Thursday, August 1, 2013

Helping Friend Wife To Make Pregnant 2

    After the 1st session suha satisfied her thrust and she is acting boldly with me. Again after drinks I started the next session by kissing her on lips she is ready to respond by opening her mouth. Slowly I lift her up and hugged tightly she just moaned in pain and can’t speak a word. Her boobs are crushing on my chest and after releasing her from my arms we parted our lips and we just look into each other’s eyes. I can sense the enjoyment in her eyes. Now I asked her are you ready for another session. She readily accepted and hugged me. I just lifted her in my arms and placed her on the bed and she rolled on the bed. I too came on the bed and asked her about her sex life with my friend. Suddenly her happiness vanished and she said sadly it is very disgusting with him. He just fucks me off in 5 min and not at all romantic. It is just entering directly into my pussy and shoots his sperms inside. I said ok I feel sorry for that. She said now it is ok because I got you to satisfy me. Then I said but it is only this night because your husband may not allow us to do it regularly. Then she said no it’s not at all a problem I will convince him by saying something.
    I am very happy to hear this and in mean while I am playing with her hair and she is arousing by that. Then I asked her about the angles which my friend fucked her. She said what are that angles. He only fucks me by coming over me like a bull. Then I said ok do you like and angle I asked her. She kept silent for a moment and I insisted her to speak then she said she like to come over a man and fuck him.
    I got shocked and said so do you want to satisfy your wish? You can have the fuck of lifetime by coming over me and I just laid on the bed facing the ceiling. She slowly came on me and trying to sit on my dick. But she is not positioned correctly and fell on me and our bodies collided. I smiled loudly saying need any help my baby. She responded by saying yes. I asked her to come over again and I held her by her hips and she slowly positioned her pussy by holding my dick straight into her pussy and she just slid down and started to move slowly by closing her eyes. I pinched her nipple and said how are you feeling she said its superb but hurting. I asked her to bend over and lip locked again by moving my ass up and down and she equally moving to my movements and she is feeling the heavenly joy. Now we both increased our speeds and our tools are making sounds. we are enjoying our best meanwhile we stopped lip lock and now she is moving freely and fiercely and moaning. We both are reaching climax and both started to release our cum. Not it is flowing from her pussy to my dick and she is enjoying the freeness made by our juices after finishing she fell on me with my dick still inside her pussy. I kept my hands on her back and slowly making circles on her back with my finger tips and she slept right on me with tiredness. I asked her is your wish finished. She said thank you for understanding my wish. I said even I like this suha darling and kissed her forehead. She just smiled and we both slept for a while and its almost the time to leave.
    I said the same to her and she said thanks for everything and the next thing she said me was mind-blowing. She said that at first today she accepted this relation only for the sake of kids but after the 1st encounter she preyed for continuation and now after finishing her wish she said that she is willing to do this as long as we can satisfy each other. I said but your husband might not accept to this. She said I will try and call you dear. I left her there and went out.
    Next morning I got a call from my friend. I lifted the call and there was silence on both ends. I broke the silence and said hi. He replied the same and said that there is something to discuss with me. Asked shall I come to your house. He said no. no. not to house come to park (which is nearby his house where we meet regularly). I said ok and we both met there and again silence there. Then he asked about the yesterdays experience. I said what happened and also said the wish of suha and he silently said that there is no problem with that for him because she already said the matter and convinced him.
    I asked in eagerness are you sure can we continue this relationship? He said yes you can but don’t let it know to others except we three. I said that’s my promise and said she is very hot. He said I know that. Ok then You can come to my house whenever you want upto she gets pregnant. But keep it as secret . I accepted it and said that we will have one more session this night. He said ok you come to home for dinner and I will go to one of my relatives home. I said ok.
    I reached my darling suha house and greeted them both he said that he finished his dinner and he is ready to leave and they both went inside and after 10 min he came out and said bye to both of us. We locked the door and came back. She said smilingly are you hungry? (in cunning manner) I said yes for my darling suha. She smiled and said that she is ever ready for the show. I went near her and kissed straight on her lips she is in nighty. She too responded well and we both kissed for 2-3 mins then I released her and said my start-up dish is delicious. She smiled and said is it ok with starter of do you proceed for full meal? I smiled and said I will taste each and every dish today. We both smiled and went into bedroom. I Again started to kiss her lips and moving my hands all over her body. She is responding for my acts and in the mean time I am lifting her nighty from her legs and trying to reach her butt. She too responding well. We broke the kiss and she removed my T-shirt and I removed her nighty and now she is in her red colour bra and panties she removed my pant and now I came from her back and kissing her back she is just moaning. Slowly I start to press her boobs from back and pressing my erected dick on her shapely butt. I take her to the bed and ask her to sleep she accepted my order and slept on bed facing ceiling I just saw her in that red panties and bra and keep on seeing her she asked me what’s late dear. I said I’m just checking my special meal from top to bottom she smiled and said how is the meal is it looking good? I answered Awesome darling and start kissing her on the face from forehead to chin and next I start licking her neck now she is in full mood and she is running her fingers in my hairs and I start to remove her bra with my mouth but its tied in back. So I rolled her the side and removed the knot and left it slide from the boobs.
    Now I start to kiss all her boob and started biting the brown nipple she is laughing and enjoying. I went down and licked her naval area and pressing her boobs with both hands she just can’t bare the pleasure and making noises. I came to the treasure and dragged her panty with my mouth and opened her pussy lips and start to suck her pussy lips she is already wet there and I start to lick al the juices there and asked her did my friend licked her ever? The answer is obviously NO. So I started more fast and she is moaning I changed to 69 and she readily removed my underwear and took my dick into her mouth and start to suck it. She started to flow her juices and I licked her and now I start to cum and she drunk it and we both cleaned our tools and now I asked her to get up and bend on her knee to do doggy style. She was overjoyed and asked how I just showed her how to adjust and start to enter her pussy as it is slippery it went like needle and she began to moan in pain as it is 1st time to do in doggy style I started slowly and I hold her hips from back and increased the speed and both of us are moaning and I reached the climax and we both dropped our juices and fell on the bed and I hugged her and said that she was such a hot chick to have in bed. I am blessed to have you and she responded positively saying anything for my darling. Now I said I want to eat something and she said that she will arrange something to eat and got up and try to wear her nighty. I said is there any necessary to wear dress darling I want to see you naked always when we are alone. She said ok my darling and start to move to kitchen and she arranged dinner on table and called me
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