Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Techie Tuesdays - Video Games: There's Just Too Many of Them

    We seem to be getting more and more gamers stopping by and visiting the blog.  A couple of them wondered why a "Guy Blog" didn't have a regular feature on Video Gaming.  We began to wonder that too.  

    In order to keep the attention of our Techies, Gamers, and our huge number of Geeky/Nerdy followers (We love all of you!) we decided to recruit a man who knows alot about gaming.  He is a Video Game Beta Tester.  That is his job!  Must be a dream job for many of you readers. (My dream job is Playboy Photographer or porn star for those interested.)

    We are starting a new series of posts called "Techie Tuesdays" that will be geared towards video games, computers, digital things, etc.  I am no expert in this field, so any readers who consider themselves experts, let me know via email and you are welcome to submit an article and we probably will post it and add you to the team.  

    Our first post (And new member to the "Ramblings Team") is written by El Maik, Mike Ruiz.  He is a video game beta tester living in Monterrey, Mexico and has been a long tie reader of the blog.  In fact, he was featured as one of our readers last year.  .  WELCOME TO THE TEAM MIKE!

    Hello guys, Elmaik here and now I bring you a small thought of mine.

    I'm a beta tester which is one of the main reasons I dont play any of the "new" games on weekends, im busy playing games that arent out yet. I play in all the current consoles and PC and Ive noticed a trend that is starting to get on my  nerves. Its just a genre which I used to like but now its getting annoying.

    MOBAs or ARTS

    For those who dont know those are Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas or Action Real Time Strategy. Everything started with, yup, not DOTA but a mod map on Starcraft, Aeon of Strife, I didnt play much that one I found it fun but it was not my kind of game (not much of a sci-fi guy). Then there was this Warcraft 3 mod it was fantasy, woohoo! and you had this hero which had to defeat the other guys and destroy their base, the catch? the other team wanted to do exactly the same to you, against bots was ok but against human player it was great.

    Well enough intro about MOBA, now here is what bothers me.  I played:

     Aeon of Strife
     Defense of the Ancients
     League of Legends
     Heroes of Newerth
     Storm in the Imperial Sanctum
     Bloodline Champions (this was a bit different)
     Rise of Immortals
     Realm of the Titans
     Battle for Graxia
     Prime World

    Thats as much as Im able to remember and talk about (remember guys, respect your NDAs), now 
    Im testing a game called End of Nations, it WAS a fun RTS but now it has been remade as... you guessed it, a MOBA. Im also playing ANOTHER MOBA, its about popular superheroes, really cant give much more info about it but you can still look it up easily

    Do we really need a new MOBA? Can different developers breathe new life into the genre? the same goes for Call of Duty, Dynasty Warriors, the new new new Mario bros.I mean, developers, dont try to jump in the train, make something new! and no, porting these games to consoles (thats you guardian of middle earth!) does not count as innnovation

    Sinceresly, YOUR BETA TESTER
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