Thursday, September 5, 2013

meri girlfriend

    This story was happen on my girlfriend in college ragging.Usne apni jubani yeh story likhi hai.
    I am Neha and I study in first year of college. I am in MBA and as you

    know there are very few girls out there who study engineering. I had to join

    college away from my home and was staying in the ladies hostel there. Our hostel

    is small and there are about 40 lady students staying there. I had joined the

    hostel and had two room partners one from first year Renu, and other from second

    year, Shweta. We got to know each other soon and I liked both of them very much.
    I am 5’6″ tall with big breasts and big swaying ass. I look attractive and my

    features are such that the boys feel that I am ‘chalu’. I am not! I am little

    innocent about the sex aspect but curious too. I felt free here in the

    environment of the hostel with nobody to boss around me.
    I thought of looking forward to get to know more about it in forthcoming years.

    But did not take it that serious. I heard about colleges and ragging in the

    hostels but did not see any such thing here, that’s what I thought. One day renu

    told me that she heard about some ragging going on in our ladies hostel but I

    said that I did not know about it. I took this lightly but asked Shewta about

    it. “Arey Bachchu! Ragging sab jagah chalti hai to hamare college me kyom nahi?

    Hamare ragging 1st year me hua tha.. ab tum logon ki hogi. But one advice..

    don’t resist it!”.
    “Mujhe Dar lag raha hai Shweta! Please help me out of this.”
    “You poor girl! mai kuch nahi kar sakti hu? But lets see when it comes.”
    I was restless and worried about it. But another thought about it made my body

    tingle with some unknown sensation that I never felt before. Was it that I

    wanted it to happen? may be but as I thought about it more I loved the idea of

    being dominated and forced to do things that I did not want to. I was confused

    and looking forward to it. One day we all had dinner and had retired to our

    rooms. Shweta was out somewhere and was due any time. Renu and I were reading

    books when the bell rang. Renu opened the door and what I saw made my heart skip

    a beat! I saw Renu run inside with many boys and girls filling in the room.
    Amongst them was Shweta! There were seven boys and four girls and they were

    blocking the door. One of them closed the door and signaled us to sit on the

    bed. Renu was terrified and so was I! this must be ragging! Shweta spoke to us,

    “So tum log ragging ke baare bahut pooch rahe the naa? This is it”.
    She continued saying to the boys.. “Come on boys in randiyom ko bataao ki unhe

    kyaa karana hai. Come on sluts upani chutad hilaake bed pe khade ho jaao.” We

    both stood up on the bed shaking with fright. The boys walked closer to the bed

    and the four girls followed them. “Come on Sachin! in saaliyom ki nighty utaar

    do aur ham sab ko dikhaao what they are filled with. Ohhh! Neha must be having

    lot of flesh to show!” Renu was shaking and started to cry, “Ohh please don’t

    make us do that! Please!” “Shut up slut! We are here to use your body as

    dustbin! You filthy Randi! Sali harami! Chal aapna gown nikal! Aur tu bhi Neha!

    Dono nangee ho jao!” Sachin said. With tears running out of our eyes we both

    pulled our nighties off over our heads and held them in front of our body just

    to cover our nakedness.
    Shweta and the other girl climbed the bed and each one caught both of our

    breasts in their palms. “Ohhh Neha! Sali tere mamme to bahoot kadak hai! Jara

    jorse dabakar dekhati hu ki kitne dabte hai?” Shweta pressed her palm onto my

    boobs and I could feel her fingers digging into my chest. I cried in pain and

    begged Shweta to stop. But she did not listen.
    The other girl caught hold of Renu’s boobs and did the same. Then they made us

    sit on the bed and asked each one of the gang to press our boobs and see their

    hardness. Ohhh it was hell! Each one came near us and pressed our boobs. That

    made my nipples hard and one boy pulled on them with his fingers. My breasts

    stretched with the pull and he rotated the stretched breast in circles making me

    cry for mercy. Renu was terrified and fainted on the bed so they carried her to

    the corner of the room and made her lie there, naked.
    Now their attention was on me. And the entire group surrounded me with devil in

    their eyes.they were staring at my naked body with lust and I was afraid they

    were upto something dirty for sure. Sachin came close to me and he caught me by

    my hair and pulled me up on my feet. He asked me to do everything theyu tell or

    else they would make me eat their shit.
    “Hey Randi! You will have to suck all the cocks here! Hear me? There are seven

    lunds and four choots.come on kneel in front of each of us and suck or lick what

    ever you find. If it’s a cock suck it and make it hard and if it’s a choot push

    your dirty tongue inside and lick it. Come on you whore!”
    They all stood in a circle surrounding me and I had to crawl on my knees to go

    near them. They were humiliating me! They were making me do dirty things I never

    thought. I had to do it! I crawled to the first one and it was a boy. He was

    standing with his cock out of his pants in a semi hard state. I caught it in my

    hand and rubbed it. Sachin kicked my ass and told me not to use hands but just

    my mouth. Ohh ok I said. I put my mouth to the first cock in my life. It smelled

    of stale piss and I felt nauseating. But I took that semi hard lund in my mouth

    and sucked it. I felt the lund getting hard and filling my mouth. This lund was

    about 6 inches and thin one so I could easily suck about all of it in my mouth.
    The others watched me sucking the boy and were clapping and talking dirty to me.

    “choos Sali! Kha ja lund ko! Chal jorse choos. Randi! Whore! Slut!” and many

    more! I was getting a bit excited at the taste of that lund in my mouth and I

    don’t know why I started to take it deep in my mouth. The tip of the lund

    touched my throat and I gagged. I felt it difficult to breath and I relaxed my

    throat muscles to accommodate the devil in there.
    Suddenly the cock started to twitch and I felt hot cum spray at the back of my

    throat. Ui could not swallow all that he gave me and much of it spilled out of

    my mouth and on to the floor. The boy was very annoyed at this and he slapped me

    hard and kicked my ass making me fall face down on the floor. Then he caught my

    hair and pushed my mouth on the cum that had fallen on the floor. “come on slut

    lick that precious cum! You dirty whore! chooso aur jeeb se safaayi karo. Come

    on with your tongue! Lick slut!” I was forced to lick the odd tasting cum and I

    drank it. Huuuummmmm! It surely tasted nice! I liked it even though I was forced

    to do it! Then there was a knock on the door and Shweta opened it.
    Ohhhh! That was our principal, Prof. Basu.! The fellow in his 50′s was standing

    there and with him was our math’s teacher Shalmal Lalwani. She was 40 and very

    busty. I was stunned with the two of them walking in and joining the ragging.
    They had brought a crate of beer and few bottles of whisky along with them. Our

    peon Shankar was carrying them inside the room. The group welcomed them and told

    tehm that Renu was unconscious. Shamal looked worried and went to the girl and

    woke her up. Renu looked around and when she saw the Prof. She started to weep,
    ” Sir please save me from these rascals! Ohh God! I cant bear it.” “Don’t worry

    my child we will take care of you. Come here Shamal hold this girl so that we

    can make her lie on the bed. Renu be comfortable! They are not gong to harm you

    when we are here.” They placed Renu on the bed and Shamal Lalwani sat at her

    feet and prof. Basu near her head.
    The elder ones signaled the gang to have beers and whiskey. All grabbed beer and

    whiskey bottles and started to swallow the liquor. They were drinking the whiskey

    raw! Shweta came near me and placed a whiskey bottle near my mouth. “drink this

    bitch! This will make you beg for the cocks. You will be real whore with this

    whisky. Drink it bitch!” I thought it would be better to drink and so I sipped

    some whisky in. Ohhh god! It tasted bitter and my throat burned as it went to my

    stomach. There on the bed Mrs. Lalwani was drinking whisky and Prof. Basu beer!
    Renu was lying there with her eyes closed. Shweta came near Renu and wanted to

    make her drink but Prof turned her down, “No, don’t make her drink. We want to

    surprise her!” Shweta came to me again and made me lie on the floor with my legs

    spread wide. She called the gang, ” Hey come on lets drink the beer from this

    sluts choot. She is virgin! From the virgin choot lets drink.” She pushed the

    beer bottle’s neck in my choot and tilted the bottle. Ohhhhh the cold liquid

    started to fill my choot. She let some beer fill my choot and then she removed

    the bottle and put her mouth on my choot.
    Ohhhhh she was drinking the beer from my choot! Ohhh god! What a nice idea. I

    appreciated the idea even when they were abusing me. Thus they all drank beer

    from my choot and Shweta made me drink whiskey from her choot! That was the first

    time I ever placed my mouth on a choot. It felt nice friends! The boys then

    poured whiskey in some glasses and diluted the whiskey with their piss. Ohhh so

    dirty! They then made the girls drink the piss mixed whiskey and to my

    astonishment each girl drank it savoring the taste. I too loved it. By this

    time all of us were intoxicated with the liquor and now the real game started. I

    was forced to suck on each cock for few minutes. I sucked all the seven cocks.
    They were of different sizes. From 5 inch to 10 inch. Long and different smell.

    Some had put some spray on the cocks so they smelled nice but others smelled

    dirty, stale piss and even some had not washed the cocks for days! I was again

    made to crawl all around the room with somebody sitting on my back and poking

    his cock on my backbone. Then I was made to stop and I felt a cock being thrust

    at the opening of my choot. They wee going to fuck my choot! “Oohhhhhh! No

    please don’t fuck my choot. I am virgin. Please don’t do it to me!” I begged.
    But it was of no use. The cock at my choot was of the principal Prof. Basu and

    he was given the honor to break my cherry. ” Shut up Neha! Spread that choot

    and let me fuck you. You dirty whore! Come here Shamal. Put that choot of yours

    in front of the sluts moutha nd let her taste both my cock and your choot at the

    same time.” I couldn’t believe these were the words from the principal and I had

    to suck my teachers choot. This excited me and I involuntarily spread my legs

    for the dirty old man. He pushed his lund forcibly in my tight virgin choot and

    I felt as if a knife has been thrust in there.
    I cried in pain as the lund trespassed my virgin territory. But Shamal was fast

    and she pushed my mouth on her dripping choot. I smelled the choot and pushed my

    tongue in the cleft. The woman was already dripping juice and I had a mouthful

    of it. Now Prof. Basu had pushed almost all of his cock in my choot and expanded

    it to accommodate his lund.
    I knew that my hymen was battered and I was no longer virgin. I felt relieved of

    being a virgin and my virginity was a past for me. I pushed my ass back to take

    more of the prof’s cock in my choot and he felt wild. “Hey boys and girls! This

    slut is responding to my fucking. She is moving her ass and swallowing my cock.

    Ohhh god she is a real sexy girl we have found.
    Come on boys it’s a feast for the cocks and choots!” And he fucked me with added

    enthusiasm. His cock rammed my choot and his hands moved over my ass rubbing it

    and sometimes spanking it. The spanking sent chills up my spine and I moved my

    ass faster. Shamal was rubbing her choot on my face and watching the principal’s

    cock fuck my choot. She was hot and she called for a hard and big cock. “Come on

    boys! Fuck me with biggest lund you have. Hey Sachin come here. Fuck me! Sala ye

    Randi ko chudate dekh meri choot pania gayee re. Chalo jaldi se Chodo! Dekho wo

    tumhara principal sahab us ladki ki choot kaise chod raha hai. Sale ko kori

    chokadi chayhiye jab ki sale ne meri choot ko chod kar uska bhosada banadiya

    hai. Aab mai ek saath do lund choot me leti hu. Chalo Chodo.” I could not

    believe my teacher was talking this.
    She was fucked by principal and her choot was made loose by him. I couldn’t

    digest this. Two boys caught Shamal and one went below her and pushed his lund

    in her choot from below while the other went behind her and pushed his lund in

    her choot along side the other. Ohh god! Shamal Lalwani had taken two hard cocks

    in her choot. Prof Basu saw this and he fucked me harder. Murmuring obscene

    words he fucked me, ” Ohhhhh Renu! Teri choot bahoot tight hai ri. Sali mere

    lund ko nigal rahi hai. Chalo Shweta, Madhu ! Rub your boobs on my body while I

    fuck this choot. Ohhh god! She is so tight!” The girls had shed their clothes

    and were rubbing their choots while theu watched the fucking going on.
    The two girls came near me and started to rub their boobs over my body and that

    of principals. It felt very nice to be caressed with the boobs and being fucked

    with a hard cock. I forgot I was being raped and savoured unmercifully and

    started to enjoy this. Shamal was pushing her heavy body over the two cocks

    lodged in her choot. She fucked hard, her body moving fast in spite of her

    bulkiness. The remaining boys could not wait any longer and they came near us.
    One went behind Shweta and started to fuck her and the other caught Madhu and

    pushed his cock in her choot. “Come on boys there are more holes where you can

    put your lund. Fuck the mouths of the girls. Come on shove your cock in this

    randis mouth. Yes fuck her mouth as I fuck her choot.” A cock was shoved in my

    mouth and another one was rubbing on my boobs. We heard a big moan, ” Ohhh

    bastards! I am comminggggg ! fuck me! Chodo bhadwe! Sale madarchoot! Aapni ma ki

    choot ko Chodo! Oohh dekho renu ki choot ki chudai. Sali Randi kaise lund kha

    rahi hai! Oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmaaiiiii gggaaaaaaaaaay eee eeee eee. Ohhhhh

    hhhhh hhhh AaAaa aaaaaaaah hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhh!” and I saw my teacher convulse

    on the floor with the two cocks jerking in her choot and spraying cum inside.

    This triggered the principal and he pushed his lund deep inside my choot and

    sprayed his seed.
    The boys had just begun so they continued fucking our mouths and choots watching

    the elder cum. I collapsed with the Professor and I don’t know what happened to

    me but I fainted! I was initiated into this ragging business by nobody else but

    the Principal of the college! And I should confess that it was great fun getting

    fucked and abused. There was this girl who was very beautiful.
    Her name was Rakhi and I really appreciated her boobs and ass. WOW it was 36D

    boobs and 38 ass. I wanted to push her and torture her and initiate her into our

    fucking group. So I told our Principal, Prof. Basu and Our Math’s teacher Shamal

    about it. I told them that there should be just few of us, they two, me and my

    friend Renu and the peon Shanker and the boy with big lund, Sachin . Renu wanted

    to try ragging and abuse Rakhi. Rakhi was first year student and was staying in

    the hostel with her friend NNeha. So we planned to fuck Rakhi and torture her.
    I had collected all the implements I had in my mind and they were… nylon

    ropes, big fat cucumbers, tree lizards.. Small table tennis balls, and safety

    pins. Are they enough I had asked Renu and she added the marbles ( glass Gotis

    children play).. That’s it. So on the designated Saturday I went to Rakhi’s room

    to introduce along with Renu to introduce us. Rakhi was wearing cotton shirt and

    skirt. The cotton shirt showed us her assets, a pair of well-formed boobs.
    Big enough for all of us to suck on. She was not wearing anything inside I

    suppose, as we cold see the outline of her aureoles and protrusion her nipples

    made over the thin fabric. She ass looked prominent with the tight skirt holding

    the fleshy lobes. Renu winked at me and we proceeded to talk with her. She told

    that she was from Pune and had undergone education from convent school,

    St.Joseph’s girl’s school. Her roommate was skinny girl with mot much boobs and

    ass but that was good for us too.
    She was beautiful with big black eyes and nice seductive smile. She too was from

    Pune, Marathi medium school. We both introduced our selves and told them that

    the Principal was to meet them in the evening after 8 Pm. They looked surprised

    and asked the reason. We told them that he wants to introduce himself and ask

    them about their problems. They looked happy. They did not know what was in

    store for them that night. I told Rakhi that she had a good figure, better than

    mine and she looked proud. She told us that she maintained her figure with

    regular exercise and workout. I asked her if her boobs were for real or they
    were stuffed? She just smiled and told me that they were for real and if I don’t

    believe this she can look at them unclothed. Ohh the devil was having some

    courage! I told her that I would look and feel them for their genuinity when the

    time comes. With this we left. At 8 pm the Principal, Mrs. Shamal, the peon

    Shanker and Sameer arrived at our room. We collected the items needed for the

    torture and went to Rakhi’s room. Rakhi welcomed us and offered us her bed to

    sit and stood in front of us. Prof. Basu looked at the girl and smiled at us. he

    told Rakhi that he had come to see her and introduce her to this college’s most

    popular group. Rakhi asked him about the group activities and he told her that


    would come to know of it soon. Her roommate was out and so we could not meet

    Prof.Basu asked Rakhi to remove her shirt and show us the nice magnificent pair

    of boobs she had. Rakhi looked surprised and protested. The principal told me to

    explain everything to this girl and make her ready for them. I went to Rakhi and

    caught her hand and whispered in her ears, ” Look Rakhi! Be a nice girl and do

    what the Sir says. He loves young girls and I can tell you wont repent. So just

    take off that shirt and show him some boobs. They are nice. Come on show him!”
    But the poor girl refused and threatened him that she would complain this to her

    parents. Ohh the poor devil! Prof. got annoyed with her act and asked me to

    remove her shirt by force. I went to her and slapped her hard. ” Come on slut!

    Take that thing off. Be a nice girl or else you would repent. Here let me help

    you.” Shanker and Sameer had got up and were ready to cope up with any violence

    Rakhi could start. I started to unbutton her shirt but Rakhi resisted.
    Shanker got behind her and held her hands, twisting them and holding them behind

    her. Rakhi could not move and her chest was thrust forward, making her boobs

    look more prominent. I ripped Rakhi’s shirt and her boobs sprang free. Ohhh!

    They were real magnificent globes I had ever seen. They had real cone shape as

    you see in the pictures and were standing in shape, no sagging at all. WOW it

    would be fun to play with them I thought. I caught the two breasts in my palm

    and felt

    their hardness. They were hard to hold a weight of 1 kg on them. The skin was

    soft and delicate and the veins could be seen prominently.
    I pressed them hard and Rakhi moaned! Her moan seemed like erotic, you know it

    when they like it. But she was a bit nervous to accept the situation and so

    immediately she started to protest. ” Ohhhh! Please let me free. Don’t abuse my

    body like this. You know I have preserved this youth for my husband to be. So

    please don’t violate my virginity. PLEASE! I will do anything you say but please

    let me free!” Prof. Said, ” Slut we all are your husbands! So give each of us

    one hole. You have three holes and we are three so fuck each lund in each hole

    slut! Come on Sameer Tie this sluts boob. Show me how they look when tied. Then

    abuse her body like you have never done before. I want this beautiful girl to be

    thrashed, abused and then assaulted. Fucked sucked and kicked all at the same

    time. Come on tie her boobs.” I had never seen boobs tied up but was eager to

    see how it was done. Sameer came in front of Rakhi and made a loop of rope.
    She showed her the loop and told her that he was going to tie her boob at the

    base. Ohh you should have seen Rakhi’s face! She lost all the colour and looked

    terrified. Sameer pushed the loop on the left breast and then tightened it

    around the fleshy globe. Ohhh the breast sprang up and swelled with the

    tightness and all the veins were blood clogged and looked prominent. Sameer

    tightened more and Prof. Basu cheered him. Shamal too was calling Rakhi names,

    slut whore, randi, maderchoot and more! She shed her own clothes and took the

    principal’s lund out of his pants. Oooohh the old fellow had big hard on!
    Sameer tied her right breast in the same manner and Rakhi looked funny with both

    her breasts swelled beyond limit. The nipples on both the breasts were hard and

    standing about 3/4 th of an inch, may be because they were filled with the blood

    collected due to the tying. I touched her breasts. Ohh god! They were like

    cricket balls, so hard and difficult to press. I wondered how this slut was

    feeling with her boobs tied up! ” Hey Neha! You can stand on these boobs and

    they wont flatten. See they are filled with blood and are like hydraulic system.

    See it for yourself. Just pull a punch on them and you will feel the

    hardness.”Said our Prof.
    I pulled a fist on her left breast and felt it bounce as if it hit something

    hard. Yes the principal was right. The veins swelled more and looked like some

    network running over the white boob skin. Shamal was looking at this girl with

    hungry eyes and wanted to feel her too. She shed her clothes and started to rub

    her own choot inserting few fingers occasionally to fuck it. The professor saw

    Shamal rubbing her choot and he too undressed, exposing his magnificent tool to

    Rakhi. Rakhi was now silently standing in front of us with just her skirt on.
    Except for our teachers all of us were dressed. We decided to follow our

    teachers and I undressed Sameer while Renu removed the clothes of Shanker. As

    soon as we were naked Shamal asked us to dance around the helpless Rakhi. As we

    danced we slapped Rakhi and kicked her ass many times. We also spat on her body

    telling her how worthless cunt she was. As we danced Sameer caught Renu and

    started to fuck her in front of Rakhi while shanker fucked my choot. Shamal

    sucked on the principals lund and thus we teased the poor girl Rakhi. When the

    males came in our holes we presented our cum filled holes for Rakhi to suck and

    lick. We had made this slut lie on her back with her boobs tied *(you must allow

    some blood flow, from time to time so that there is no necrosis of the boob

    tissue, don’t try this without knowing it!) each of us ladies sat on rakhi’s

    face and made her lick and drink the cum that the males had deposited.
    Rakhi’s face was covered with sticky cum and she spat out some of the precious

    liquid. This was not tolerable! She was a slut and she had to drink cum! That

    was her duty! So we ladies sat on her tied boobs, kicked them and made them

    suffer. Rakhi was shouting in pain but we filled her mouth with our piss. each

    of the ladies pissed in her mouth and she was drinking whatever she could.

    Shamal farted loudly as she pissed and Rakhi tried to remove her face, but could

    not. The teacher had lot of gas in her bowels and she emptied the gas on the

    sluts face.
    We were not into shit business( lucky for rakhi or else she would have been

    covered with dirty shit). Shanker brought the bag and took out the LIZARD. It

    was tied at the legs and so we could control its movements. Professor told Rakhi

    that she was to have her Biology Practical now! The lizard was let free, secured

    with ther rope. It crawled on the floor and shanker threw it on the body of

    Rakhi. We heard a terror filled cry! ” Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaauch! Ammmmmaaaaa!

    Nnooooooooo! Please no! oohh god! His nails are hurting me! Oohhhh pleaseee!”

    were the pleadings! The lizard was crawling on the body of Rakhi and its nails

    were pricking the tender skin. Shanker led it to the tied boobs and the creature

    stood on the creast of the boob proudly. Shamal went near Rakhi and caught the

    lizard . she took it to rakhi’s face and terrorized her! Rakhi’s eyes bulged out

    with fear and she looked at Shamal pleadingly. Shamal kissed the lizard, licking

    on its head. Ohhh god! This lady was too much! Then she pressed the sides of the

    tail of the creature. Ohhhhh it was a male lizard! We saw two small hemi-penis

    spring out! ( Lizard has two cocks, called hemi penis).
    The cocks were small, about 1/4 th inch and were erect. She licked the lizard

    cocks and smiled. ” Ohhh this taste so good! It has something that will booste

    your sexual appetite. Its like Spanish fly!” Come on boy this is your tree so

    run! Saying this she dropped the lizard on Rakhi’s stomach. Her stomach

    contracted with the sensation of the cold animal and she looked horrified.
    Then Shamal caught the lizard and pushed it into the choot of Rakhi, head first.

    The poor creature dived inside, scraping the walls of Rakhi’s vagina with its

    sharp nails. You should have heard the scream of Rakhi. There was pure agony in

    it and we all loved to hear her suffer. The lizard was tied at its hind legs and

    the poor reptile was trying to find its way out and in the process pushed its

    nails in the tender skin of Rakhi’s choot. Finally Rakhi began to plead for

    mercy and our Principal granted it to her. Shamal pulled out the lizard and let

    it crawl over the body of Rekha who looked terrified and cried with all this

    Then principal asked us girls to untie Rakhi and to make her ready for group

    fucking. For this Rakhi was arranged on the floor on her side. Shanker got her

    mouth, Sachin her choot and Prof. Her gaand. It was difficult for the professor

    to insert his lund in the tiny opening of her gaand. Shamal helped lubricate the

    gaand and the professor pushed his lund with force. OUCH! Ohhhhhhh! Nooooo! God!

    Please no! were the moans from Rakhi’s mouth. The side position was very nice as

    this showed everything to the watching girls and Shamal.
    Rakhi’s leg was lifted by Renu and they were cheering the males. Shanker almost

    suffocated Rakhi as he pushed his lund in the throat. Rakhi regained her breath

    and then sucked on the dirty lund of shanker. Sachin was comfortable in the

    choot and was fucking her frantically. But the fellow was short fucker and

    ejaculated immediately. He was pushed aside by Shamal and she inserted one big

    cucumber in the now empty choot of Rakhi. The cucumber was about 10 inches long

    and thick too. Rakhi protested but it was no use. The cucumber was lodged

    halfway into the choot and another half remained out. I lay there and pushed my

    choot on the cucumber sliding it in. it was nice to share the big cucumber with

    rakhi. My choot was now rubbing on the choot of rakhi and in the process our

    clits mashed on each other. This made rakhi cry out with pleasure. Sali Randi!

    Kaise chuda rahi hai dekho! Aapni choot , gaand aur muha mein lund le rahi hai.

    Chalo chodo Sali ko. Baad mein hum usko chodenge!” Shamal said.
    The two males ejaculated the spunk in the gaand and mouth of Rakhi and pulled

    out their lunds. The place was taken by Shamal and renu. Renu kissed Rakhi and

    licked the spunk Shanker had put there. Shamal sucked the cum filled ass and

    then took two bifg cucumbers. One she handed to Renu and the other she inserted

    in her own choot, half way. Renu too put the cucumber in her choot half way and

    the other half she inserted in Rakhis mouth. Shamal inserted the cucmber in the

    asshole of Rakhi. Ohhhhhhhh! The slut had three big cucumbers fucking her three

    holes. Wow she was a real bithch and slut. She was enjoying all this attention.

    We all fucked her for sometime and took out the fruits. We watched the choot and

    gaand of Rakhi. Ohhhh! They were gaping open! The inside was all red with

    friction she had due to fucking.
    Now we all squatted on the exhausted body of Rakhi and started to Piss on her.

    The males stood aside and aimed the streams on rakhi’s mouth, boobs, choot and

    gaand! We three bather the body of slut with hot yellow stream of piss. Rakhi

    was lying in piss! We rolled her in the piss and then made her lick the floor

    clean! What more Humiliation you can have! As we finished with Rakhi her room

    Partner knocked the door. Ohhhhh Another feast for us! When I opened my eyes I

    saw fucking all around. Prof. Basu was sitting on the bed with his lund in the

    mouth of Renu. Renu was sobbing but had to suck the Prof. And they were not

    alone, whole group was near them, cheering Renu and talking dirty. Shamal was

    riding a cock and another cock was buried in her asshole. She had a third cock

    in her mouth and was enjoying the show too.
    Shweta was kenneling between the thighs of Renu and was licking her choot with

    one lund in her own choot. The other girl was standing on the bed and pushing

    three fingers up her choot. The boys were busy watching and rubbing their hard

    lunds. The professor cried out suddenly and pulled his lund out of Renu’s mouth.

    Ohhhhh god! The lund was covered with red blood and he was shouting in pain,

    “Ohhh Fuck! The slut bit my lund! Ohhhhh! It pains! God! Catch the whores both

    of them and tie their hands behind their backs. And lets punish them for biting

    a lund.”
    All the gang hurled Renu and me and made us stand. Shweta went to the hurt Prof.

    and took his lund in her mouth. ” Ohhh the poor thing! Let me soothe it sir!

    Ohhh it has blood all over and it’s bleeding! Ahhhhhhhh! Let me stop that blood

    Sir!” Shweta was licking away the blood from the lund. She must be a bloodhound!

    She did not bother to stop the bleeding but went on drinking the blood from the

    lund for some time. ” Hey Shweta you slut! Don’t drink the blood but cover it

    with some cloth. Get the panties of Renu whore t wipe it.” Prof. Said.
    Shweta brought the panties of Renu and held the cloth over the bleeding lund.

    The Prof. was relieved when he saw that the blood flow has stopped. The

    atmosphere was very tense and I was afraid they were going to punish both of us

    for his. Each one slapped us, pinched us and tickled us… Ohhh! It was

    horrible. I pleaded to them that I was innocent and I allowed the boys and Prof.

    to fuck me and did not bite any body’s cock.
    But they wont listen. The Prof. gave the verdict, ” Ok Neha. If you are

    innocent then I want you to torture this slut Renu. I want you to push a pin

    through the nipples of Renu and let it be there as souvenir for this occasion.

    Will you do it Neha?” Ohhh they were asking me to torture this poor girl! What

    could I have done? I wanted to show my innocence and that’s the way I could show

    it. I was given two safety pins. Two boys held Renu and made it sure that she

    wont move. I looked at Renu. She was sobbing and her face had gone pale. I felt

    sorry for this girl but I had to do what was told to me. I went near her and

    caught her breasts. They were soft and fleshy. The nipples were hard, may be due

    to fear, and tender. They were just 1/2 inch long and pink in colour. I kneaded

    the breasts and felt them swell. The slut looked at me and begged me to stop.
    But I slapped her and told her to shut up! You slut, biting the cock of our

    Principal! I pulled her breasts holding the nipples in my hand and pinching

    them.” Ohhhh Neha ! Please don’t do this to me. Ohhh god! Please save me. I

    wont bite anybody again but please let me free.” Pleaded Renu. The boys holding

    her hand twisted it and she cried in pain. I opened the safety pin and went near

    Renu showing her how sharp the tip was. I took her finger in my hand and gave it

    a prick with the pin and squeezed it. Blood started to come out of the finger

    and I called our Principal, ” come on sir this is blood for blood. Taste your

    slut’s blood.” Prof Basu sucked the blood covered finger and tasted the blood.

    “Ohhh slut! I want the blood from her nipple. So push that damn pin in her

    nipple. Yes NOW!”I took the sharp pin near the nipples and looked at Renu. She

    was horrified and started to cry. I did not bother her pleadings and caught her

    nipple in my thumb and forefinger. I squeezed it and then in one single thrust

    pushed the safety pin through the nipple near its tip.
    Ohhhhhhhh! Renu cried out in pain and tried to shirk away my hand but two boys

    were holding her securely and so she could not do anything. The pin pierced the

    tender tissue of Renu’s nipple and then I locked the safety pin. Ohh god! I had

    pierced the nipple of a innocent girl! This made me wet! Ohh I was enjoying it.

    Was I perverted? I did not think much but went on with the other nipple. I did

    the same to other nipple while the whole group watched.
    Prof Basu. Took the nada of salwar and then put it through the safety pins. Now

    both the nipples were secured with the safety pin and a rope through each. She

    was like a horse and Prof Basu looked at her with mischievous smile. She caught

    the two ropes in hias hand and gave them a little jerk. Ohhhh! Renu cried in

    pain and her breasts jerked with the rope. ” Sali! Randi! Dekho usko ghoda bana

    diya hai! Come on walk ! I will hold the reins and follow you. You whore of a

    horse! Walk! Run!” Renu was too terrified to protest and she started to walk

    with the Prof. Walking behind her holding the two ropes. The ropes were pulling

    her breasts back and Prof knew how to make her suffer.
    He stopped and pulled the ropes back.. Renu felt her breasts turn sideways with

    the ropes pinned to her nipples. It must have been very painful for her as she

    was crying even loudly and begging the principal to have mercy on her. ” Ohh

    slut you bit my lund! How can I leave you unharmed? You have to suffer. Now I am

    going to stuff your choot with all the rubbish in the dustbin. I want to use

    your choot as a dustbin! Come on stuff her choot with the things in the bin.

    Sali harami! Come on spread your legs for them or else I will pull your

    nipples!” It was the Peons job now! Shankar emptied the dust bin on the floor

    and started to pick out the waste. There were torn papers, carry bags, empty

    plastic bottle of cold cream, used tooth brush, and the most attractive was a

    long perfume bottle.
    Prof Basu looked at the items carefully, planning to dump all of them in Renu’s

    choot. He called in Shamal and asked her to push these items as he directed. The

    entire group was looking at this scene with interest and waiting for Renu’s

    choot to be filled with the waste. First the papers were made in to a ball and

    roughly pushed inside the choot. The paper roll was about cricket ball size and

    as it went in it absorbed all the wetness from the choot of Renu. Then went the

    carry bags. Then the empty bottle of Ponds. The bottle was wide but small.

    Shamal pushed the bottle in renus choot and we saw the choot stretch and then

    swallow the bottle in. This must have broken Renu’s hymen and she cried in pain

    of tearing the virginity. The poor girl has to lose her virginity to waste empty

    bottle! Everybody clapped and enjoyed.
    Then Shamal took the long empty perfume spray can and seductively licked it and

    sucked it in her mouth as if it was a lund. She uttered obscene words, ” Hey

    Renu! Ye ek lund hai! Sali Randi ka kaam lund dalke lena hai! Chal aab ye mota

    lund aapni choot mein le!” and she pushed the empty can in the choot of Renu.
    That was really big for poor renus virgin choot. I saw as it stretched the choot

    walls of renu beyond limits and we could see the walls falling on the perifery

    of the can. Slowly all the 5 inches of the can was pushed in. Ohhh these fellows

    meant business! They had stuffed all the waste in renus choot. Shamal was now

    fucking the can in and out of the poor girls choot. This movement was pushing

    the other waste deep inside the choot of Renu. Finally shamal thrust the can

    brutally and let it remain burried in the choot. The Prof. Pulled the rope and

    made her boobs jiggle. Prof Basu asked Shamal to wet the gaand of Renu so that

    he can push his dirty old lund, that was bitten by this slut into the gaand and

    take its virginity.
    Shamal immediately attached her mouth to the gaand of Renu and spat on it,

    pushing the spit into the gaand hole to lubricate it. Shweta was now calling the

    group and they were discussing something. Shamal called the principal to fuck

    the gaand of Renu and she herself placed the old man’s lund at the tiny ass hole

    of Renu. Prof. Basu pushed his lund with all the anger he had and we saw it

    enter the tiny asshole and then the cries of poor Renu. Renu was thrashing her

    legs( she was made to lie on her stomach) and her kick hit Shamal on her face.
    Ohhhhh! The poor teacher. Her mouth was bleeding and she had some injury in the

    mouth due to her teeth pushing in with the force of the kick. ” You slut! Sali

    randi! Muze laath marti hai? Dekh aab teri kya haalat karti hu! Ohhhhh Randi!

    Principal saab Sali ki gaand mein aapna paani chodo aur phir mai uska kya hal

    karti hu dekho!” Principal fucked her asshole fast and soon ejaculated his semen

    dep in renu’s gaand. Shamal pulled out his lund from the gaand and pressed her

    own mouth to the hole and sucked in all that cum principal had poured. “Sali ki

    gaand gandi hai! Mere principal saab ka paani ganda ho jayega. Is liye main ye

    pee rahi hu.” The group was excited now and they grabbed me.
    ( I was lying and watching all this activity) Shweta said, ” Sali kaise arram se

    dekh rahi hai. Chal aab sub ko chod de. Thab thak renu ki hallat kya hoti hai

    dekhenge.” And I was told to fuck each lund and suck each choot. There were 5

    lunds and 3 choots. I had a big job to do. I bent myself and urged the males to

    fuck me and at the same time I asked the girls to lie in front of my mouth so

    that I could suck their choots. One guy pushed his lund inside my choot and

    fucked me mercilessly. Shweta lay in front of my mouth and spread her legs.
    Her sweet pink choot was just in front of me. I pushed out my tongue and licked

    her choot slit. The lund in my choot was pumping faster and faster and I could

    feel him cumming in me. Ohh the hot jets of cum splashed my choot and his lund

    softened. I cried in frustration but was delighted when another hard lund

    entered my choot. I bucked my gaand back to meet the lund and the fucking

    continued. I licked Shweta’s choot and concentrated on her dear little clitty.

    Shweta jumped as I licked her clit directly. The sensation must be very intense

    I suppose.
    I continued licking shweta’s clit and soon felt her cumming. Her body stiffened

    and she let out a big grone and pressed her choot on my mouth. This was nice! I

    felt her choot flooding with juices and I swallowed her clean.I too came and

    milked the lund fucking me. The boy too came and another one took his place. I

    watched our Principal and Shamal. Shamal had called in Shanker and he had some

    ropes with him. I wondered what they were unto. But soon it was clear. Renu was

    made to lie on her back and her hands were brought on her chest. Shanker tied

    firm knots of the rope around her ankles, tying both the hands together.
    Then her feet were tied too. The rope was very long and then I knew why it was

    so. Shanker climbed on a stool and then passed the rope through the hook on the

    ceiling (was made for ceiling fan). The ropes were pulled and Renu’s body hung

    free with the ropes tied to her hands and feet. The poor girl was hanging. Prof.

    Basu still had the ropes attached to her nipples in his hands. He lay below Renu

    and asked Shanker to lower her body so that her choot was just above his lund.
    Shamal caught principals lund and placed it on the choot of Renu. ” Lower her!

    Randi ko neeche karo. Dalo iske choot mein aapna lund Mere yaar! Chodo Sali ko.

    Aabhi tak uske choot mein poora dust bin hai! Chodo usko aur uskee choot ka

    bhosada banao. Sali maderchoot! Haaarami ladki!”Basu found his cock struck at

    the entrance. It was not gong in to her choot as the empty can already blocked

    it. Shamal poked her fingers in Renu’s choot and felt the can and took it out.
    Now Principal could fuck Renu with other things in her choot. Shamal took the

    can and pushed it in Renu’s mouth. Renu had to lick that can which was smeared

    with her own juices. Now shanker lowered her body and Shamal adjusted the

    principals lund so that it could enter her choot. Ohh what a sight! Poor Renu

    was hanging on the rope with her choot filled by the principals lund. Now the

    principal lay back and Shamal asked Shanker to fuck the choot by pulling the

    rope and then loosning it.
    Ohh renu was made a fuck machine fucking the lund. But renu could not bear her

    own weight and she started to plead. “Ohhhh! Please free me! I cant bear the

    weight. My legs and hands are tired. PLEASE! I will do anything you tell me to

    do! I wont disobey you again! Please let me free.”Shamal thought for a moment

    and asked Shanker to let her free. Shanker lowered her body and unfastened the

    ropes and let her free. The principal’s lund was stil burried in renu’s choot

    and as her body fell free, he grabbed her ass and fucked her choot fast. Shamal

    called Shanker and asked him to fuck Renu’s mouth. Renu opened her mouth to take

    Shanker’s lund. She sucked on it and then swallowed about half the lund and

    started to suck on it.
    With her both ends filled Renu looked like a real slut. Shamal spread her choot

    and tried to insert Renu’s hanging breast into her hole. Ohh she must have felt

    the soft flesh going in her choot as she cried in pleasure and came..Shanker

    too came after few minutes and then the prof. The two soft lunds came out and

    again renu lay of the floor panting. The three of them looked at the body of

    renu and shamal asked the two men to piss on renu’s body. Shanker took the

    lowere half while the principal pissed on the upper half. Hot piss sprayed on

    the body of renu and she cried in disgust. Ohh don’t piss on me ! ohhhh God! You

    are using me as a toilet. Ohhhh save me! Ohhh Madam!” “You whore! Slut! Randi!

    You deserve this! Now open your mouth and drink my piss.” Shamal sat on renu’s

    face and pissed.
    The golden yellow stream fell directly on renu’s mouth and Renu had to swallow

    it. She was afraid to spill it out. Renu drank all the piss Shamal had in her

    bladder. I was fucked by all the boys and had sucked the choots of the three

    girls. My choot was flooding with the cum of the boys and I had pussy juice over

    my face. After Shamal was through with Renu she came to me. ” Ohh this slut is

    full of cum and choot juice. Ohh let me drink it! I love the cum!” And Shamal

    drank all the cum in my choot and licked my face clean too.
    Now the group was satisfied and all of them sat on the floor exhausted. I was

    told to sleep and the Principal announced that we two were regular members of

    this group. He also told us that we have to join the group in fucking two more

    girls from my class who were to be initiated. Ohhhhh! I loved it! I was now

    looking forward to torture the two fresh girls and initiate them into our group.
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