Friday, September 6, 2013

Taco Bell Brings Tex-Mex to India

    Yes, Taco Bell is invading India, offering such classic Mexican delicacies as “Potato & Paneer Burrito.”

    The offerings, with an Indian twist designed to appeal to local tastes and vegetarian diets, sound genuinely intriguing in an Indian-Mex-fusion kinda way.

    Let's see how this works out. Wasn't India where Taco Bell's sister company KFC got bombed by Muslim extremists about 10 years ago? How long until a Taco Bell gets destroyed in India? I have been to India and it was the one place in the world where it was actually hard to find a Mexican (or in this case Tex-Mex) restaurant.

    And what about the Chihuahua? I have a feeling a Cow is gonna crush the little fella.

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