Wednesday, August 14, 2013


    After rolling the condom she again lay on her right side and lifted her left leg without asking to give him access to her cunt. Fred too got behind her in a similar fashion and proceeded to put the cock head at the entrance of her cunt. I could see the butterfly once more. I could clearly see her flowing juices. Fred placed the condomed head of his dick on the entrance of her cunt and pushed a little. His dick head entered nutan’s cunt without resistance. He pushed again and another two inches disappeared. It was a beautiful sight. Here was a huge black dick snaking its way into my wife’s white cunt! I could not bear this and shot another load inside the cupboard. On the bed my wife was in another state of sexual arousal and was moaning continuously. Once in a while she too will look at her pussy being stretched by his huge dick. He continued pushing and I could see the condomed part of this monster disappear in her pussy. nutan’s pussy was very stretched now. The butterfly lips were sticking to his shaft for dear life! I wondered whether the condom would come off if his huge dick is pulled out of her pussy. He pushed again and his monster was about eight inches in her cunt now. Perhaps it was her height of sexual arousal which made her cunt so wet and slippery and I was sure even if an arm is shoved up her cunt today she will not have any difficulty at all to accommodate it.

    Still the thickest three inches were waiting outside to get in. This was the real test for her pussy. Fred now moved back and removed his dick till only the cock head remained inside. The condom did not come off as it was sticking tightly to his dick. Fred’s penis’ veins were visible though the condom and it looked like the natural skin for his huge penis. Fred’s dick was glistening with nutan’s cunt juices. He once again told nutan to lift her leg a little more and pushed more than half his dick in her cunt in one push. nutan’s big breasts wobbled wildly. nutanbsquirmed a bit and then relaxed. He gave another mighty push and this monster got buried fully inside my wife’s cunt. Her breasts again wobbled wildly due to the mighty push. I could never imagine that her cunt was so deep! It looked really stretched now and I feared it would get torn any moment. Imagine a cunt hole stretched to accommodate an object having a diameter of three inches. The circumference (girth) of such an object will be roughly over nine inches.
    nutan must have realised that the monster was fully buried inside her cunt and looked down. Her eyelids laboured to open as she was in highest state of arousal. Once he looked at the buried monster with Fred’s heavy balls resting on her right thigh, her eyes opened wide with surprise. She saw her cunt stretched to the point of getting torn.

    None of them moved for a few seconds. Fred started fondling my wife’s breasts. He then removed his massive prick till only the head was inside her pussy then gave a mighty push and whole of his monster dick got buried deep in her pussy in one go. I had another raging hard on. Actually my dick too was constantly hard after looking such an action in my bedroom. Fred started repeating the same action. He will withdraw his enormous penis till the head is remained inside pussy, wait for a few seconds and then give a mighty push, which will bury his whole big dick in nutan’s small cunt. Which such a shove nutans whole body too will shook and her big breasts will jiggle wildly. Fred gave about fifteen such pushes, perhaps he was making her pussy accustomed to his big size. Whenever, his big penis will come out it will glisten with now overflowing cunt juices. nutan was in seventh heaven, she was in ecstasy and her face was contorted with immense pleasure. Fred gradually increased speed and she too started pushing her hips back to meet Fred’s thrusts. It was and incredible sight. About a foot long huge thick penis was pumping nutan’s cunt and its black colour was in total contrast with my wife’s creamy skin. Her cunt was overstretched too.
    Fred’s thrusts were becoming quicker and more powerful now. His massive dick looked like blur.nutan too was meeting his each thrust with equal vigour. Her big breats were jiggling wildly but more rhythmically now. Both of them were panting like dogs. Fred was very close to coming.she was having a constant stream of orgasms and her eyes were rolled back in their sockets. It looked as if she will pass out. I had never seen such wild fucking even in porn movies. Fred’s speed was astonishing. He will withdraw his huge penis till the tip remained inside and then bang it in a flash. His big balls will hit her thighs and make a little sound.her pussy was overflowing with juices and it was now accommodating Fred’s huge penis.
    After about five minutes of such wild fucking my wife told Fred to withdraw as she wanted to ride him. Actually, this was her favourite position that afforded her deepest penetration and me the full access to her heavy breasts. Fred withdrew his huge penis and lied on his back. My wife too now laid on her back shifted a little and opened her legs for me to look at the devastation caused by Fred’s massive pole. Her cunt was wide open and I could see her slimy pink insides up to three inches or so. Her cunt juice was flowing down to her thighs. It took about fifteen seconds for her cunt lips to close together and come back to their original position.
    Fred was wondering why she is not getting up and riding him. He beckoned her and then she turned on her left side and then climbed on top of Fred. She started kissing him wildly. Fred reciprocated and started massaging her big breasts that were hanging in front of his eyes. Then nutan pulled herself back on Fred’s crotch. She had to raise herself up high in the air to position her cunt at Fred’s cock head. With one hand she opened her pussy lips and with the other she placed head of that monster penis at the opening of her cunt. She then started sliding on him and buried the monster in her pussy. She did not move for a few seconds and closed her eyes. She grunted and groaned and had another orgasm. Her cunt juice was running along her thighs on to Fred’s tummy. Meanwhile Fred was sucking her beautiful breasts and was biting the nipples.she will wince a little but was enjoying it a lot. After her orgasm subsided, she started sliding up and down his shaft again. Fred’s pole glistened with nutan’s over flowing juices. She continued sliding and Fred continued to play with her boobs.
    Now Fred too seemed close to coming and turned sideways on the bed. With this action nutan fell to her side and now they were facing each other. Half of the massive dick was still inside nutan’s cunt. Fred now got up and removed his penis from nutan’s pussy and removed the condom too.she was surprised that what he is going to do but Fred reassured her with a signal no to worry. Fred’s massive length was half dry (due to condom). He adjusted nutan on her back and sat on her tummy. He put her massive dick on her chest and collected her ample breasts around his erection to make a tunnel. The dick head was touching her chin. He was going to tit fuck her. I was sure that he will cum while tit fucking nutan. I too now wanted to come badly as my hard on had started aching. nutan told Fred to move back a little because his huge penis was already touching her chin. He wont be able to tit fuck her. He moved back.
    He started humping nutan’s breasts and which each forward push the head of the penis will hit nutan’s chin. She lifted her head and opened her mouth to take it in her mouth with each forward thrust. Fred was on the verge of coming and was vigorously fucking her tits. She too was sucking and licking on it with each forward push. A while later Fred’s whole body shook and he let go of nutan’s big breasts. He was still sitting on my wife’s tummy.
    to be continued in 4th part
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