Tuesday, August 20, 2013

my wife pregnant by doctor

    My name is Murali, and my wife name is Suganthi. We have no child since 2 years of our Marriage.
    Our Friends and relatives always tease us for not having child. My wife said to me at any cost I must have a baby soon. Therefore, we went to Chennai to a Famous Doctor for consulting. He took some tests for both of us, and said to us that I have no sperms enough to pregnant my wife. He suggested artificial injection of sperms into my wife. We agreed to this.
    Doctor asked us to come on next week. We went on a particular day to his Hospital. He did artificial pregnant by injecting sperms into my wife. However, after few months we found that it gave no positive result.
    My wife told the Doctor that at any cost she should be pregnant, she do not worry about anything. This encouraged the Doctor. The Doctor said, at many cases he do some different treatment for cases like my wife. When my asked doctor about it, he asked to tell our Hotel room number and said he will contact us over the phone.
    We returned to Hotel and waited for his phone. After 8pm he called us and asked my wife alone should talked to him in privacy. I handed over the phone to my wife and waited. I could hear clear voice of doctor over the speaker.
    ‘Hello, Suganthi, how are u?’
    ‘Fine, doctor’
    ‘Is your husband is in the room or went away?’
    ‘Why doctor’
    I want to speak to you some personal matter, if your husband hear it he may get angry’

    I signalled to her to say I was not in the room and went away for a walking. She said so it to doctor.
    He said, ‘Suganthi, do not take it seriously, if my idea hurts you, you must forgot about it at once, and should not tell it to anybody. Because there is no other way except to make you pregnant’
    ‘What way doctor?’

    ‘Making you pregnant by approved medical ways will take long time. You are full eligible for having a baby. All fault is in your Husband, so, if you agree to my idea….’ the doctor hesitated for a while.
    My wife urged him.’ what is your idea’.
    ‘Let me give you child by directly injecting my sperms into your private parts’
    My wife get shocked,’ that means you will touch my body?’
    ‘Yes. But it’s purely under medical treatment, not for joy.’

    My wife agreed to him without asking any permission from me.
    I got angry over her, but she said many times, Doctor inserted his hands into my vagina for tests, and seen all my parts for test. After all He suggests a alternative way as a medical treatment.

    The doctor informed my wife to wait for him in our room.
    He come at 9pm, with a strong built man aged about 25 with him. He said to me’ I want to do some tests, so please wait outside of room’. I went out of the room. Moreover, come around the Balcony near the side window to see the “Tests” the doctor going to do to my wife.
    Doctor asked my wife to lie on the Bed. In addition, ordered her to spread her legs. He told me need to remove her dress. My wife laid one the bed with saree, and the doctor lifted my wife saree up to her thigh. He signalled the young man. He removed all his clothes and got over my wife body. He inserted his penis into my wife vagina. However, my vagina was very tight and refused to allow his penis. The doctor applied some oil over the penis and asked the man to proceed.
    He pressed his penis against my wife vagina lips with great force and his penis went slowly into my wife vagina. He gave a strong thrust and it goes fully into my wife. My wife screamed and cried, but the young man started to fuck my wife. It seems to me, that the doctor come and immediately started to fuck my wife as this is just a medical test work. The young man fucked my wife for about 10 minutes, while my wife closed her eyes and making sounds like’ Ha-ha, ayyo, amma, isss, isss, ‘, My wife’s body was crushing under the young man’s heavy weight. The Doctor sat in a chair and kept watching all these. He took his penis out of his trouser and started to masturbate seeing my wife fucking.
    My wife was fucked; fucked, fucked and kept fucking by the Young man like a cow was fucked by bull in Vetenery Hospital. After 10 minutes, he seems to come to Climax, he held my wife tightly and speed up his strokes. His sperms sent like a jet into my wife vagina and he and my wife screamed with full of joy. The young man freed my wife and went to bathroom.
    The doctor went to near my wife, and lay over my wife and he starts to fuck my wife. My wife accepted all this with great enjoyment. The doctor like the young man did not do just fucking. He explored my wife body well and removed all dress of my wife. He takes lot of time to fuck my wife. He licked my wife from bottom to top. He handled my wife breasts very hardly. He inserted his penis into my wife vagina and fucked her for about 5 minutes. He did not fuck more than five mints soon he ejaculated his sperms into my wife vagina.
    After cleaning his body, he and the young man dressed. He asked my wife to call my mobile. I returned to the room acting like I do not know anything. I asked the doctor’ why you did the test here, why it should not be do in the Hospital, what is the test done to my wife?’ He said, ‘After the test, your wife should not travel for another5 hours, and the Hospital fee is saved by using our Hotel room’, He went away without waiting for my further questions.
    My wife looked me with worry. I said to her that all was done before my eyes, so do not worry. By seeing all this live shows, my penis also was erected and I fucked my wife for about 20 mints. As assured by the doctor, my wife got pregnancy with next few months.
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