will probably never return to the classroom.  Each year, there are fewer and fewer teaching graduates in many content areas.  A shortage is inevitable.  How we deal with the shortage in the coming years will be a true test to our nation's education system and will show our government's level of commitment to education.  Let's hope for the best!!!!!
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