Monday, September 9, 2013

Sex Addiction - I Need to do Some Research

    A couple weeks ago, I was in the doctor's office waiting for my annual workplace physical.  I was bored and my phone had died, so I had to go old school and read some of the magazines they had there (while everyone else was on facebook, texting or playing games...on their phone!).  First thing I noticed was that the magazines were in pretty good condition.  Not like when I was younger and they were all crinkled and torn.  I gathered that was because...EVERYONE WAS ON THEIR PHONE and most schmucks aren't like me and go to the Doctor's office with a dead battery.  Anyway, I read an interesting article in some magazine (I think it was Time or Newsweek) about how “sex addiction” has become a huge problem in America.  The magazine said that it is becoming a bigger problem than most of us realize. It is threatening to weigh down the health care system as it is an "addiction" and is thus categorized as a medical disorder. It sais that the people who are “addicted to sex” are truly suffering and need counseling, interventions,health care breaks, etc.  And they probably will get a bunch of help with Obama-care, but that is another blog post.

    Then I got to thinking...We live in a society where people can sue McDonald’s for serving hot coffee that’s actually hot, so why should it come as a surprise that  it should come as no surprise that people who have an hyper sex drive and love to have sex can now use that and get some sympathy and medical benefits.  After all, this is America, right?

    I do not consider myself a sex addict, but I do have a healthy sex drive and love sex just as much as the average guy (OK, probably a little more but I am not Anthony Weiner!)  I got to thinking, why not notch up my sex drive and start trying to have sex with tons of people and download porn 24/7 (Right now, I only download porn for an hour or two a day...Just Kidding...Kind of).  Then I can call myself a sex addict, say it is a medical condition and use it as an excuse when I get caught filming a girl in yoga pants walking down the street.  Hell, the article even said that some things that could be considered crimes such as sexual harassment, etc. may be outside the realm of prosecution if it is done by a "Sex Addict." How many guys are going to use that to try and get out of a sexual harassment lawsuit!

    Then I got to thinking.  This whole thing just isn't right.  I do not agree with this.  Why?  You See, I am a normal guy with a high sex drive.  I probably think of sex at least 20 hours a day (including 4 hours of dreaming.  The only time I don't think about it is during my Deep sleep phase, although I may be dreaming about it and don't remember it.)  I have met my fair share of women and slept with more women than I care to admit to.  I have done some pretty wild stuff in the bedroom, in the park, in the mall, in an airplane bathroom...I blog about sex (You all know that) and I post a lot of sexy pics that get most men pretty excited (yes, some of you have told me about your boners you get after reading the blog.  Your are welcome!) Wow, Maybe I do have a problem.  My point is that when someone tells me "Matt, you are a huge perv." or tells me that I may have a problem,  I don’t hide behind the word “addiction.” I don't sit there and get all whiny and blame my problems on hidden demons and childhood exposure to Cinemax after Dark!   I don’t beg for forgiveness or ask for therapy or psychoanalysis or anti-addiction medicine.  Not Me.  I just look at them, smile and say "You might be right" and then walk off and continue my day.  I am probably looking up some hot lingerie pics on my phone as I am walking away.  So Be It! My life, like the lives of many guys (and increasingly more women) are heavily influenced by Sex.  Hell, look at American Society...We need something to get our minds off of all the problems out there!

    The I did a little "Research" online.  There is actually a Des Moines chapter of Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous that has a monthly attendance of about 30 people.  The magazine article said that roughly 65% of sex addicts are men, meaning the rest are female.  So 65% of 30 is about 20.  That means that there are probably 10 women who attend those meetings.  HMMMMM.... I might have to attend one of those meetings for...uh....research purposes for this blog.  There you go.  Research for a Des Moines Sex Addicts post.  That sounds legit.  Next meeting is next Thursday night....SHIT - I Gotta Run!!!

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