Thursday, August 22, 2013

my mother in law

    I married my cousin Yasmeen, last year. Yasmin is very beautiful and I married her because she is good person and I have known my uncle (Mom’s elder bro) and his wife Shamshad, ever since I was a kid. My mami, now my mother in law (MIL), is a very conservative woman and was known for her beauty when I was growing up as a kid.
    Yasmin and I just had a baby boy last month and my MIL came and stayed with us in my 2 bedroom apartment to help with the baby since Yasmeen has some minor complications and has been on heavy prescription pills. I haven’t had decent sex with my wife for past 6 months and doctors advised me not to until couple of months from now, so I was really increasingly getting frustrated for past few weeks. I never thought of going to other woman since I care about my health and most importantly my wife’s. But, something unexpectedly happened which changed me forever.
    One night, after my wife took her sedative pills and went to sleep, the baby was crying and my Mami (MIL) was feeding the baby and taking care of him. I went to see the baby in other bedroom and I don’t know what hit me, but the beauty and attraction of MIL was unbelievable. She is 45, my wife even though she is 24, pales before her in comparison. My wife is beautiful but my mami has more pretty face and better complexion, little bit taller and most of all her body was unbelievable, it was fuller than my wife.
    Usually she covers herself very conservatively, never to reveal her body, that night since she was alone and about to go to bed, she was a bit casual with her dress, and as I walked in, she tried to cover her blouse with her saree properly and was bit surprised and shy on seeing me late night. That was my first time I saw the shape of her tits, they were C+ or D cups but firmly in shape but with the jiggle, poping out of her blouse at least quarter of them, shaking as she covered them with her pallu. I was attracted but didn’t want to look so she doesn’t feel uncomfortable. I asked her if she needed help, she said the baby has been fed and about to sleep now.
    Even though I thought she was attractive, I never thought about doing something inappropriate. Until, I was taking the baby from her lap to put him in his cradle. As I was taking the baby, I don’t know what happened to me, instantly and without second thoughts, I pressed my Mami’s huge boobs with the back of my hand as I took the baby from her lap. That was unbelievable sensation as pressed the soft and huge boobs to almost pop out of her blouse and to be visible beyond her saree covering the blouse, obviously she wasn’t wearing the bra. There was shock and shame in her face instantly, she turned pink in her reaction. I said sorry, right away. she was in a daze and confusion. I took the baby and put him to bed.
    My mami was flushed by shame and she kept looking down at the floor and trying to cover up her tits more with pallu. I turned and again said sorry. She nodded but didn’t look up. As she got up and was trying to get out of the bedroom, suddenly I grabbed her hand, just above her elbow. She resisted a little bit, very confused on how to react. I felt she would cry but she stopped resisting yet she still didn’t look at me. I again said sorry and went out of the room before her. She was suppose to put the food back in the freezer from the dining table but she didn’ t come out. I was afraid if she would call my Uncle or Mom and worse wake up my wife.
    I went checked on my wife and she was snoring on her pills, I know she would normally not wake up till morning now. I kind of locked my bedroom from outside so my wife would knock to get out and increased the volume of the TV and in the living room and waited for my Mami to come out and keep the food in the ref.
    She did not come out, so that got me worried about her calling some up to at least pick her up just making some excuse. so I decided to act fast to diffuse the situation, I went back to her bedroom and slightly knocked on the door even though it was slightly open. I slowly opened the door and saw my Mami sitting in a corner still looking worried. Again, I said I am ashamed of what I did and asked for forgiveness.
    She didn’t look at me, partly because everyone respected me and feared me in the family. I asked to talk to me, she slightly looked at me and nodded as “it’s alright”. I told her that I am frustrated and had not cheated on Yasmin even though we didn’t had complete sex for past 6 months.
    As I started talking, she got up from the bed and she said it is inappropriate for me to talk about these things with her and tried to leave the room. I don’t know what happened again. As I saw her walking by me with the jiggle in her tits, I turned and grabbed her wrist, pulled her and hugged her tightly holding firmly at her waist. She was shocked and she just said in a very faint voice, “please don’t, I will not be able to show my face to anyone, or see my face in the mirror. This is a big sin”
    Her pleading excited me so much that, I started breathing heavily on her neck while holding her tightly. I wasn’t doing anything but just holding her. She was stiff but her soft body was exciting and boobs were pressing against me and her boobs were much bigger than my wife. She kinda smelled like my wife.
    I held her for few seconds in complete silence from both of us and finally she started to resist again and pull away. I said “Mami, please I can’t control anymore, be my Yasmin for few minutes”. She said “I am your Mami and MIL and I am a kid and her nephew,… and like a son, and …. ” Just as she opened her mouth to say something, I just put my tongue in her mouth just as she was about to speak. And simultaneously I grabbed and crushed her left tit with my right palm with all my sexual tension.
    She said pulled her head to the side “aahhhhhhhhhh….please don’t please” in pain and probably disgust. But she was speaking faintly and not creating any scene because of shame and probably keep a lid on the proceedings. Now, I just I wanted to fuck her. She closed her eyes in shame as I turned her head forcible towards me and she tried to remove my hand from her blouse which was slowly crushing her tit and nipple. Her tits were bigger and better than Yasmin. My huge dick was erect and I never felt it that big or tense ever.
    I pulled my shorts down and grabbed her hand to touch my dick. Though she closed her eyes she knew what I was trying to do and she was resisting with all her strength. But still she was not creating a scene though. I pulled her hand with force and as she touched my dick with the back of her hand, now she looked down at my dick and said….”oooaaaaahhhhhh!!” in surprise. I have a reputation for my size since I was a kid, but it was unusually big that night.
    I said, “let me suck you tits and you jerk me off with your hand, Mami. I need it before I lose my mind and do more damage”. I turned her hand and put it on dick and pressed her hand to hold my dick more tightly, she did reluctantly and she was breathing heavily and looking at my bedroom door, fearing or probably expecting Yasmin would just walk out. I told her “I have locked that door from outside and please show me your full and naked tits”.
    She said “NO” and forced her hand from my hand which was making it touch my dick. I told “make me release (cum) as soon as possible before I put it in your chute”. The statement, hearing me say the word “your chute” made her “hmmmmm” and breath faster. I knew that made her hormones live and kicking, I said, “you are more beautiful than Yasmin and I feel like I want to lick her chute”. She said “Chiii.., thats dirty”. Now, she was talking but still resisting. I said, “ask Yasmin how well I lick her pussy”.
    She said, I have to be careful with Yasmin with that thing I have, since she is still a kid. I said “do you like my dick, is it big?”. She said, “please don’t ask these dirty things” I said “suck it and I will let you go”. Now she was breathing faster and She said,m”Thats dirty, mouth is to eat and speak..not..” I grabbed her tit again and she stopped talking and I said “Yasmin does it”. Mami said, “new generation might do it but I never did”.
    Again she started to break away from me. Now, I know that her pussy was never licked and my Uncle never made her suck his dick properly. I asked her to remove her blouse or I might tear it. She was very concerned but she knew I might tear it too. So, she asked me to promise not to ever discuss it or repeat it, and asked to turn off the light. She said that in very shameful manner. I refused to switch off the light and grabbed her and pulled her right tit out of her blouse. Oh my that was a beautiful tit, big, shaking yet firm like big bowl of jello, and big cherry like erect nipple.
    I started sucking on that nipple like a baby as she removed remaining hooks of her blouse. I again told her how better her tits are compared to Yasmin to which she said “yes, Yasmin has upper body from her dad’s side, but her lower body is like mine”. I know that cause my wife has an awesome ass, great legs and very shapely ankles. I said thank you for giving it to Yasmin, but I want to see her legs and ass too. She said “NO. just finish it up Irshad, this it self is a huge sin and there is nothing new for you, everything is like Yasmin and I am old”.
    Meanwhile I was squeezing her tits and sucking on them like a man possessed. I got up and made her sit on the bed, now she started to resist and look away. I started to put my dick in her mouth and she refused and started to turn her face away to the sides. My dick was already leaking with precum and I started to write with it on her cheeks and closed mouth as she turned her face forcefully. I grabbed her face very tightly and made her open her mouth like a “O” pressing her cheeks and forced my huge dick in her mouth.
    She just held the head of my dick in her lips with shame and lust in her eyes. My dick head was grown like a bulb and pulsating. I started to force my dick deeper in her mouth, but her mouth was small and she had to open in bigger. I asked her to lick it with her tongue and play my lund with her tongue while she had it in her mouth. She started to suck it nervously and it was best experience ever when she looked in my eyes sucking on my dick.
    Her eyes had Kajal and they had mixed feelings of shame, lust, anxiety, fear, pleasure and guilt. I was amazing to see that my very own conservative MIL and mami sitting on the bed with her blouse open sucking my huge tool with watery eyes looking at me with mixed feelings unlike anyone before and I was afraid that I would cum with excitement anytime.
    After few minutes I removed my dick from her mouth because I was starting to choke her throat now. She took her saree pallu and took off all her saliva off my dick, and she was panting. But I forced her down to lie, sometimes pleading with her to lie down. She tried to cover her open blouse with her pallu of saree. As soon as she lied down, I lifted her saree as she was struggling to keep her legs together and not give access. I opened her beautiful legs and started to lick her knees and up. Her legs were little more fat than my wife but were more beautiful. As I reached her chute. She put her hands on her chute area and I had to literally fight and pull and tear her panties down, after which she just gave up and lied down closing her eyes and cover her face with her palms.
    Now I had complete access to her pussy but she still tried to keep her legs together. Her pussy was shaved with slight growing but I was amazed how well her pussy resembled my Yasmin’s. I tried to push my dick into her chute. Even though she was 45 and mother of 24 old (my wife) and a grandmother a month old (my son), she was as tight as a 20 year old. Her pussy kept resisting me until I became a brute and pushed it in with all my force. She screamed in pain, and as I removed her milky white fleshy palms covering her face she said “yeah kya kar raho ho, please hosh mein aao, dard ho raha hai” in anger while still keep her voice down.
    Her pussy looked exactly like my wife’s, even her pussy smell. Her white flesh fingers had gold rings in them and every inch of her was attractive that time. I spread her hands to her sides and as I fucked her harder and harder I can see her pussy pulsations, her expressions change and then movements and feelings were exactly like Yasmin. I kept chanting “Mami, you are beautiful”, “Mami, meri jaan”, “Mami, I love you”. But as soon as I said “Mami, your chute is tight” she slowly she started to move her hips to my jerks with slight moans and everytime I said “tight” she would say “aaah..” or “…tiat” as if you take pleasure of her tightness.
    I couldn’t believe I was ramping up on my conservative and homely MIL and mami in a brutal way and she was lying below me with her beautiful legs wide open and her tits shaking like 2 big bowls of jello with browish pink hard cherry. And before I know, I was sucking her tits, squeezing her tits and fucking her hard and she was fucking and responding to my jerks me like my wife Yasmin, completely giving in to make me happy. I kept on saying “Mami” she would reply back “haan” in acknowldegement.
    Then she said my name “Irshaaaad” and it excited me to hear it in a very sexy appealing way and I rammed my dick in her faster and faster, then I slowed down and I said her name “Shamshad” and she started to fuck me harded from below me with uncontrolled lust and moaning. Every time I slowed down she would say my name to increase the speed and if I wanted her to move her hips and ass faster I would say her name and she would fuck me harder from below. She was having multiple orgasms as I can tell with her movements and lack of control at times.
    I put her legs on top of me or spread them wide, or crush her tits with all my force, she would just say “aaram se, dard ho raha hai” but did not stop me. I would would have gone for few minutes when she said “dana”, I said “what?” She said my dick is touching her “dana” (seed”) inside her pussy. I said is it a bad thing? She said, “Irshaaaaad”, it is good thing, you hitting my spot which I never knew I had.
    I guess I hit her pleasure spot unlike she experienced ever before. She said” “Irshaaaaaaad”. I rammed in her with all my force and came with a big splash of my cum inside her pussy with a loud “Shamshaad, mami…Auntyyyy, sasuma…janam…randi..kutti….chinal…..teri maa ki chute….”.
    She came too and we just slumped in naked in the bed which is now wet with our cumm, sweating profusely and panting and breathing harder than I ever did. She was crying but hugging me so tight..finally she said “thank you, Irshaad” Never do this with Yasmin, she would have to get stitches..promise me. I didn’t say anything but started to suck her tongue and lick her face. We got up after 20 minutes and went took shower together. I got up and went checked fearfully on my wife, she was still snoring and then I joined my mami in the shower. While in the bath room, I pee’ed on her legs and I wanted her to pee on my face, she refused. And We fucked in the shower and 3 different times that night.
    Mami and I now fuck whenever safe and possible. So far Yasmin doesn’t have a clue, nor does my uncle of my affair with my mami(MIL). They think I am a good son in law who cares for his MIL and takes her out to buy stuff for our house since my wife doesn’t come with me yet. My Mami says that she will have to kill herself if anyone would come to know of our thing. But I highly doubt my mami can ever live without my dick now.
    I see a new glow in her and my wife thinks that since I am taking care of her and buying her better products like I have done for her, her mother is looking lot younger now. She doesn’t know that my mami just got one new product, my dick.
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