Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Cuban Sandwich That Isn't Really Cuban

    If you are in Miami and you see a Dunkin Donuts, you can now buy a Cuban sandwich, (since when did Dunkin Donuts start having non-donut goods? – I am really behind the times!) featuring roasted pork, Swiss cheese and ham on an oven-toasted bun that is looks more like a French Roll.
    To top it all off, it is topped with a “creamy Cuban spread of Dijon mustard and chipped dill pickle.” I have traveled to Cuba twice and I can attest that I never saw any Dijon mustard and I don’t remember seeing dill pickles in the local restaurants.  Also, every Cuban Sandwich I have eaten had shredded or pulled pork, not a slice of roasted loin.  Dunkin Donuts, I believe you need a culture lesson!!! 
    Fortunately, I will not have to see this “pseudo” sandwich as it is only available in restaurants located in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area.  Please do not bring this sandwich to Iowa!
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