Thursday, August 1, 2013

my mom and servant raj

    hii iss readers, i am savi a 17 year old boy.i am here to narrate a real life incident which happened with me a month ago.i live with my mother kavita who is a divorcee.about her, she is a very good looking woman and is in her early forties. she has a figure of 36-30-38. she still looks younger than her age and is a modern day woman.Raj is our servant and is just 20 years of age.
    my mother used to stay at home and work from day when i returned home from school i saw raj and my mom in her bedroom talking something serious.i thought that maybe they are just talking about the household work and i came back to my room.after a few minutes my mom went to kitchen to cook some food for me and raj also went in the kitchen to help her.After few minutes i saw raj intentionally trying to touch my mom.he started to massage his hands on my mom's ass. my mom started pushing his hands back and requested him not to do anything as i was around. but he did not listen to her and suddenly he started kissing my mom on her neck.seeing this i suddenly entered the kitchen and seeing me he stopped and pretended as if nothing was going on. i knew something was fishy.
    at night i thought i would pretend i am sleep so that i could catch what was going on. my mom was sleeping besides me in a nighty.after sometime raj came to our room and started touching my mom's body.she suddenly got up and asked raj to stop because i was sleeping besides her. raj came near my mom and told her that kavita i can't control myself i want to have sex with you.listening this i got shocked. before my mom could say something he started kissing my mom was also not able to control herself and they had long smooch.while he was kissing her his one hand was lifting her nighty and her thighs were clearly visible. he then unzipped his pants and took out her penis.i was shocked to see it was 9 inches mom asked raj to stop but he was not in a mood to stop and he put hold of my mom and inserted his cock in my mom's mouth.i was shocked to see mom taking a nine inch cock in her mouth.she sucked his cock as if she was waiting for it for a long time. after a little sucking raj lifted mom's nighty and to my surprise she was not wearing any bra and his boobs came out.they were so big,her nipples were huge and without wasting time raj started sucking her nipples.she was moaning with pleasure "aah ooh ooh".while he was licking her nipples she started stroking his cock.After few minutes raj removed mom's black panty and starting sucking her pussy and fingered mom was enjoying it a lot as her moanings began to be louder. after sucking her pussy he put my mom in a doggystyle and inserted his cock in her vagina.he thrusted with a lot of pressure and i could see both of them enjoying,my mom was moaning with pain as she did not had sex for long while raj was moaning with pleasure.after a few minutes raj lied on the bed and my mom started riding his cock in a cowboy position.he shouted kavita i am about to cum to which my mom said raj don't cum inside my pussy but before he could pull his cock out he had cummed inside her pussy.they both started kissing each other and lyied in each others arms for half an hour.then raj asked my mom for anal sex to which my mom said no at first but raj was so horny that he held mom in doggy position and starting inserting his cock in her tight ass. at first he was not able to push it in as her ass was tight but after quick push his dick wenrt inside her ass and they fucked for some more minutes then he took out his cock and cummed inside my mom's mouth.
    then he went back to his room and i too after cumming slept. i haven't able to sleep from that night.
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