Friday, August 9, 2013

My Redbox Rant!!!

    So yesterday I go back to return a movie that I had rented from the redbox which is on the way home from work. I go back to the same one, stopping by on my way home from work. The machine is not working. This being Chicago, there are a ton of Redboxes around so I drive to another one that is about a mile away and that one is down too. I decide to drive to a third and that one is down. I know of one more that is only another mile or so away so I go by that one. It is gone! I guess they removed it. Now, I am faced with a dilemma. I can either drive another 5 miles away and hope that that one is working or just go home and keep the DVD an extra day and pay for an extra day of rental. I decided to go home since I probably would waste more money on gas driving around than I would on the extra day of rental. I will get someone at work who has an operating redbox near them to drop it off tomorrow. It is so frustrating though!!! UGH!!!!
    I am going to get a beer.  Thanks for letting me Rant!!! 
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