Thursday, August 8, 2013

I Can Attest - This is True

    In High School, I worked at a local grocery store in Austin. Our night manager was a funny college guy who loved to have fun. I would say once a month, when we were stocking new products on the floor, he would say something similar to this. We would then take a couple of aisles and rearrange everything! For the next few days, there were bewildered looks on the shoppers faces. Hilarious!

    And even funnier was the look on the Day Shift Manager's face. The night guys did all the stocking and arranging, the day guys were more into the day to day operation of things. They didn't keep up too much with where things were at. They always just assumed products were where they were the night before. It took a few months before they caught on and put a stop to it. Rich, our night manager was promptly fired when they figured it out.

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