Thursday, August 29, 2013

You Know It Is Time to Defriend When...

    There is no doubt that Facebook is fun and probably here to stay (at least for the foreseeable future).  I have found many old friends and made new ones via Facebook.  But, There can be a dark evil side to Facebook.  Yes, evil things are happening on Facebook everyday.  There are way too many people who spam our news feeds every day with crap about Farmville or Frontiersville, etc.  Then there are those who are prolific picture posters.  They post photos of their vacations, parties, etc. that we really don’t want to see (Yes, I am guilty of the family vacation pics, I probably have over 100 from Colorado -- But I am talking about the people who post about 20 or 30 pics every single day!!!)  No one wants to be defriended and most of us really don't want to do it.  Defriending someone on Facebook is a measure of last resort, but here are some reasons you might have to go there.

    7.  They’re spamming your phone
    Like many Facebook users, I like to check my account via phone when I’m bored. And while it’s easy to block peoples’ statuses from your news feed, the iPhone and Blackberry Facebook applications won’t let you. The mobile app also has a tendency to show the same dumb Mafia and Farmville spam over and over again, taking up the entire application and rendering your news feed useless. So if someone’s playing those games and your phone is the victim, feel free to defriend them.

    6.  They keep commenting on your posts
    We all make Facebook statuses to get comments and reactions. But it’s hard to get other peoples’ thoughts when you have one Facebook friend who’s always the first person to comment on your statuses no matter what. You try to post updates at different times of day, but he always gets there first — it’s like he never logs out.  And he always posts something that kind of turns everyone else off from posting.  If you just can’t get him to stop, you gotta defriend.

    5.  They keep commenting on OTHER peoples’ posts
    Let’s say this girl just posted on your wall to say hey. Let’s say you’re psyched about that. Let’s say one of your douchebag Facebook friends comments on her wall post saying “hey dude, is this the girl you were telling me about?” Defriend, defriend, defriend.

    4.  They’re strangers
    “Oh, cool, Alex just got a new car and he’s really happy that it’s Friday… hold on a second, who the Hell is Alex?” When you find yourself wondering how you know somebody or if you really know them at all, it’s time to defriend.  (I have over 900 friends and I think I personally have met most of them.  They were either my students, High School friends, friends from my travels, family members, etc.)  There are a few of you, my loyal blog followers who have requested that I add you and If I know you are a Ramblings Blog Reader, I will add you.  Other than that, I try to stay away from strangers (even the hot looking ones because they are usually guys anyway.)  

    3.  They keep sending you event invites
    It’s one thing if you have a cool party or show or performance that you want people to come check out. If you want to organize a special event, then by all means, invite people on Facebook. But when you have a radio show that goes on every single week at the same exact time and you keep sending me weekly invitations, you are going to get defriended. Or if you want to remind your group that there is practice every Sunday night, then just send the invite to your group members, not to everyone.  DEFRIEND!!  Sorry, that is just the way it is.  

    2.  Their statuses show a whole new side to them
    Well, I thought I liked you until your Facebook status said you were going to go see “Dave” next weekend. Or you shared way too much information about your boy problems and now I can’t ever look at you the same way without thinking about that one thing he did with the ice cream and his finger.   Or your status is "Let's send all the Mexicans back home!"  If you are a creeper, a racist, have some weird or strange tastes or just a plain idiot -- Sorry, but we’re not friends anymore. 

    1.  They are always posting incoherent things
    Have you heard of spell check?  Or maybe you shouldn't post stuff when you are drunk.  Sometimes, I see things on my Facebook that make absolutely no sense at all.  When it becomes habitual and just about every post is like that, then DEFRIEND -- Lest your normal friends think you have idiot friends. =

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