Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Wife And I Have A Child From Her Boss

    My wife are high school sweethearts and started dating at 16. By the time we were 19 we were engaged and couldn't wait to get married - and we were both agreed to save ourselves for our honeymoon - at least that was the plan.

    My wife ended up having sex with her boss which lead into an affair while they were on a business trip. It started 2 months before our wedding. At the time she was 21 and her boss was 57. He was italian, dark skinned, black hair, handsome - my wife and i are both irish, light skinned, both have blonde hair, blue eyes, and freckles.

    While in San Francisco, her boss took her to a bar and got her drunk. He took her back to her hotel room and ended up having unprotected sex when she was fertile. this happened 2 weeks before our wedding. during our honeymoon she admitted to me that she had lost her virginity to her boss and told me she was having an affair with him. i felt sick to my stomach - she told me if i wanted to get divorced she would understand but i loved her too much to leave her.

    At the end of our honeymoon she started feeling sick in the morning. She admitted to me that her boss had sex with her 2 weeks prior and was worried she might be pregnant.

    when we got home i went to the drug store and got a pregnancy test kit. i could tell before we even opened the kit that she already knew what the results would be. she peed on the stick and we waited and then saw the red + sign - i felt sick when i saw it but smiled at her because i didnt want to make her feel bad. she hugged me and said - i'm glad you are not mad at me. i knew deep down inside that she was pregnant. she had always wanted to be a mom and she couldnt hide her excitement - since she was happy i was happy too.

    the next day she told her boss and he then admitted to my wife that this has happened 2 other times during affairs with other women and both women had his children but he said they never told their husbands that he was the father. my wife told him that i was aware that he was the father. I should also mention that he was married and has 5 children with his wife - so my wife was carrying his 8th child.

    of course we lied and told our family and friends that i was the father. our families had the normal baby excitement, shower, buying gifts, and we made one of the rooms of our house into a nursery. i was excited because she was very excited about it.

    my wife is thin so she loved being pregnant. it was fun watching has her body change as his baby grew inside of her. she loved her breasts growing - my wife is petite - 5'3", 100lbs, and has small breasts - A cup, so she loved now FILLING up a larger bra. it was amazing watching her belly get bigger, feeling the baby kick inside. 9 months after their night in the hotel my wife delievered her boss's 8th child - baby girl. our daughter was a big baby - she was 9lbs 8ozs and my wife gained over 45lbs . we were happy to have this gift of a healthy baby girl. her body was changed forever - she ended up with stretch marks on her belly, butt, and boobs that are still visible today. she breast fed her his daugh and it was amazing to see how much milk my petite wife produced - she was like a milk machine! it was amazing to hold the daughter that her boss fathered even though i had nothing to do with producing her.

    i love my daughter like my own and i consider myself her dad (but never say i'm her father). as my daughter matured her looks changed and she began to look exactly like her father. she has a dark complexion, long straight black hair, dark brown eyes, olive dark skin, and large breasts - much bigger than my wife (full C cup) - my wife and i are both Irish, very light skinned, blue eyes, blonde hair, freckles.

    by now i'm sure everyone knows or has their suspecions that I'm not the father because she looks exactly like my wifes boss and nothing like me or my wife (has all the itailian trails - no irish looks at all). looking back i'm still trilled about it and am so happy her boss gave us this gift.
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