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    Hi everyone i am a 31 year old married guy. i used to fantasies cuckolding right from wen i was it started? i was generally abused in college because of my fat body and hairless smooth body. People generally call and tease me hey booby boy, or your boobs and ass really look sexy. some of the hot hunks use to tease more saying after Ur marriage better allow your wife to work so that she gets hot men for fun. i used to be very angry initially, but later on i started fantasizing the cuckolding part more and started loving it. So wen i was 25 i got married to a gal, nutan. i was in a well settled IT job and had many financial assets. so finding a bride was quite easy. she was 29 just completed college .i had wantedly searched for sexy/modern girls rather than homely ones. has 38 sized boobs and 36 hips, quite chubby , fair and cute. she had a small round belly.
    We were married 6 years ago and our sex life was great. She always was a big titted babe but her breasts became even larger after the birth of our daughter after 4 years of marriage. Her breasts’ mass increased appreciably and looked more beautiful than ever. They became heavier and had a lot of green and blue veins running around on the creamy surface. They sagged naturally a little due to their heavy weight but looked magnificent. I remember that I had to use both my hands to hold her one breast. Her aureoles too spread farther and covered an area the size of my palm. Her nipples became very dark which was in total contrast with her milky white skin. Whenever, I was at home I will ask her to remove her blouse and bra and then feed the baby. It was a great sight to watch her huge milk filled melons sitting proudly on her chest. I will get an instant hard on while watching her. Sometimes, I used to drink nutan milk. I liked the sweet warm taste. Sex was great with her. She fed the baby for two years and then weaned her. Her breasts lost very little mass and remained large and heavy though the aureoles became smaller and the nipples turned pink again.
    the story starts now
    before October came I got an offer of a job in an East African country, which assured me big savings every month. The offer was from a company owned by people of Indian origin whose forefathers left India long time ago to look for greener pastures and made it big in this East African country. They had a lot of manufacturing facilities all over the country. A lot of other Indians too were working for them.nutan and I discussed the offer and we agreed to accept it. Within a month’s time I was off too this country. my plan remained a fantasy!
    My wife and daughter joined me in a couple of months. My employers owned a couple of factories and warehouses in the industrial area of the city of my posting. I was provided with a flat within one such warehouse. It was well furnished and secured. There were a lot of Indians in this country and we became very friendly with one family. They had two kids. Our daughter too became friendly with them. We used to visit each other’s house on Sundays or holidays and used to go out for picnic too. This friendship made us feel at home despite being in a foreign land.

    I knew that nutan had agreed to be fucked by another man in India and if I press her a little she will definitely agree to get fucked by a man here too and preferably by a black. This thought created strange sensations in me. I discussed this with nutan and noticed that she had started breathing deeply. Perhaps it reminded her of “Bill’s big banana”. I knew she too has been turned on by this thought. I took this reaction as her consent.

    A new development was taking place.nutan told me that our driver was taking special interest in her for some time and has been complimenting her on her clothes and her body almost every day. On some occasions he even told nutan that she is looking damn sexy today and her husband (that’s me) will keep her awake whole night. She explained that she feels flattered at his comments and gradually started liking such comments.
    Let me describe our driver briefly. He was a local black man named Fred, aged around 28, 6’4” tall and very thin. His height made him look like a rail. His face was just average. He was very jovial and would laugh a lot. He was a sincere and obedient driver. His daily routine was to drop our daughter at school and then come back to pick me up for office. In the afternoon he will pick our daughter from the school drop her back at home and then come to my office to pick me up for home. In between if my wife wanted to visit her friends or market he will drive her around. He was becoming a sort of our family member. On Sundays and holidays too we will call him on duty to visit friends, market etc.
    I was surprised that he was coming on to my wife. nutan will tell me everything Fred did. I encouraged her to lead him further and told her maybe this is the man we have been looking for! Fred’s comments were getting bolder by each passing day and nutan was enjoying it.
    On Sunday, around 8am, I took my daughter to my friends place and told them to look after her and I will come back to pick her up in the afternoon. I told nutan to wear some skimpy dress and take a drink or two if she feels shaky. She wore a black bra and a sleeveless blouse. I could see her bra through the blouse. Tops of her big breasts were spilling out of her bra. They looked more prominent against a black background. She wore a skirt of knee high length. Then she took a double peg of whiskey on the rocks. She was shaking; I too was shaking with excitement. I told her that if she does not want to go ahead she could back out right now. She replied that she has been waiting for this moment for last three years and will certainly give it a try.
    Around 9 am I saw from the balcony that Fred was coming towards our flat.
    Fred knocked at the door and me and nutan opened it and allowed him inside. He was taken aback at what he saw. Here is their conversation

    Fred: Whom are you going to kill today?

    nutan: What do you mean?

    Fred: If any weak hear-ted person sees you like this, he is going to die of a heart attack.

    nutan: Are you weak hear-ted?

    Fred: I was not, but after looking at you, I think now I am.

    Fred: Only a cup of tea, can I get some milk, fresh milk?

    while saying this Fred was pointing his finger at her breasts.

    nutan: Milk is for the kids not for the grown ups.

    Fred: Let us say, I am a kid.

    nutan: You will never mend your ways.

    Fred: A beautiful women like you will spoil any man who sees you.

    i was enjoying the conversation

    to be contined.....
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