Wednesday, August 21, 2013

how i lost my honesty for my husband

    Hi, I’m not a regular reader of the ISS stories, let me introduce myself. My name is Payal Verma, I’m 28years of age, I’m married and my husband is in the army however I’m living in husband’s parental house in Delhi. My looks are really decent and I was really honest and loyal for my husband.
    But let me share the experience with all the other reader that how my honesty and loyalty was shattered which I had for my husband. It happened 2years ago, one of my neighbour was really a good friend of mine although she was of my age but not married her name was Piya and her younger brother whose name was sunny knows me very well and he calls me bhabhi and even I usually go to their home and they come to mine. So one day I went for the shopping and as I normally do I handed over the keys of my house to Piya so it will be safe in her house and even their family do the same, so that day when I came back home, I rang the doorbell of Piya’s house and even it was raining outside and I was all wet, sunny opened the door and I asked for the keys and got a strange answer that Piya has kept the keys and he is not aware of the same, I tried calling Piya but her phone was going not reachable, I was bit afraid however sunny said bhabhi please come inside you’re already all wet come inside, otherwise you will fall ill, so I went inside.
    He advised me to use her sister’s washroom and her clothes. I did the same but her clothes were bit tight to me from the top and back, because of the same reason my boobs and ass was looking really round. After changing the clothes, couple of minutes later I asked sunny when Piya is coming back, his answer again was really shocking he said she will comeback in the morning with parents, as I don’t have any other option I have decided to wait, but I wsnt aware that this is going to be a life time mistake. Although I was in a really embarrassing position, Sunny was staring my boobs without a miss and couple of mins later all of a sudden I felt something on my shoulder, I was shocked it was sunny and slowly he was sliding his hands in my shirt and before I say something he sad don’t shout and react otherwise you would be in trouble, I said I’m your bhabhi, he asked me to stay silent and listen to him, he said if I won’t listen to him and do what he wants, he will spread rumours in the society that I m a sex worker and I can do anything for money, I was shocked and again he asked whether I do what he wants or not and while asking this question he was pressing my boobs really hard. I was in stage of shock,,,, no Sunny you can’t do this to me, I m a married female and your just a kid of 16 years let me go please ,no, but he wasn’t ready to listen no, he shouted on me and threatened me again ,so as I have no other option, I allowed him. The very first thing he did to me he tore off all the clothes and I was standing nude in the front of a 16year lad only in my sandal, now he said you will feel the same pain what I felt in night’s while dreaming about you, he asked me to sit on my feet’s on the floor and he sat on the sofa and his dick was out of his lower and he hinted me to suck it and along with that I hve to rub my pussy as well without a stop, feeling really embarrassed as I’m helpless in the front of a lad, he forcefully insert his dick in my mouth and turned on the tv so nobody will listen any sort of noise, and slowly he started stroking my mouth really hard and I wasn’t allowed to remove my hands from my pussy I was rubbing it.
    Along with that I was begging as well please let me go.. But he was really wild and stroking me like an animal please no. Bhabhi felll the heat and madness what I felt, I was begging and moaning please no. And Sunny was fucking my mouth very rudely I wasn’t able to breathe and saliva was coming out of my mouth in bulk, enjoy it bhabhi you will get more if you will listen to me. It went up to 45minutes and in the mean while whenever he cummed, he cummed on my boobs. After all this he allowed me to relaxed and asked me to take a bath. I did the same and as per his instructions, I wore only bra and panty; that too of his sister, and I was standing in front of him. He came close to me and asked so bhabhi that was good naaaa, I never replied and very quickly he grabbed both my hands and tied on my back and similarly my legs as well. And after this what he said I was totalled shocked. He put one gold pendant on the floor and said to me he wants to marry but only for sex so now I have to bent on my knees and grab this pendant from my mouth and handover it to him which is a confirmation of the marriage otherwise my naked pics which he clicked while he was stroking my mouth, he will upload on the net. So after thinking a while, I tried to make him understand that it is not possible he can’t marry me. . He got few of my points but still asked me to do the same as I don’t have other option I grabbed it from my mouth and handed over to him, he said bhabhi I got your point I can’t marry you but my dick can marry your pussy…!
    I want this to happen, and like a good wife your pussy has to obey mine and my dick’s order.. I was totally speechless are you mad Sunny what are you taking about.. I can’t do dis, please. But bhabhi I can upload your pic’s so tell me will your pussy follow my orders. Bhabhi answer me correctly otherwise the entire world see u.. Very slowly while crying I said yes. He said bhabhi stop crying and say loudly, I haven’t listened.. I said bit more loudly, again he asked me to say loudly and that tooo on top of my voice.. This time I said really loudly.. So bhabhi from today onwards your body will stay in my control and you will wear the dress as per my wishes. I was listening to him silently while standing nude in a front of 16year lad, and he came closer to me and said bhabhi you will enjoy a lot with me. Then after saying this he sat on the sofa and asked to come closer to him as my legs were tied very slowly while taking really small step I reached till sofa and he grabbed my panty and put it down till knee I was helpless as my hands were also tied. And he tied that pendant on my waist with an extended sliver chain although pendant was of gold and it was touching my pussy. I was just looking at him what he is doing he said bhabhi you have to wear it all the time and it’s like mangalsutra for you and you are not allowed to remove it do you understand. Please no Sunny don’t make my life so miserable.. Again a threat from him bhabhi listen your body is my property and I can use it as I want.
    Otherwise you know what can happen.. After all this he pushed me in his bedroom in the same position and order me to stand beside his bed, bhabhi your sexy body has given me lot of mental pain now it’s your turn to feel the same pain in one night.pls no Sunny no plssss bhabhi you will enjoy it .He turned on the tv with a porn dvd and put the headset on my head with full volume(remember my hands are tied) he laid on the bed and moving his hands on my thigh which was really embarrassing for me I was about to be raped by a lad and he is involving me as well to help him in my rape,, never heard or listen anything like dat.pls let me go please no help me. Bhabhi now I m going for a sleep and you have to stand all night and remember I do have a camera fitted in my room if you try to sit or remove the headset you will get a punishment of your life.. And he went for the sleep for a start I tried to ignore the volume of xxx movie but after 20 to25minutes, I was aroused by those voices as girls were shouting while fucking and sucking I wasn’t able to control and even my body started shaking.. Nipples erected very fastly. And all of a sudden got a voice bhabhi this is just a beginning. It was very embarrassing for me however I was going helpless becks of those voices.
    So started moving my legs although can’t do it but still I tried. And about 1 hr and 45mins later my pussy was all wet I was able to feel it, and sunny was sleeping and my legs and feet were paining as I was in high heels and feeling to take rest and press my boobs but wasn’t able to do anything but I tried to control my feelings. Around 6 in the morning sunny woke up and came close to me and he pressed my thighs really hard bhabhi it must me paining..Although it was very relaxing for me but I can’t express. Then he said bhabhi now you will get a life time lesson and you will remember all your life that you were trapped by someone how was really younger then you now call you husband and do some lovely talks and take the permission from him to make a tattoo of his is initial in between your clit and navel ,,, please no please no. I can’t. Bhabhi will you do it. Please no den you know what can happen as per his order,I called my husband around 6:30am and asked for the same while talking to him he said yes after listening to it sunny was really happy. But I was wondering and wasn’t aware of his intentions. He said bhabhi get a shower and make the breakfast den we will go in a tattoo parlour. Around 11 in the morning we went in the mall and now let me disclose my husband’s name is Sanjay, tattoo of letter S was made on the same spot.
    And while we were coming back sunny said bhabhi now you have taken the first step to became my sex toy and my slut.wat nonsense your talking about bhabhi this S doesn’t mean Sanjay, it means slut and whenevr you will see you get my face in front of you and you will regret your beauty and now I wanna fuck me slut right now. Please no don’t ruin my life
    I am not that kind of girl,,,,, bhabhi do what I say otherwise your entire life would be in trouble . Sunny please not here we are on the way.. I don’t know bhabhi stop the car ,,,, I said stop the car . I was shocked and afraid,I stopped the car in open area away from the highway near the old mill, and sunny came out of the car and pulled me out bhabhi will you do the honor or I will,,,,, remove your legging I wanna taste your juice and will press your boobs while enjoying bhabhi cooperate me otherwise,,, no body wil get your body as well,,, ok Sunny I will do watever you say ,I put down my legging and panty till my feet’s and he started licking my clit slowly .even after a while I started enjoying but was embarrassed as well. That I have submitted myself in front of a teenage boy,, bhabhi shout and moan as you moan when your husband do the same . Now I m your husband. Shout,,,,,, ouchhhhhhh ahhhh ohhh no Sunny nooooooo ahhhhhhhh,, bhabhi do it more loudly ahhhh ouchhhhh and he was licking madly and very quickly ahhhhh ouchhhhh ohhhhh god, then all of a sudden I shoot my cum he lick it all and put some on his fingers bhabhi now it’s time to taste your own juice he put all his finger in my mouth one by one and he forced me to lick it completely without wasting a drop,,, I did the same bhabhi you are learning your lesson very quickly to become a slut. I was really upset with his comment and put on my clothes he pulled me from my hair and slapped me now I will treat you like one. He pushed me on the bonnet of the car and dragged my panty and legging and with a force he inserted his dick from back now enjoy this and bhabhi you will enjoy more after listening to this that I have taken a special drug which will allow me to fuck you for hours you will get tied but I m not gonna stop. So enjoy this special fucking and he started stroking. Bhabhi shout .shout more no one will listen to u, and with time his wildness was increasing and I was shouting and crying in pain and he was enjoying it as it seems he was really experienced with each and every stroke I was getting lot of pain and feeling that he will ruin my clit and after this intercourse.
    I won’t be able to do sex in my life I was shouting and moaning and asking for help and with every shout the speed of his strokes were increasing. Ouch ahhhhhhhhhhh now bhabhi its time to became a slutty bitch and he grabbed my boobs while stroking from my back bhabhi if you will shout and move you will get more pain so stand still and let me enjoy, ahhhhh ouchhjjj and his madness were increasing and he tore off my shirt and bra completely and I was nude from top in that open area,,,,,, and he was fucking,.. Bhabhi are you enjoying,,,, I never repiled you bitch.. Answer me he slapped my boobs one after another. Answer me ,,,, again I haven’t replied. So bhabhi you will not answer me but I know how you will answer. And started stroking me again without asking any question and the session went for 2hours,,,, he was an animal,,,,, and den all of a sudden I felt lot of hot cum on my ass.. And I have taken a sign of relief that now he will leave me . And I was sitting on floor semi nude in front of him . So bhabhi how was dat. Have you enjoyed it, again no reply from my end. Bhabhi so you will not reply. Now bhabhi i will make sure you will say it ,,, he again picked me and pushed me on the tree and my legs were stretched and he again pushed his dick from back and started stroking and my face was pushed on the tree by him and it was painning a lot and he was stroking very hardly and madly with every stroke I was getting weak.
    And after 45minutes he pushed me on the floor and now he inserted his dick again . Bhabhi now tell me you enjoyed it .. Tell. I never repiled.. So bhabhi now if you will not say it aftercouple of months society will come to know that you enjoyed bec if you will not say I will drop my cum in your pussy not only today but in the future as will. So now its your choice. So have you enjoyed.. Yes Sunny I enjoyed,,,,,, bhabhi now tell me that you’re a slut and my bitch as well.I was crying please no.. Bhabhi have you said no. Sunny I’m a slut and your bitch as welll say it loudly again and again..Again, nice bitch, bhabhi from today onwards whenever we are alone I will call you bitch.. Bitch come and tke out your dress and drive the car back to home. I wore the clothes and all the way I was thinking I cheated my husband and was crying but I was aware I have been trapped very badly. He will not leave me. Thats how I lost my loyalty and honesty for my husband although he is still not aware of the sme . But on my end it was just a beginning.
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