Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Wife Was Fucked By My Friend In Front Of Me After We All Got Drunk

    Hi friends, here is our real story how I started to enjoy sharing my wife with other guys

    Once my wife and I took a few drinks and she was a little over. I took her to our bedroom and laid her on the bed. I was watching a porn movie the in the drawing room. A few minutes later one of my business friends came and rang the door bell. He was coming from a far area and wanted to stay with me. I served him drinks and food. Because of tiredness of travelling he took three four pegs and got inebriated. I also gave him company and I was also a little over drunk.

    He then wanted to use the toilet and I showed him our bedroom toilet as it was the only one attached bathroom. He went into our bedroom. I was still sitting in the drawing room watching the **** movie. After a few minutes I heard some sound from our bedroom and I reached there to find my friend trying to fondle my wife`s boos which were partially visible through her night dress. He was unbuttoning her night dress` bottom one by one. This scene gave me a shock initially but under the influence of alcohol I started to enjoy , maybe because I was watching the porn movie. I stood at the door and kept on watching. He went ahead and removed all the buttons. My wife was still fast asleep knowing nothing as she was drunk.
    He then started to fondle her breasts one by one over the bras. As he was also drunk he did not know that I was watching this or maybe he took her as his wife, I do not know.
    But I was enjoying seeing that. He then removed her bra and released her huge 40 D size breasts and started to suck. By then my wife also started to react unknowingly who is doing all these with her. She hugged him tightly as if she does it with me.
    My friend moved further and removed all her cloths and started to fondle each part of my wife`s body. He sucked her lips and nipples, kissed all over her belly and slowly went down to fingering her clits and then started to suck her pussy. Though her eyes were closed, I could see her giving him all support. She was also searching for his cock without opening her eyes. My friend removed his dress and released his huge, erected dick. I could see his cock throbbing in my wife`s hand. It was not less than 8 inches.
    My friend sucked and licked my wife`s pussy for long time. Then my friend moved towards my wife`s head and placed his huge cock into her mouth. She started sucking his dick as young children suck the ice-cream. She sucked for about five minutes and with a slight jerk my friend unloaded a heavy load of his hot cum in to my wife`s mouth. She swallowed the whole load of cum. My friend then removed his cock slowly from her mouth and fondled himself with his hand for few minutes and then moved to her pussy. He placed his throbbing cock at the face of her pussy entrance and started to push slowly. I could see his cock going down inch by inch in to my wife`s wet pussy. He then started to pump slowly for some time. My wife started to moan and scream slightly as she was enjoying a huge cock deep inside her pussy. My friend then increased his speed and my wife was supporting him by raising her hips. In between my friend was also kissing and kneading my wife`s huge breasts. After few heavy jerks he emptied his balls deep into my wife`s womb. With great pleasure my wife grabbed and hugged my friend tightly. They then stayed like that for few more minutes. After few minutes my friend rolled down from my wife to her left side and held her in his both hands around her. Her boobs were getting crushed on his chest as he holds her so tightly. He slept with her the whole night like that.

    I was watching all that standing next to the door, hardly three feet from the bed. I was enjoying everything as if I was watching a porn movie. It did not hurt me that my friend was fucking my wife in front of me. It really gave me some kind of pleasure, may be because I was drunk.
    I then went to the bed and slept next to my wife at the right side. Now my wife was sandwiched in between my friend and me. It was about 11 PM then and we three slept like that till my friend got up about 2 AM again and started to play with my wife`s naked body. I also woke up hearing a squelching sound and I found my friend sucking my wife`s breasts. My wife had hold his head with her both hands against her breasts. I kept on watching and after some time my friend crept down to my wife`s crouch and started to lick and suck her juice. I saw my wife spreading her legs for him to suck her easily. After sucking her for quite some time he started to fuck her slowly and my wife was moaning with pleasure. He fucked her for about ten minutes and then exploded in to her womb his hot cum. He lay on top of my wife for some time and I saw my wife holding him tight against her chest. He slept like that on top of my wife for about five minutes and rolled down to a side and again slept holding tight my wife in his hands. At about 4 PM hearing some sound I woke up and found my friend looking for his cloths. He collected his cloths, put on them and without making any noise went to the drawing room and slept on the sofa set there as if nothing had happened.
    At 6 in the morning my wife got up and put on her cloths as usual and went to the bath rom. At 6.15 AM she woke me up and asked who is there sleeping on the sofa in the drawing room. I told her that it was one of my business friends who had come in the night and after few pegs he might have slept there. She then went to the kitchen to make tea for us. She came back with three cups of tea and offered a cup to my friend and another to me. While he was receiving tea from her hand I looked in to his eyes and noticed that he was not looking at her feeling guilty. He also feared to face me. I behaved as if nothing had happened. To ease the situation I put on the TV started to talk about some morning news. We three sat there for some time and discussed many subjects as if nothing had happened last night.
    I was sure that my wife knew nothing or she enjoyed a lot and pretended to be unknowing and since then I was dreaming of and looking for another opportunity like this to organize a group sex with my wife.
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