Saturday, August 10, 2013

Possible Blog Topics

    I was out with my buddies drinking the other night and I scribbled down some random blog topics on a napkin.  Looking at it the morning after, I realized that they were some terrible blog topics and will probably never see the light of this blog. Here they are:

    1. We have seen the Car that turns into a boat when it enters water...but what about a motorcycle that turns into a boat.  That would be cool!!!

    2. The W-Neck Shirt for ladies.  Seriously, why do do we have v-necks for better boob/cleavage viewing when there are TWO boobs to be seen. I propose W-Neck Shirts.  Think About It!

    3. Ethnic Names? Why? Why aren't there any White people named Tyronne or Shaniquea?  Why aren't there many African-Americans named Matthew or Cody?  Why has Bubba been confined to Rednecks?  For that matter, why are people with two first names always from the South?  

    4. Super Bowl Halftime Shows Suck as of late.  Why not liven it up with some rock.  Not Rolling Stones Rock, but something like Motley Crue, Rob Zombie or a new rock band made up of former strippers who perform naked (We already saw Janet Jacksons Tit, why not a whole band of them?)

    5. Ever notice how people can lip read somebody cussing, but they can't lip read anything else.  Some hottie is mouthing "I want you to take me home and do me all night long." and I would never be able to decipher it.  A football coach on the sidelines yells "That is Fucking Bullshit." and I immediately know what was said.  Come to think of it, I wonder how many Sex Encounters I passed up due to not being able to lip read!  This could be depressing!  
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