Friday, August 23, 2013

My Net Friend Fucked My Girl

    Hello readers , this is my first story here , after reading this site for over 2 years now , I finally decided to write my true story of what happened to me , it’s embarrassing and very bad , but nevertheless I want to tell it strangers , who can only take pleasure from the story , well something about me , I m 21 , Live in Mumbai and I’m very shy and naive guy who easily trusts people and believes them , ever since I got a net connection I have been chatting with strangers ,

    I have a girlfriend since a year , for a simple and average looking guy like me , my friends always said that she was too hot for me , her name was Andrea she is 20 , 5’5 feet tall and has amazing hair and a superb body , her curves are really amazing and very beautiful , her figure is 36b , 32 ,38 , we meet and college and were in a relationship for 2 years , in these two years , we hardly found a place to have sex , which we both were comfortable with , she wanted to have sex but never found any place , we just had sex twice in a year ,

    Even that was quick , sex , she had boyfriends before , she was not a virgin when i lost my virginity to her , anyway coming back to the story , i meet this friend named sagar online on a chatting site , he was 25 , we chatted on yahoo for a long time , we spoke about our girlfriend and even exchanged pics , he used to masturbate looking her pics and talk dirty which made me hot sometimes , he stayed in Pune and called me and my gf over there at his house , which he said was big and there was a room for us , he said he would also stay there with his gf for two day I was very excited me and Andrea got permission to go to Pune , it was a very bad discussion ,

    we reached there the next evening , at his place , his place was in a poor locality and was very small , one room kitchen to be exact , more over he said his girlfriend won’t be able to make it as she was out , so it was just the three of us , but still we waited behind and gave it a try , he kept on staring at my gf , Andrea too was impressed by his physic , he was tall around 6 feet , well built , stronger than me and fair , he wore shorts and his hard on was bulging out from his pants

    Andrea went to the kitchen to change , she came back wearing a cute skirt and a top , which had a nice cleavage , we sat and spoke about our experiences and adventures , then it turned to sex , jokingly sagar asked Andrea if i could satisfy her during sex , she did not reply ,he kept on praising her looks and body , soon they spoke about her ex bf and stuff which made me uncomfortable , sagar asked us to kiss , as her wanted to Andréa’s lips in action , she shyly began kissing me , soon we kissed I was nervous and was going off track ,

    I put my hand on her thighs and rolled her skirt up a bit sagar instantly saw her thighs , Andrea was feeling very hot at the scene where a another boy was looking at us making out , finally we took off in the night and decided to sleep in the kitchen, as it was a hot summers day , sleeping under blankets wasn’t fun , sagar was sleeping out , we switched off the light and began kissing , we cuddled each other , and began deep smooching , I moved my hands all over her body and felt her lumps and humps , she was too turned on and began kissing me ,

    I slowly , lifted her top and felt her boobs , and squeezed them, she wasn’t wearing a bra , her nipples were erect and puffy , i put my fingers on her cunt inside her skirt and began moving through her cunt , she moaned as my middle finger went across her wet pussy , she was on , its , she removed my pants and felt my hard on , and began stroking it , i pushed my finger inside her cunt and began fingering her , she held my dick tight and began stroking it , it was getting harder now ,

    Andrea , went down , and began sucking my cock , she was totally in some mood and began sucking my dick , , i stopped her and got her below me and parted her legs , and place my dick on her pussy , as her ass was big and round , my dick wasn’t easily going in , so she placed it in front and I began fucking her , but i couldn’t push in more , than my tip of my dick , slowly i lost my erection, she smiled and said , ill give you another blowjob , its ok ,i said ..

    Just then sagar said ” can I see your sex session , please ” . we both were stunned , , i was over her , i stepped out , and foolishly , exposed her pussy to him , she tried to cover it , and crossed her legs , and placed her hands on her boobs , she was naked in front of him , i was too , sagar said sorry , and said ” i just watched for a few minutes , why did u people stopped , ” just then , my gf replied ” he lost his erection ” , finally he took his eyes off my gf and looked at me , i was sitting naked stroking my dick which was now small and deflated , sagar smiled and said ” lost his erection , poor thing , feeling bad for

    Andrea , she is in a mood to have sex , ” i was feeling angry but also hot as he just insulted me , sagar asked Andrea ” what are u guys going to do now ” , Andrea replied ” ill just give him a blowjob and sleep ” , it was very insulting the way she said it , , sagar said ” ohh sad , if u don’t mind , looking at me , “can i just give Andrea some little pleasure , i mean on you can satisfy her tonight , so can i at least lick her pussy , you know , i am good at it na ” ,i was shocked , Andrea smiled and came over to me

    She just shamelessly ,dropped her bed sheet and crawled naked near me , sager’s eyes were on her boobs as they just swayed from side to side , as she came near me , , she caught my dick and began sucking , it , i asked her if its ok , she replied its fine , sagar was delighted , he jumped over near her ass , and parted her ass , and found her cunt , it was a three some scene , , she was sucking my cock , and she was on her hands and legs , and sagar , began licking her pussy , he must have been doing it well , as she moaned and sucked me harder ,

    I asked her if she liked it , she replied , it’s so good , she twisted and turned as he moved his tongue on her pussy , he licked it in different ways , she stopped sucking my dick and began fondling herself and squeezing her tits , she was completely naked and in front of him I was feeling a bit weird , looking at my Andréa getting pleasure from another guy Andrea turned around and laid on her back , and speared her legs wide ,allowing him to dig deep inside her juicy wet pussy ,

    His mouth disappeared in her crotch and then I saw his hands reaching her body and he began grabbing her boobs and pressing them , she was aware that he was getting bolder and she too got bolder and caught his hair and made him lick her pussy , she clearly enjoying her oral orgasm , which i could never give her , She then got up and kissed him , he bit her lips and gave her a heavy kiss , she said thank you to him , and looked at me smiling,

    Andrea then suddenly got a bit close to him and looked at me , i was sitting naked ,looking at them , my dick was small and hardly erect , just then sagar said ” hey Andrea , your bfs dick is kind a small isn’t it , she just giggled , ” how big is his dick ,he asked her , ” , she replied , i guess , 4 inches when its erect ,” , sagar comment , : hmmm that’s too small right ? , Andrea didn’t say anything , sagar then said ” hey

    Andrea , want to see my dick , ohhhh aaa ” , before he could complete his sentence , Andrea put her hands inside his shorts and began stroking his dick , he stood up and removed his dick out ,” me and Andrea were both stunned ” i mean i had seen such dicks in porn videos and guys bragging about such dicks , but today i saw one in real , it was really 8 inches long , easily bigger than mine , fair , strong with a big tip cone of the dick ,already rolled up and very hard ,

    Andrea smiled as sagar said to me “its ok bro , if she sucks this dick , i mean , her throat would be happy ” , i said nothing , as Andrea began sucking his dick, poor Andrea could not even fit his dick inside her mouth it was so big , she gulped as he forced his dick inside her mouth , she sucked and sucked , rolled his foreskin and even sucked his balls , his dick was really big for her , I wondered if she liked it , but she was enjoying it , it was already hard i did not require a suck like mine ,

    He pushed her on the floor and turned her around making her stand on her legs and hands , i watched him , positioning his dick on her pussy all by himself , as Andrea looked at me, i asked him to stop but hs said ” listen boy , i know how to fuck a girl see , how i fuck ur lovely Andrea , imagine this all the time , today she will get her best fuck ever, “and with this he pumped it inside her , she cried of pain as the dick ripped inside her , she was barely ready , and he began fucking her , his dick was clearly inside her pussy ,

    She was turned on , he pushed it in deep and fucked her , he was fucking her mad , her whole moved in a motion as he fucked her , her tits were swaying everywhere , with him banging her , she was delighted and happy , she was moaning and screaming in between as he fucked her and spanked her ass , i got up from there an was ready to wake away , and sagar shouted at me ” you fucking bastard , where are you going , she your

    Andrea is getting fucked and she is licking it , , stand her next to me , , I was naked , and bit shy to stand naked next to another guy , ,my dick was little hard , ,I came near him , just then he caught my balls tightly , I scream , he laughed and so did Andrea , I was feeling gutted and insulted , he ordered me to squeeze Andrea’s boobs , which I did , with looking at her face , she did not look at me and instead closed her eyes and moaned as he fucked her , ,

    He changed his position and asked her lie on her back , he parted her legs which went in the air , as he pushed his dick inside , his dick was still hard even after 12 mins , , my sex session barely lasted 3 mins ,after which i would cum inside , he grew hot ,, Andrea was aware of it , she too was moaning heavily , and then without telling her he cum inside her chut , , he cum a lot , as the hot burning semen went all the way in her pussy , he pulled his dick out and pointed it to me , it spilled on my chest and neck ,i was disgusted , but he laughed ,

    Andrea was sweating and exhausted , she clearly had the best fuck of her life , as she lied down there , i saw sagar , his dick was red , sweating and covered of cum but still erect , he came to her and began kissing her body and licking her boobs and sucking them , she liked and gave him a hug , this turned into a night mare for me , i got up and went to sleep in a corner of the room , the next day what happened was even worse , ill post the next story soon , till then i hope you guys enjoyed this story , , my email id is xxxxx , feel free to talk to me about my girlfriend .
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