Thursday, August 22, 2013

questions: I had sex with my hubby's friend. My hubby loves me even after knowing that.?

    I am married and have 2 kids. My hubby's best friend sometimes come to our house and stay for his official work in Chennai. He never looked at me sexy before. But last month, while my hubby, kids and his friend were dining. I was serving. He was looking at my boobs many times. While going for hand wash, he rubbed my butts. I just kept quiet because my hubby may get angry on him and the friendship may break. While i was arranging bed for him, he rubbed my butts again. I was confused. We were sleeping in the hall. He was in the bed room. My hubby & kids were sleeping. I was thinking how to inform this matter to hubby. By the time, his friend called me to give some water to drink. I woke up hubby, he didn't. I went to his room with water. he suddenly touched my boobs and kissed. I said no. But he kissed me a lot and begged to keep quiet. Then he pulled me to the bed and removed my nighty and did sex and asked me how it is. First I rejected violently. I couldn't overcome. So I kept quiet. We both were naked on his bed and gave me full orgasm thrice. Of course it was very pleasurable.Then only he left me to go to sleep. I was disturbed much and couldn't sleep. Hubby didn't know this. Morning my kids went to park with my hubby while i was at home. His friend also went out and said he will return only evening. But he returned home within an hour and again we both did sex till afternoon in various positions. Evening my hubby & Kids returned. Seeing my facial confusion, he asked and i said everything openly. I didn't put the blame on his friend. I said while he started toching my butts and boobs, i also got excited and voluntarily did sex with him. He took it normal and said just forget it as a dream. In future we can be careful. You are my loving wife, no problem since you openly told me everything, i love you. This whole month I am watching him. He moves with me as before. He loves me and does everything as before. He didn't quarrel with his friend. They are close as before. But he didn't invite him to our house after that.His friend afraids of my hubby a lot after that. I didn't expose the fact that I explored the matter to my hubby till date.
    My question is, is my hubby completely forgives me? Why he didn't get angry?Will he raise this in future? He used condom, so any diseases possible?
    Thanks millions for your valuable time and answers.
    Plz don't criticize me or blame me. I beg you to give real practical answers if you can.
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