Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Things Worse Than Going Back to School

    1. Dropping a pizza:   I Hate it when that Happens! Depending on the floor, the 5-Second Rule may or many not apply.


    2. Running out of toilet paper:  A Horrible feeling of helplessness comes over you when you run out of TP and there is not a replacement roll in sight!

    Running out of toilet paper:
    Via: missingpianokeys

    3.Getting stuck in the swings on the first day back:  That would be a bummer...
    Getting stuck in the swings on the first day back:
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    4. Dropping an entire bag of cheetos on the floor: You've heard of alcohol abuse...

    27 Things Way Worse Than Going Back To School
    5. Justin Bieber's mustache:  That is just pathetic!  
    6. Trying to act cool on TV and failing miserably:  It figures that it would be a Kansas City Chief Player.  They just can't be cool!


    7. Getting caught picking your nose during the Olympics:  Not Jordyn, look behind her.

    Via: thefrisky

    8. Bad popsicle jokes:  Do they still even do those lame-ass jokes?

    9.  A Baby Doing the Duckface:  A Future Facebook and Twitter addict!


    10. Adult Babies:  I remember a Dr. Phil Episode on these guys.  Seriously, a Whole Episode?


    11. Twilight back tattoos:  Could you imagine picking her up, taking her home and gettin' busy, switchin to doggy style and seeing that?  Major deal breaker there.  I would probably just grab my clothes and run out the door!


    12. Living in North Korea:  Isn't that nice of him!

    Via: nonjeneregret

    13. Having this guy message you on OK Cupid:  WHEW!!!  He isn't a molester!  Thank God!

    Via: blameaspartame

    14. Being a wrestling referee:  Unfortunately, there are a lot of those here in Iowa!

    Via: meg13-bloodrose

    15. Facebook chain letters:  So Annoying!!!


    So all of you kids going back to school, you don't have it all that bad. Things could be a lot worse. Get ready, grab your backpacks and get your asses to school!!! 
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