Monday, August 26, 2013

Detroit Lions RB Kevin Smith is a Nice Guy (NOT!)

    Deadspin reports that Detroit Lions running back Kevin Smith is quite the classy fellow.

    Here is Britt describing her encounters with former Lions running back Kevin Smith:
    I spent the 2008 season interning in the sports department of The Detroit News, mainly covering the Tigers (not a bad gig) ...and the Lions.
     I was 19 years old, a college sophomore from a liberal arts school. Throughout my five weeks at training camp and preseason games of that utterly defeated season, I was:
    1. Told by Kevin Smith that the team would make the Super Bowl that season.
    2. Screamed at by Kevin Smith that he "didn't want no fucking bitches" in his locker room with him.
    3. Repeatedly asked by Kevin Smith if I had "ever copped a look" while a player was walking around naked, and when I said no, he took off his towel.
    4. Forced to sit down for a most awkward "exclusive interview" with Kevin Smith offered to the paper to smooth over his locker room outbursts.
    5. Towed from the parking garage at Ford Field... twice.
    Maybe there is a reason that Kevin Smith is still an unsigned free agent.
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