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my wife on a date

    Hello readers, this is my first tome on this site for a story, that too about my wife. My name is Prakash and her name is Megha, she is very sexy with a good figure and the best part is her ass. There is nobody who has not turned and looked her ass again. She works in a hospital as the admin in charge, we were in Dubai then. I was working for an airlines company. One day she came and told that one of her vendor an Arab wants to marry her, I just laughed and giggled at her, this is not the first time she is getting an offer for marriage. Some days later she again came and said that the guy knew I was married and so he asked her whether she can go with him for a date once. This time too I laughed as usual, this went on a regular basis and the Arab started to flirt with her. She comes home has to say only about him, daily. One day she came and said about the Arab, I asked about him and was shocked. He was an old man, was 70 year old, he is a widower and his children a boy and a girl both married and settled in Europe. He was staying alone in Dubai, once or twice a year he visits Europe. The night was sleepless for me; I was thinking about the situation over and over again and came to a conclusion. I was excited my wife been taken by a man who is older than her grandpa. In the morning before going to the office, I leave early every day, I said go an accept the offer. She seems to be stunned and said what nonsense are you talking are you mad, I said, no am not am not mad and am talking sense. What is the problem if you go with him, after all he is an old man what harm can he do to you. After I went to my office, in the afternoon I called her and asked her to say yes to him when he comes, she did not speak anything. In the evening when she came come from office I asked her what happened, coz I was excited like anything, she said, she told yes to him and I was like wow. But there was a problem, I enquired and she said the wants to date her in one of the Caribbean Islands. I sat there dumb struck, she also added, he will bear all the expenses. They will be out of Dubai for at least 3 days. I recovered from the dilemma and said, anyways I don’t think I will be able to take you there in the near future, just take the opportunity and enjoy. Looked as if for a confirmation and she immediately picked up the phone and called him. She said she was ready for the same; they talked for at least 2 minutes and disconnected. I asked anything else. He wants my passport for visa purpose and wants to go immediately once my periods are over. I stood there mouth wide open that old bastard want to my wife’s period date, rascal. She gave the passport the very next day. Three weeks later she gave me a call and said the Visa and tickets are ready she has to start after two days. I said OK and see you at home. In the evening did some last minute shopping, some clothes and accessories, we had no time left, packed her bags, I was just thinking about me, a husband sending his wife to date with someone else, was that good or bad. The day arrived, got her luggage in the car & drove to the airport. I said I wanted to see her boyfriend, but he should not see me, she said yes, I left her at the Departure entrance, and waited in the nearby crowd. A few minutes later I saw her boy friend. The guy was shorter than my wife, bald with grey hairs, a big belly, clean shave, all his hairs on his hands are white, big lips, and he looked a bit ugly too. I was unhappy that I missed the opportunity of this ugly stud playing with my wife. She said bye with the eyes and I waved back, his hand was holding her wait and resting on her beautiful ass. I drove back; the next day morning I got the call from her saying they just arrived in Barbados, the connection flight from London was delayed. I said good luck and disconnected the phone. On the fourth she came back, she was dropped at our house by him. It was Friday and Dubai we do not work on Fridays, I was eagerly waiting for my wife, to know what all happened in that unknown land. She got refreshed, by the time I made a cup of tea for her and she sat down to tell me what all happened.
    This is what she said:
    The day they landed they reached the resort in the afternoon; it was one of the costliest seas facing resort there. After checking into the suite cottage, they refreshed themselves and went for lunch in the restaurant. After lunch they went to the beach for a small walk. Came back to the cottage for quick nap and Mr. Khalid that’s his short name was preparing for the beach. He handed over a cover to her and asked her to change into that, she went into the change room and opened that cover and was surprised, it had a two piece, she wore the same the top was deep cut with a good cleavage show and the bikini’s back went inside the ass cheek. She came out of the change room and saw Khalid in his trunks; he was just covering his private part. His huge belly and his body covered with white hairs.

    He turned aside to see Megha and she looked like a sex bomb in that dress. He was eyeing her top to bottom and she was feeling shy. She could see some movements in his trunk. He came near her and made her sit on the bed and immediately took her beautiful lips inside his mouth. His hand rested on her shoulders and they came down to her boobs slowly pressing it. He withdrew from the kiss and took her hand and placed on his bulge. She was getting aroused now. She rubbed his cock on top of his trunk and he slowly pulled his trunk up to his knee, his cock sprang out his cock was around 4 inches, circumcised, with a big purple top and a huge hanging hairy balls. She looked at it and started to stroke for some time and it started to ooze precum. He said what are you waiting for he needs a special care, it’s longing for that. She understood what he meant she kneeled in front of him and licked his tip, the oozing precum, and slowly took the whole inside, he moaned like hell, ohhh yeah please don’t stop it honey ma longing for it for a very long time. In the meantime she was massaging his balls also. his balls started to get stiff and she understood he was going to cum, he shot big load into her mouth, at first she disliked the taste later she enjoyed it, it was for the first time in her life she is tasting an old man’s cum, She again pressed his balls till it emptied in her mouth and the licked the cum from the top. She got up know, she was feeling wet and hot, the old bastard is not taking care of her she felt very horny, but what to do, she did not want to take sex by force, she wanted his two knew and act accordingly.
    She got up, he kissed her cheek he slapped her ass cheek slowly and said, and today night this will be doing overtime. They locked the room and headed towards the beach. Khalid walked beside Megha as a proud man having a very beautiful girlfriend. There were only a few people in the beach and those guys were eyeing Megha, her ass was inviting everybody. They moved a little bit ahead where no one is there and sat under the shade. She was enjoying the sunset and the sea, he was lying looking at her body, and he can’t take his eye off her body. He said, we will leave the beach when it is dark, she said yes as you wish. The sun went down and people in the distance were preparing to go, darkness fell on the beach and now they were the only couples on the beach that too in a distance. Suddenly she could feel a hand on her boobs, oh at last Khalid has read her mind, he came closer to her and he was breathing heavily, his both hand were on her boobs, pressing them fondling them as if he has not done that before. Her hands were on her bikini rubbing her pussy on top, she was thinking why the guy was not playing with her pussy. He stopped fondling her boobs and got up, he could see even in the dark Khalid. He sat down, what was he going to do she was excited, suddenly she could feel his hands on her stomach and then sideways, he slowly pulled her bikini down, and cool air was blowing to her moist pussy making her to moan. He pulled he bikini off and opened her legs and now his face was buried inside my wet inviting pussy, his each licking were sending electric shocks though her spine and she loved that. Lying on a beach, naked and an old man licking her like hell, she could not believe. She started to caress his bald head with her hands and pressing his face more and more to her pussy. She was in a position to cum and before thinking what to do, she came with a moan onto his face. He did not stop and was still licking the pussy juices that were flowing out. He got up from there and went to the sea, she understood he had gone to wash his face and came back. He gave her the bikini she wore it and were ready to go. While walking back in the dark his hands were on her ass cheek, playing with it also trying to finger the hole. He took her hand into his trunk and she was busy playing with his balls. They came back to the cottage she changed myself to a Skirt and blouse and he to a tee and pant they went to the bar, he had some drinks and she some wine, after that they went to the restaurant and had dinner and headed back to the cottage. She changed to a night gown and he to a shorts he was again having some drinks and she was watching TV.
    He came near her and swathed off the lights and only the dim room light was on, he asked to switch off the TV. Now his hand was on her thigh on top of the gown and started to rub her thighs. She lied on my back and he slowly pulls her gown and took it off. Since she was not wearing anything under her lay there naked. He asked her to be on doggy and she stood as he said. He came from back and started to lick her ass hole from the back, he was licking her hole as like anything he was fucking her hole with his tongue, and his hands were on her boobs. He must have licked for at least 20 minutes and she was moaning like anything. He got up and was on his knee, he pulled his trunk off and now kept his cock on his asshole crack and started to press, being a big head it was bit pain for her, as she normally do not involve in anal. He presses harder and harder and his cock was entering her ass, his four inch was full in and now he started to stroke, she had bit pain in the beginning, but now she also started to enjoy the same. His bang was now faster, she was wondering how an old man could be so powerful. He was about to cum he pulled his cock out and sprayed it all over her ass cheek. He was exhausted and fell on the bed; she got up from the doggy and lied besides him. He turned his side to her and took his hand and started to rub her pussy. He pinched my clitoris, but she was enjoying it. Then his middle finger went inside the hole that was an exciting moment for her. Then he was finger fucking her with two fingers and she was playing with her own, boobs. She was ready to cum and came on his hand; he took the finger out and licked the juices from the finger. He now hugged her and slept off. The next day she woke up and did not find him she was lying naked on the bed and then he came out from the rest room after brushing. He asked how the night was and how was the sleep, she said she enjoyed. But the morning had made her horny, she wanted cock in her pussy not in her mouth or ass, he sat in the chair and was glancing through the papers, he went near him naked and from the back started to rub his chest and his belly, he looked at her and her eyes were inviting him to bed, he followed her, they got on the bed, she pulled his trunks down, his cock was limp now, he lifted his cock and kissed on his balls, she started to lick his hairy balls, and then took each one by one in her mouth, he was moaning of pleasure, his legs were wide open for her access, hi limp cock was now like post in the road. She got on top of him held his cock up and slowly inserted into her hot and wet pussy. He closed his eyes and was lying enjoying the strokes. She was riding as a mad woman, he was her horse and she the jockey, her rides was faster and faster. He said he was going to cumm, by this time she had come twice. He shot his load into her hot and dripping pussy; she still rode till she emptied his nuts and then fell on him. She kissed him and then lied on him breathing heavily for some time. The breakfast time was over and they had the best breakfast ever. They layer there for about an hour in that same position. They got up after an hour and they took bath together, she gave hand job for him again. Got dressed and went out for sightseeing. She was wearing a deep cut blouse and jean. The jean was too small to hold her ass.
    They went to the shopping center and Khalid told her to buy anything she wanted and he will pay for that, they did some quick shopping and took some small bites and headed toward the resort. Took their lunch and went to the room straight. He said baby, I want to fuck you today on the beach, she smiled at him, he gave her another set of bikini today a blacked laced, he said wear it in front of me. She removed her jean and blouse, removed her undergarments, she stood there naked, he came near her and kissed on her back, kneeled down and opened her ass check and gave it a kiss and lick. Now you can wear it he said. She wore both of them and he could not believe his eyes, he must not have thought she would have looked that wonderful in that. He removed his tee and pants and was back on his trunk, she could see his bulge, and she went near him and gave a rub on his bulge and said, will take care of you later. They headed towards the beach, still the stares were on, they walked to their old spot and were comfortable now, this time they had carried a bed sheet also with them. They lied there and waited for the sunset, when the darkness started to kiss the beach the old man also started to kiss the sexy woman lying near him, he said, I will fuck you today. He started to kiss her lips, then her boobs, and down he went to her pussy kissing and licking. She was ready already, he pulled his trunks and the slowly widened her legs rubbed her pussy lips with his cock head and then gave it a push, the wet pussy did not hesitate to take it inside. He started to stroke her, his hanging balls banging her ass. His strokes was faster know, she was thinking how the old man gained strength. She said that she was going to cumm and came on his tool; he was still ramming his cock in and out. He was ready to cum and made his strokes faster. He exploded deep inside her pussy and lied on top of her with his limp cock still in her pussy, he pulled his cock after a while and she could feel his juices flowing through her thighs. She said I want to take bath with you in the sea. They got up and went to the water; they played there for some time. In between his hands were on her body. They came back to their place took their cloths and headed towards the resort. She asked aren’t you tired, after all these number of fucks. He said no and slapped her ass cheek. They reached the cottage took a quick shower together and headed towards the bar, he sat near her and while sipping his drink his finger were busy under the table on her pussy lips, she was wondering, this man is still hungry for sex. They had their drinks, she said we will have the dinner in the room, and they ordered, she said order some ice creams also we can make it more exciting, they ordered creams also. After the food they wanted to have the desert, she got up took her blouse out and applied the ice cream on her boobs and he came and sucked them both. He went and dipped his cock in the ice cream bowl and she licked them. She took the ice cream and then lifted her skirt and applied on her ass he came running and licked them. He looked her and took the cream and applied on his balls. She made him lie down on the bed and took the whole ball in her mouth and licked the whole ice cream. The ice creams were over and now she said, what to do, he said, I have it with me if you want take it. She took his cock in her hands and started to stoke them faster, when he said he was going to cum she took it in her mouth and licked them she pressed his balls to get the whole from it. That was enough for the day; both of them were tired and went off to sleep soon.
    The next day morning he said it was their last day and what they wanted to do, she said let’s wait till evening without any sex and we will go wild in the evening, he said OK, she said she want to go for a massage sauna and spa, he also like the idea. After all these they met in the evening only. She was relaxed from the massage and spa and he came back a little late. When he came he had a small bottle in his, she asked what was that and replied something special, would tell her later. He kept the bottle on the table and said it was oil for making his cock stand for a long time before Cumming and also to increase the sperm count, she was surprised. He went to the change room with the oil and came back after a while; he said that he went to apply the oil. She said she would have done that for him, he said I she would have done then he would get a hard on, the oil has to be applied without a hard on. He waited for an hour at the coffee table for the oil to get dried, and went to the rest room again to wash it up. He came back, she was lying on the bed in her skirt and blouse, he came and stood near the bed, she got up from the bed, he quickly grabbed her by her waist and he sealed her lips with his. His hand lifted her skirt and was now on her ass kneading rubbing and massaging it. He turned her and pulled her blouse off and started to kiss her back with her bra on and slowly fondling her boobs, she could feel him pressing his now hard cock on her ass. He turned towards him and now was on her knees, kissing and rubbing his cock on top of his trunks, she did for a while and pulled his trunk down and his cock sprang out now more energetic, the oil started to work, she lifted his cock and started to kiss his balls. His male musk was killing her and she stroked his cock while licking the ball one by one, he was caressing her hair. She stopped with the balls and came back to the rod, she licked the precum and started to take the shaft deep throats, he pulled her head to and fro for the motion. She was sucking his cock harder and faster but no sign of Cumming was seen. She stopped sucking and got onto the bed. He started to lick from her toe and went up. Her Calv’s, her knees, her thighs her inner thighs, he pulled her skirt and panties in one go, he widened her legs and licked her pussy with more speed and enthusiasm. His hands unbuckled her bra and were kneading the globe hand from her chest. He stopped with that and lying on the bed , he said I want to go for 69, she got on top of him, sat on his face rubbing his pussy and bend forward to take his cock. 69 positions continued for about half an hour. He got up and asked her to be in doggy, he licked her ass hole from the back and after lubricating it with his saliva; he positioned himself and inserted his cock deep inside her ass. He started to fuck her with more vigor and strength, the oil had worked, he was happy, he was riding her harder and harder and his hand doing an extra work on the boobs. He stopped with the ass and pulled his cock out and inserted her pussy in the same doggy. He was fucking her like a mad dog. She came 2 twice, but for him there were no signs of Cumming at all. After around 20 minutes, he said he was going to cum, and by the time she came thrice. When he was ready to cum, he took the cock out and then asked her to give it a blow. She took it in her mouth and sucked it faster, with the other hand she pressed his balls, he was about to cum, he came like anything, and not only in her mouth, but all over her face she licked her lips. The oil was magic. They collapsed into the bed. When they got up it was mid night, they have not even taken their dinner. When she got up her pussy was been licked by Khalid, she came and he licked her juices. They got up and then went to the bathroom for a quick shower. She gave him a blow job under the shower. After their bath, they packed their bags, coz they have to leave the next day morning back to Dubai. Both of them slept that night naked in each other’s hand. The dawn broke off and they started to get ready. Khalid had one more wish before leaving, he want to lick her ass again. This time she got on top of the table he sat in the chair, while licking he fingered her pussy also. She came again and he withdrew his hand and licked them. She got down from the table and she could see the bulge in his pant, she caressed it on top of his pant, because they had no time. They took the cab and headed the airport; her pussy was swollen so as Khalid’s cock. Three days of non-stop fucking. When Khalid left her at our home in Dubai handed over a small packet. We opened it and there was a letter inside, which said, Dear Angel, you were simply awesome, this present is token of my love for you, Rgds, your old man. It contained a cheque worth 5000 Dollars, I thought to myself, my wife’s rate. I kissed her on her forehead. After this occasion she often went with Khalid, she also was crazy about old cocks, she would get one then she will make sure that the nuts are emptied. Hope all of you liked the story, if yes please comment, there are more stories of my naughty wife Megha.
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