Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Seriously, What is the Big Deal?

    As a Rodeo lover, I have been going to Rodeos since I was a youngster.  I have seen rodeo clowns wear Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, both of the Bushes, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles Masks.  A rodeo clown decided to wear the current president's mask and he is racist?  Seriously?

    Lighten Up People!  Enough of this Political Correctness Bullshit.  I am all against Racism (hell, I served as Diversity coordinator of several counties in both Iowa and Texas and I have lived in Asia and several Latin American Countries - I am culturally diverse) , but that is not racist!  I remember seeing a black rodeo clown wear a Bill Clinton Mask - Where were the racist calls then?

    If Obama had any sense and balls, he would call this guy and call the rodeo association in Missouri and tell them to give the guy back his job (which he wrongly lost.)  And while he is at it, he should call the family of the baseball player that was beaten in Oklahoma and of the 80+ year old man that was beaten in the Northwest.  Come on Obama, do the right thing.

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