Monday, September 9, 2013

took virginity of hot girl preeti

    Hi guys and girl. I am Rahul  from Bangalore. I love reading ISS storied especially the virgin and couple section. After reading many exciting stories out here I am posting my own story here which is a true incident that I got to experience around two years ago.
    Well a bit of introduction about myself. I am 24 year old and am a fair, average looking person with a muscular built and I am currently working in Bangalore in an IT company.  Without further delay let me start my story. I am a regular traveler to Pune to visit my friends and I mostly travel by bus. During one such journey I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to get laid with a hot chick. Before boarding the bus, I kept my fingers crossed to have my seat shared with a hot chick. But once I boarded the bus, I was disgusted to know that I will have to share the seat with an old person.
    I was devastated to have a seat beside an old fat person and thought now my 12 hour journey to Pune will not only be tiring but will also be very boring. The guy sitting next kept on blabbering and I was least interested in having a conversation with him. After around 4 to 5 hours after leaving Bangalore, the bus took a halt in a highway near one dhaba. It was around 11 30 at night. Everyone from the bus got out to get freshen up. Over there I got to know that there were many pretty girls travelling in the bus, but I was not lucky enough to have one of them beside my seat. I cursed my luck and was very disappointed. While taking rest, I found that one of the girls was looking at me. She didn’t take her eyes off me even when I had started looking at her. The girl was fair, slim and average sized boobs. Later I found out that her figure was 34-28-34 and was around 5 ft 3 inches tall. Her looks were itself turning me on and I had a hard on. Then she suddenly went to the other side of the dhaba where the washrooms were present. It was pretty dark in that area and by the time she had gone to the washroom, everyone else had already returned and was having snacks at the dhaba.
    I mustered up my courage and followed her to the other side of the dhaba. Due to the darkness I couldn’t find her. I thought that she would have gone inside the washroom and decided to wait over there till she came out off the washroom. After some time she emerged out of the washroom, and started walking towards my direction. She was staring at me while walking towards me. On the other hand my sexual hormones had taken over mind and I was behaving like a sexually starved animal ready to impregnate its mate. As soon as she was about to cross me I did the inevitable, I grabbed her with my arms, turned her around and kissed her hard. This could have been most stupid and dangerous act I had done in my life. But I was filled with so much lust that the thought of the consequences never crossed my mind. She screamed when I did that, but her screams were not loud enough to attract other people. I immediately crushed my mouth onto hers and smooched her hard. She tried to wriggle out at first, but after a while she succumbed to my kisses and opened her mouth. She hugged me hard, and her boobs were crushing on my chest. However we didn’t break the smooch and ours tongues were wrestling with each other tasting each other’s saliva. My hard cock was poking her stomach. Then I started pressing her boobs with my palms over her salwar and started sucking and licking her neck. She was going crazy and had started moaning. Probably she had also lost her senses about the surroundings. Then I started rubbing her cunt over her salwar. I was in such a high sexual state, that I didn’t think about the bus or the luggage or even about getting caught in the act. Then suddenly the bus blew the horn and she pushed me aside forcefully and ran into the bus. I followed her slowly to get into the bus.
    I was unable to quench my thirst and I was very frustrated about that. I even could not jerk off to ease the pressure. Back in the bus I went back to my boring seat. Since it was dark I couldn’t see where the girl was sitting. I couldn’t believe that I had nearly started fucking  a stranger before even having a conversation. These thoughts were exciting me even more and I barely controlled my feelings sitting in my seat. Her smell, the taste of her tongue and the feeling of her soft boobs were still in my mind and I just closed my eyes and constructed my dream of fucking  her in all possible ways till the next day morning.
    The next morning the bus took another halt in some place in Maharashtra. I got out and refreshed myself and was having tea. Meanwhile I was scanning around me to have a glimpse of the girl whom I had nearly fucked the day before. And after a while I caught her coming out of the bus. She refreshed herself and went into the hotel to have tea. I went towards her and sat beside her. She gave me a smile. I then introduced myself to her and she also introduced herself. Her name was Preeti and I got to know that she was working for an IT company in Pune and had come to Bangalore to visit her sister. Then without wasting much time in silly talks I just asked her whether she enjoyed her time yesterday.
    She blushed a little initially, and then she said she loved it. I then asked her, “Would you like to have sex with me?”. She replied “No..Yesterday was a mistake and I don’t want to repeat it. ”. I was losing patience but I maintained my cool and asked her” Why? It’s so much fun. Even you said that you loved it?”. She was still denying and I could make out that she wished to have sex but she had lot of fears in her mind which was making her say no. First of all she was a virgin and was scared to have sex with a stranger. I tried to persuade her very much but she was quite adamant and till she got into the bus she kept on saying that she won’t be having sex with me.
    I was too desperate and finally I got into the bus with un-quenched thirst. After 3-4 hours the bus entered Pune and people started getting down. When the bus reached Swargate,  Preeti  came from the back to get down from the bus. Before she got out she signaled to me and asked me get down at the stop. I had planned to get down at Wakkad, but I thought I wouldn’t be lucky enough to get this opportunity again and got down along with her.
    After getting down she started saying “You have turned me bad. Because of you I feel like having sex.” I smiled at her and she also started laughing with me. She then asked me “Where are you going to fuck me?”. I was too excited and told her “ I can fuck you here itself if you want”. She replied “Are you so hungry for me? Promise me that you want kill me while fucking me”. I said “Don’t worry. I will take you to heaven.”. I then took her to a nearby hotel and booked a room for us for the day. She was very nervous and scared but I was trying to calm her down by telling her not to worry and said its gonna be fun.
    After getting into the hotel room, I immediately smooched her  I started from where I had stopped last day. I pressed her boobs hard and pinched her nipples over her salwar. She was breathing hard and started making sexy sounds. I then stripped her off her salwar. After stripping her I just moved backwards to have a look at her semi nude body. She was looking like an angel in her black bra and panties. She started blushing and started running away from me towards the other corner of her room. I quickly chased her and grabbed her from the back with my arms around her stomach. I pulled her back towards me and brushed my hard cock against her bums. She let out a sigh when I did that. I turned her around and smooched her hard. Then I went down and started licking her navel. She was moaning loudly and started caressing my head. I then brought my index finger towards her mouth and asked her to suck it. She started sucking it pretty well. The feeling of her tongue around my fingers were sending shock waves through my spine and I just loved that. Then I went down and started rubbing her cunt over the panty with my left hand while she was busy sucking the fingers of my other hand. She bit my fingers hard out of excitement when I first rubbed her pussy and I pulled my fingers out of her mouth out of pain. She apologized to me for her act. I said its fine. I then yanked her panty and started smelling her cunt. The exotic smell was driving me crazy. I then started brushing her pussy with the bottom of her panty’s thin cloth in a to and fro motion. She was gasping for air when I did that and started moaning erotically and started saying “ I love you Rahul…..I am all yours today…fuck me to the core”. She was also pressing her tits over her bra. Soon she removed her bra and threw it away. I brought her panty to the bottom of her legs with my teeth and then removed it completely.
    She was now stark naked before me. I stood up to check her out completely nude. She was standing with one hand pressing her boobs and the other rubbing her cunt. She started looking at the bulge on my pants. I picked her up on my arms and threw her onto the bed. I then undressed myself, I jumped over her and started hugging her hard pressing her naked body onto mine. It felt awesome to have her naked body over my body. Her boobs very pressed hard against my chest. I then went down, spread her legs wide and started licking her wet pussy hard like an animal. She was going crazy at this and started shouting “ah.ah…feels so good….love it…don’t stop; please”. I then started inserting  my finger into her pussy. Her virgin cunt was pretty tight and she was having pain when I inserted my finger into her cunt. But slowly I started moving my finger in and out of her pussy and also continued licking it at the same time. I then spat on her pussy and spread it all over with my tongue. Then I started pressing her cunt with my thumb. Soon I started tongue fucking her and within moments she came and her juices started flowing out and I started drinking her love juices.
    I just wanted to fuck her badly now, so I brought my hard cock near her cunt and started rubbing it over her pussy lips. I knew this part would be difficult for her but then I had to fuck her. I gave a hard push to my cock over her pussy; I went 3-4th inside her pussy. She let out a huge scream and started saying ”It is hurting..Please take it out Rahul” . She also started bleeding a little from her vagina. I told her not to worry and the pain will turn into pleasure in some time. After sometime I started slowly moving my cock inside her pussy. Her pain subsided and she started enjoying it. I started fucking her in missionary position. With every thrust my cock went deeper into her pussy. Soon I was fucking her hard and balls were hitting the tip of her pussy. It felt so very good to feel her pussy walls brush against my raw cock. I hugged her tight and she started smooching me and started sucking my tongue while my cock was still inside her. Our saliva was around each other’s lips and mouth. After fucking her sometime, we turned around, now she was on top of me and moving up and down over my cock. I was feeling the pressure and felt like cumming. So I removed my cock out of her pussy and again started sucking her pussy so that I can prolong the hot fucking session. She again released her juices with a huge moan over my face. After licking her clean, I turned her sideways and spread her legs and started pumping her from the side. While drilling her, I pressed her boobs with one hand and other fingers I put into her mouth and she started sucking my fingers again.
    After a while I sat on the bed and took her on my lap and started fucking her having her on my lap. With every thrust I dug my cock into her as much as I could. We also started kissing and licking each other at times. After some time, I took my cock and released my load over her navel. I spurted my hot semen with 3-4 thick cumshots over her belly and some even fell on her boobs. After the hot fucking session, we both got tired and laid down on the bed which was stained with blood and our love juices. After that we had two more sessions of hot wild sex before leaving for the day. She was very happy and satisfied and we used to fuck each other whenever I used to come to Pune. However now she has gone abroad for higher studies which brought an end to our hot erotic sessions of sex. I hope you liked my story
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