Monday, August 12, 2013

Babuji, The Old Fucker 2

    I remained in a trance the rest of the day. My pussy felt light and satisfied after my furious fuck with my father in law. Naked, I rose from the bed and walked to the bath room. I was walking with my legs spread due to the divine fuck of my father in law. I let the cold water run over my body and soaped my self. My hands went automatically between my legs as I touched my content pussy. The lips of my pussy were now swollen more than ever. I felt as if I had entered a new life. I still could feel the hand of Babuji on my nipples and my cunt trembled with pleasure.
    "Bahu are you alright?"Babuji asked from outside the bathroom.
    "Yes Babuji, I'm fine. Could not be better," I replied.
    "I am going to the fields and shall be back in the evening. Be ready for me for a wonderful night!"
    I thought about the continual fucking I had been given by Babuji and blushed,"Ok Babuji, don't be late. I will wait for you"
    "Beti, I will not keep my Bahu waiting," he said.
    All the evening I waited on my father in law as if he were my husband and it was my wedding night. At 7 he came home and came straight into the kitchen with some chicken in a package. I smelt whiskey in his breath. I did not say anything. He brought a bottle of whiskey and asked me to bring two glasses."Two glasses? Is anyone coming?" I asked him.
    "No Bahu, you are going to keep me company. I want you to be comfortable in my company and do things without shame" He came to me and put his arms around me. His cock was laready hard."But Babuji, I have never drunk. I dont like it"

    "Bahu, there is always first time for everything. Did you fuck an oldman like me before? But you liked it, didn't you? Now you will do what I tell you to, ok?" He cupped my boobs and patted on my ass. I blushed and lowered my eyes and obeyed him.
    Babuji sat on the sofa and I placed two glasses on the table. He poured the drink, then water and asked me to serve the chicken. I did. He picked his glass and said "cheers". I did the same. When I sipped., it was bitter and foul smelling and I almost vommitted it out. Babuji, pulled me to him and made me sit on his lap. He kissed me on the lips and said "Always drink slowly. Enjoy the intoxication. Then you will love everything doubly. You know what I mean?" I nodded. He removed my kurti under which I had worn no bra. My large tits were exposed to him again. They were firm and well rounded, my nipples hard. My stomach was flat and in good shape and my shaved pussy was eager and full of hope.
    He brought his mouth close to my hardeneing nipple and kissed it and I felt my heart jump a beat. "Oh Babuji…that's so good," I groaned out.
    "This only the start, Beti. I told you I will show you the stars. Sip your drink slowly. Enjoy it. Undo my pajama too". I obeyed again.
    I felt a huge rush of excitement shoot through my whole body as I undid his pajamas. His huge cock was again before my eyes. Dark brown beast was laughing at me. It saluted me when I pulled his pajama down. I had an urge to touch it, hold it and kiss it. It was the taboo cock that had satisfied my hungry cunt as it never had been satisfied before. Babuji smiled at me and said,"Don't feel shy Bahu. It is yours, Beti, touch it, play with it"
    With trembling hands I held it, the throbbing beast swelled in my hand.
    I let my hands wander over his heavy balls. My pussy was getting wet and I was getting turned on.
    I heard Babuji's voice, "Come here Bahu. Let me show you how I drink whiskey, Beti" He pulled me close to his body, dropped a few drops of whiskey on my nipples and began sucking those drops from my naked boobs. My cunt was flowing rivers of juice in that very instant.
    "Babuji …I…Babuji ….oooooohhhhhhhhh………..nooooooooooooooooooooo……Babuji……………… are driving me mad………………my sweet Babuji… horny fucker Babuji….you are making me wild with lust!!! "
    He cupped my boobs and continued sucking drops of whiskey from my hardened nipples as I trembled and squealed with lust.
    "You want me to suck on your boobs Bahu, don't you?"
    "Yes, Babuji ah…keep sucking my nipples…your mouth is sooo fucking hot. You made me wet in my pussy"
    "Oh Bahu you too can drink from my cock. Pour whiskey on my cockhead and drink from it straight. You will love it. But finish your glass first" He said and lifted his face from my boobs. I finished the glass of the fiery liquid which seemed less bitter now.
    Babuji dipped his cock into whiskey and made me suck it. The pink cockhead was thick and tasty. I sucked on it greedily. Babuji pulled my face into his crotch, making me gag on his cock. I was sucking his cock and loving it "Do you like sucking the whiskey from Babuji's cock, beti?" he asked and I could only manage "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….uuuuummmmmmmmm". I cupped his heavy balls and squeezed them making his cock grow even bigger in my mouth. He was fucking my mouth and under the effect of alcohal I was going wild. His cock twitched in my mouth and I felt he might cum in my mouth.
    Babuji then pushed my mouth from his cock."Bahu, I should not waste my cum in your mouth. It must be filled in your cunt." I nodded though I did not want to let go of the cock. He pulled my pajama down and made me naked,"Let me look at your cunt Bahu. I have not seen it properly." He lifted my naked body and laid me on the bed and spread my legs wide apart, poured whiskey on my cunt and began to lick. I was wild and mad at the feel of his tongue on my pussy and lifted my ass up to get his whole tongue in my cunt, "Yes Babuji do it lick my cunt. I love it." I moaned "OHHHHHHHHH FUCK YES BABUJI, EAT MY CUNT, YOU MOTHERFUCKER, EAT ME!"

    My mind went crazy listening to the sounds babuji's cunt licking. My father in law was right now between my legs, pushing his tongue inside my pussy.
    My pussy was on fire and I had to reach my hands and start playing with my boobs. The sounds from his throat grew louder. I could not stop my screams of pleasure.
    Babuji then stopped all of a sudden. "Beti, lets fuck. You just called me a MOTHERFUCKER. I loved it. Talk dirty to me. I am a dirty bastard fucking my own bahu. Only I am my daughterfucker. BETICHOD!!! Call me by any name Bahu. I want my Beti to ride my cock….LUND…How do you like it?"
    "Your Bahu is feeling very nasty tonight. Would you like your Beti to fuck her Babuji real good?" I began to talk dirty"Tonight your Beti is going to be your slutty whore. I'm going to be your personal dirty prostitute and I want you to treat me like a whore."
    His cock was hard at the sound of my voice. "Yes Beti, I love your words, your body. Fuck me now. Ride my cock, my LUND (COCK)"
    Then a wicked thought came to my mind. "Okay Babuji, I will call you Papa and you call me Rekha Beti (Rekha is Raman's younger married sister whose husband works in Dubai and is away most of times). Now you will be fucking your own daughter and not your Bahu. Are you raeady to be a real BETICHOD (DAUGHTER FUCKER) Papa? Your Rekha Beti is horny for Papa's cock. Fuck me Papa" I said as I began to ride his erect cock while he lay on his back. Perhaps he was a little drunk as he began to speak,"Bahu or Beti, it makes no difference to me, Beti. This cock will fuck you even if you are Rekha Beti. Guide my cock into your cunt Rekha Beti. Papa is going to show you heaven tonight." I did as I was told and began to sit on his huge cock,"Yes Rekha Beti Plunge my cock deep into your cunt slowly…Beti… Ohhh that's nice Rekha Beti… Just like that… Slow fuck papa's cock… Fuck Papa… That's it Rekha Beti… " Babuji was talking.

    He moved his hands on my ass and pulled my ass cheeks apart as he lifted his ass to move his cock deeper into my cunt. I went berserk on his cock as I bucked and rode his magnificient cock up and down. I was picking speed now, his cock ramming into my hungry cunt. I began to imagin I was fucking my own father.
    I bent down to kiss his nipples and bit on them and he cried out."Ohhhhh Ahhhhh you bitch, dont bite me. Just fuck me" he growled.
    "Shut up you Dog. You are fucking your daughter like a dog… Fuck your bitch daughter… Babuji fuck my CHOOT (CUNT)… Fuck your Rekha Beti … the bitch you fathered long ago needs your cock you motherfucking bastard… Push your cock deep into my fuck hole and hold it there… Yes Papa yes… Just like that…… mmmmmm that's nice… Oh god Papa that feels so fucking good… Now ram your cock into your Beti's choot and play with my nipple… Oh shit babuji… you're going to make me cum… Pinch my nipple Papa.. Ahhhhhhh… Oh my god, oh my god… I'm going to fucking cum."
    He wanted to change positions now just as I was about to cum. "Now on your hands and knees you bitch. My bitch daughter has ridden my cock…now it is Papa's turn to ride you. I want to seee my cock going into your pussy and fuck you like a bitch Rekha Beti, just as your mother loved to be fucked like a bitch. Yes lift your ass to me" I obeyed him by getting on my fours. He went behind me and inserted his well lubed cock into me.
    "Huh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………you mother fucker.. fuck me… Fuck my cunt… Fuck it hard…… Fuck my choot… Fuck your Beti's fuck hole Papa… Fuck bitch daughter… Give my cunt a good hard fuck…… Fuck me hard… Tear my pussy… Come on you bastard, fuck me… Fuck me… I want you to really make me pregnant… Drive that cock in with all your might Papa… … That's it you mother fucking bastard… Hammer your cock into your Rekha Beti's choot… That's it hammer your cock into my horny cunt… Fuck me… I can take it Papa… Do it papa… Fuck me… … FUCK MY CHOOT YOU MOTHER FUCKER!!!" I was blabbering nonsense out loud.
    "Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh yes Rekha Beti ……………..I am a bastard….a motherfucking bastard who is fucking his own daughter. But I love it…I love your cunt….I love my darling Rekha Beti." Babuji hammered his massive prick into my fuck hole mercilessly . He slapped my ass at the same time. I was moaning loudly as I was getting the fucking of my life.
    Fucking sounds eched in the room as our prespiring bodies thudded against each other. I was bent like a bitch before my horny father in law in complete sumision and he fucked me. I taunted him"Babuji, how does it feel to fuck your son's wife, to fuck the pussy that your son has fucked? How would you like to fuck your own daughter, your Rekha Beti, born out of your own seed?"
    I swear Babuji's cock grew even harder at the mention of his daughter. He cupped my boobs harder and made me cringe with pain and rammed his cock into me."Yes BAHAU, I WANT TO FUCK MY DAUGHTER, REKHA. I WANT HER CUNT, HER ASS, THE BITCH IS VERY SEXY…AS SEXY AS YOU ARE BAHU. I WANT TO FUCK MY PLUMP REKHA….OHHHHHH GOD, I WANT HER!!!"
    I felt he was about to cum but the horny goat withdrew his cock from my cunt. His cock juice was flowing down my thighs, my cunt slipery with both our juices.
    "Roma, beti, now one last thing to do before I let you go. I must possess you completely. I want your ass. I want to fuck your ass. Then you will be mine completely" he said as I got control of myself.
    "Noooooooooooooooo Papa, not in the ass….it will hurt…your cock is too big…I have never let even Raman fuck my ass…no papa, pleaseeeee!!" I begged.
    "It won't hurt the way I will fuck your ass Beti. Let me show you how I will do it. I will never hurt my own daughter. Dont get up yet Beti. I will be gentle, Roma"
    With that he bent me agian and to my surprise, he began licking my thighs and then my ass. His tongue moved into my puckered asshole and I grew mad. The old bastard ate my ass, his wet tongue acting as lube. He fingered my pussy and licked my ass. I felt a sensation that I had never experienced before, My whole body trembled with excitement. My ass hole was filled with his saliva.
    Babuji then stod up behind me again. Only this time he was going to fuck my virgin ass hole. He placed his bulbous cock head at the entrance of my ass. I trembled with fear of the unknown. He pushed his cock slightly into my well lubricated ass. I cringed as his cock head entered my ass causing pain but not much.
    "Relax Beti. Relax your ass, Bahu," he instructed me. Slowly, he begian to slide his stiff cock in and out.
    "Oh, fuck yes Beti, my cock is going in, loosen your ass, Beti, it is going in!"I did feel pain as he pushed his cock in, but I bore the pain. He began to rub my cunt and feel my boobs. The sensation was incredible. In about 3 minutes half his cock was buried into my ass. "Bahu," he said while shoving the shaft slowly in, "prepare for the best ass fuckin' in the world. My Beti will love it!" he increased the pressure sinking almost his entire cock into my ass.
    "Ohhhhhh,Babuji!" I reacted to the deeper penetration, "It hurts Papa!"
    But he did not care and soon his cock was up to the balls in my ass. The pain was almost nill. He humped like a dog in heat.
    "Beti," the sex hazed man said pumping harder, "youre ass is so firm. So good!" He sank deeper into ass.
    The ass fcuking I was getting was different. It was passionate and loving.
    Soon I was loving his huge cock moving inside me. I wanted more of his cock.
    "Faster!" I implored, "Faster! Make your horny daughter cum!"
    "That's exactly what I'll do!" he spoke hotly increasing the speed.
    He shoved his cock as deep as possible with each thrust. The feel was just too good to believe.
    "You're doing nice Babuji!" I squealed, "I never knew ass fucking can be soooo great'!" I said, "Feel my cunt Babuji! Feel how wet it is! How wet you have made my cunt you horny bastard"
    Babuji's hand returned to my wet pussy. It was even hotter. He began to masturbate the clit.
    "I'm cumming!" I yelled. I was cumming.
    I wanted the whole of his meat inside my ass.
    "Oh God!" He cried out, 'I'm cummin', Beti. "I'm cummin' right up your ass!in your ass!!"
    My anus sphincter tensed around the hard shaft."Oooooohhhhhhhhhhh!"I shrieked, "Iiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee!"
    He came gallons of cum in my ass and I lost count of orgasms that I had during our fuck session.
    "I still can't believe how perfect your cock fit into my ass Babuji," I said.
    "I love you so much, my darling daughter," He said softly, "This is the most wonderful fuck I've ever had."
    "You have such a magnificent cock Babuji," I said.That is the truth.

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