Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Miley Cyrus Has Gone Bonkers!

    Yesterday, I went  off on the MTV awards.  I talked about Miley Cyrus' Sexy, raunchy and very R-Rated Performance.  For those of you who are living in the woods with no TV, here is one of the Controversial GIFS from the performance.

    It was about 41 seconds into her performance of “We Can’t Stop”when she shoved her face up a female back-up dancer’s ass.

    Then we had her sticking her tongue out (Gene Simmons Would be Proud) and doing something with her crotch:

    Of course, there was Robin Thicke Doing Her Doggy Style:

    And of course the shot of her rubbing her crotch with the foam finger:

    For anyone wanting to see the whole nasty performance, here is the video:

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