Sunday, September 1, 2013

Question 7:My boss is insisting me to satisfy him again, what do I do now?

    I am 34 years lady, married and have a five years old child. I am working also. Recently, I am facing very big problem. In my office, day by day, i was being closed with one of my boss and he is about 45 years old. Firstly, My boss called me `sweet younger sister' and was very kind to me. I thought he was very great person and I liked him. But two months ago, we went to a office tour outside of our city and stayed at our office guest house.
    We had separate room. But after dinner my boss called me his room to talk some official work. We were taking almost one hour about various official problems. Suddenly he proposed me to kiss. I was astonished and said sorry and about to leave the room. But my boss laughed and told me that was simple kiss, nothing else. But that kiss at last turned into our two times intercourse in that night. Next day we came back in our city and everything is ok.  Firstly i felt guilty but thought that was an accident. But now a days My boss wants me to intercourse again and telling me almost everyday.
    But i have told him it is not possible for me again. But he mounting a lot of pressure and now it is difficult to do my office work. I feel guilty very much now. I love my hubby and mu child very much. It is not possible to leave this job. because, my earning is fifty percent of my family cost.
    Please tell me, What do I do now?
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