Friday, August 23, 2013

Latinos Have a Plan To Take Over the United States

    I am Latino and I have no ill will towards the USA.  Sure, a good chunk of the United States was once part of Mexico, but wars are fought and stupid leaders give up parts of their country (Yes, I am talking to you General Santa Ana!).  I have several Mexican-American friends who swear that the increase in the Hispanic population here in the U.S. is some sort of master plot by Mexico to take over the U.S.  “BASURA!” I say.  Then I see this in the news, a Latino couple in Nebraska (That;s up close to where Matt lives) last week became the proud parents of quintuplets. Mara, Cristóbal, Ximena, Arleth and Roselyn García where born in July. 

    Then I got to thinking…I have a lot of Latino friends here in Texas and I know of 3 Latino couples who have twins in the past 18 months, 2 couples who have had triplets and my friend’s brother just had quadruplets.  All are Latinos.  WOW – We are a fertile bunch!!

    I always knew that we Hispanics are a resourceful bunch and now I am beginning to think that maybe we have crafted a brilliant master plan to take over the U.S: Reproduce quickly and in large quantities.  
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