Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Farts - The A to Z Guide

    Not sure Where I found this - I think someone emailed me the list.  If you know where it came from, let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.  Here it is, every type of fart from A to Z.

    A - Aroma therapy fart

    B - Barrage of farts

    C - Chimichanga fart

    D - Dangerous fart

    E - Effervescing fart

    F - Full blast fart

    G - Gorgeous fart

    H - Helluva fart

    I - Impossibly bad fart

    J - Joyous fart

    K - Kissed by a fart

    L - Lackluster fart

    M - Mediocre fart (seem to be hitting the run of the mill farts around here)

    N - Napalm strike fart

    O - Omnipotent farting

    P - Perennial

    Q - Quit farting already fart!

    R - Relaxed fart

    S - Sharting fart (or perhaps the snart, when you sneeze and a fart eeks out - Thank you, Chudd).

    T - Treacherous fart

    U - Unmistakably a fart

    V - Vicious fart

    W - Wasn't a fart at all. Must have been the leather couch cushion .

    X - X-men fart (mutant power farts)

    Y - Yes, that was my fart.

    Z - Zangief holding you down and farting on you fart.

    Now, the fun part.  I want some participation from the readers.  I would like you to take one or two of these types of farts and describe it in detail. Just leave it as a comment and we will add it as we go.  We can make reader generated list of descriptions.  I love it!  Getting the fans involved.  Have at it!
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