Monday, August 19, 2013

unexpected pleasure in train

    Hi my name is Raj from Chennai. I am doing my engineering here. I am a regular reader of this site. I used to think the stories posted in this site are fake until I encountered one of my own. Now let me explain myself to you. I am 5 ft 10 inches with a normal 6*2. 5 inch dick. As a boy of my age (19 years) I used to masturbate a lot thinking of weird fantasies and sex in the open whoever wants a contact with secrecy feel free to contact at
    Now coming to the story it was my semester leave and I was going to home by train in the night. There were 4 gents and 1 woman except me in the compartment. As soon as I boarded the train jumped into a conversation with that lady who is just opposite to me. Others were just men who started working recently by their looks I would say.
    As I was talking to her she told that she also came from my hometown, so we got closer. I told about my college degree and my classes. She told that she just got married to a man in Chennai and now she is going home to meet her parents. We started talking and incidentally my hand touched her hand. She thought it to be accidental and didn’t consider.
    I forgot to mention about her assets she was 34-30-32 as per my guess. That day she was dressed in a pink colour saree which was almost transparent. Anyone who looks at her once will surely take a second glance on her. She was somewhat hot and homely type girl as in my fantasies.
    I began to enjoy myself by touching her hands then and there. She didn’t respond to my touches so I became courageous and started my legs to touch her legs. To my surprise she didn’t respond. Then we switched seats and I sat next to her. When I was having my enjoyment unintentionally my elbows touched her navel. Now she turned to my side. I was scared to death as I thought she would tell everyone what I was doing. To my surprise she just smiled and turned away.
    This encouraged me more and I decided to lose my virginity there at whatever cost. Now I started rubbing my hands on her navel and she just smiled. Then I took one bold step which I never thought in life I would do. I just put my hands on her belly and started to caress her belly. As it was night it was a plus point for us and no one could see our actions in the dark.
    Now she started giving small moans. She also now started to touch my legs with her hands and caress my legs. I was in seventh heaven. Suddenly she grabbed my penis over the pants. As it was summer time I was just wearing a track pant and my erection was clearly visible to her even in the dim light. She just rubbed her hands over my cock. Now we became more confident and she started to insert her hands in my pants and started to touch my bare cock. I could not tell the pleasure I was having when she did that. She started giving me a hand job and in a short time I came in her hands and she told me to come to the bathroom and she went there first and I followed her.
    She left the bathroom door open for me and I entered the bathroom and started pushing her towards the wall and started pressing her breasts vigorously and started unhooking her blouse. She went down and started to pull down my pants. My manhood stood straight  b4 her face saluting her. She pulled it towards her and started massaging my cock. Now I pulled her head close so that she could give me a blow job.
    She understood the point and inserted my cock into her. I could not control myself I just ejaculated a mountain of sperms in her mouth. She drank it fully to my surprise and was licking her lips. This made me more horny now I went down adjusted he saree and started to repay the favour by licking and sucking her clit. She just came in mouth and I just tasted her juices. Now my cock regained its size. Seeing that she asked whether am a virgin or not. I told yes.
    She told that it’s time to break my virginity. When I heard that I was overjoyed and started to suck her breasts and bite her breasts. Her fair white breasts were now with my love bites pinkish in colour. I started to move my hands inside her panty and finger fuck her. She let-out moans which I thought would wake up someone. So I started to close her mouth with my hands. She removed my hands and started to smooch me. I had one deep passionate kiss of my lifetime. It lasted for more than 5 mins. It was the best kiss of my life.
    Now she took of her saree and panties and showed her pussy to be fucked by me. I was glad to do that. We then started fucking. She called me by different bad words which made me more and more horny. And I started to push my cock with much force until it went in fully. I started moving my cock in and out of her pussy at the same time kissing her deeply and crushing her breasts with my hands.
    I said I am close to cum she asked me to take out my cock as she doesn’t want to get pregnant and also to drink my cum. I then took out my cock out from her pussy and started mouth fucking her. I released my cum-shot in her mouth and she began swallowing it with great pleasure. I was happy to see that. Then we did another round washed ourselves came to the compartment and slept.
    In the morning when I woke up my station came. We exchanged contacts and promised to meet soon. We then got down from train and went in different directions
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