Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Sister Fucked By Rag Pickers

    Hi readers my name is Rohit and I am going to tell a about a real incident which happened with my sister Arti. She is a married girl and her age is 24 years. She is very fair and her skin is smooth and soft. She has long black hairs which reaches till her ass. Her height is 5 ft 6 inches and weighs about 60 kg. Her figure is 34 30 36 with good round ass. Her husband work in an MNC in Delhi and travels a lot to Hyderabad for official purpose. One day Arti got a call from unknown number and then she realized that it was a wrong number but the person got attracted towards her sweet voice. He started calling her again and again and use to praise her voice. Arti also felt good when she was praised and thus they started talking regularly. The guy’s name was Arif from Ghaziabad and he owns a small rag picking group. His age was 35 years and was not that good looking. Arti’s husband had a 3 day tour to Hyderabad and Arif decided to meet her.
    So she gave her address and Arif came to meet Arti when her husband was out of Delhi. But Arti was disappointed to see an ugly and black guy. She told Arif that she is not interested to have relationship with her and not to call her again in future. Arif on the other hand was very happy & excited to see a beautiful girl like her. He convinced her a lot with his beautiful words but Arti was not at all interested in that ugly guy. Arif said he will not call her again but she let him to have sex with her today. Arti just rejected this request and Arif was very disappointed because he knew that she will never get a hot & sexy girl like her. Arif went back but he could not forget Arti, he tried to call her on her mobile but Arti put his number on reject list.
    One night Arif was drinking country made liquor with 4 other guys. Salim, Javed, Banti & Chotu. Banti & Chotu were rag pickers working for him and they were hardly 15-16 years in age. Salim was about 47 years in age while Javed was Arif’s uncle and his age was 58 years. Salim & Javed were big & fat men with big pot belly and have beards on their faces. Banti & Chotu were black and lean but they were very addicted to watching blue films. On that night when they were all drinking Banti brought a blue film. They all were watching it and the girl in that film was very hot. Salim said- waah yaar kya maal hai, mil jaye to choot faad du iski. Javed also said- haan yaar kasam se kya jawaani hai. Salim said lets bring a girl to fuck. Arif got an idea and said he knows a girl but she rejected him after seeing. He told them that she is hotter & sexier than this girl in the film. Salim & Javed got excited and asked Arif to go to her and fuck her.
    Next day about 9 pm they all reached Arti’s house as they knew her house is little isolated from rest houses in her locality. Also Arif knew that her husband is out of Delhi. They rang the bell & Arti opened the door and was shocked to see Arif. But they all pushed her inside & entered into her house where she was all alone. They locked the door from inside. Asif said if you will cooperate we will not hurt you. But she was said all to leave. Salim said- we will not leave until morning & without fucking you. H e took out a big knife & said if u shout I will put this in your pussy and tear it off. She was scared and got frozen seeing that knife. Arif came near to Arti and took her into her arms and went to bedroom. Arti was wearing a black printed saree with matching blouse n petticoat with black bra and panty.
    Arif threw her on the bed and all guys also came into the bedroom. They all sat on the floor & took out the country liquor they brought with them. All started drinking and were talking about Arti. Arif then got up and removed his all clothes. Arti saw her big dick which was more ugly than his face. It was hard erect. Arif jumped on Arti and started kissing all over her face like a mad man. Arti was trying to push her but instead he pushed her n she fell flat on the bed . Her deep oval shaped navel got visible when she fell flat on bed. Arif touched her smooth stomach but Arti was angry & she removed his hand from her stomach with force. Javed saw that & came with his knife again and said- chupchap leti rah warna aaj teri choot mera chaaku faadega. Arti was again helpless and she allowed Arif to do what he wanted. He poked her deep navel with his finger n started playing with it. All other 4 guys came around bed to enjoy the scene.
    Arti just closed his eyes as she was very embarrassed, angry & ashamed. Arif put his tongue on her navel and started to lick her navel upto the depth of it. Seeing the scene Banti & Chotu were very excited and their dicks grew in full. They asked Salim & Javed- why are we waiting & watching this bitch , lets we also play with her. Arti was shocked to hear these two kids talking that way. She just opened her eyes & gave a tough look to them. Salim told let Arif enjoy first and after that me & Javed will fuck her and then it will be your turns, so wait till then & go drink. Chotu brought the full glasses for them and gave to them. They all were drinking and watching the show. Arif went up licking Arti’s stomach & reached her lips. He started sucking her lips with pleasure and was putting his tongue inside her mouth. His hands were squeezing her boobs and then he forcefully torn her blouse and then her bra. Her round boobs popped out and all get very excited seeing that. Arif started sucking her boobs like a hungry wolf. He then got lower and removed her saree and then her petticoat .
    Arti was lying just in her black panty. Arif got over her and he was lying on her instead of bed. He was kissing, licking and sucking every part of her body. Arti had closed her eyes during all this. Arif then put his fingers inside her panty and in one go he removed her panty from her body. All guys saw her smooth & fair pussy. They all were rubbing their dicks inside their pants. Arif opened her pussy with her finger and all saw her inside which was pink in colour. Arif brought his big dick near to that opening and pushed his dick inside her pussy. Arti’s eyes were opened and a small scream came out of her mouth.
    Arif then again pushed his dick inside and this time with more force. She screamed more and tears came into her eyes which Arif sucked. Now his full dick was inside her pussy. He started pumping her and then increased his speed. Arti was squealing when he was pumping her. After pumping her for 20 minutes he took out his dick and cummed on the floor. Arti was lying naked with few drops of sweat on her forehead. Arif got up and Banti gave him a glass of liquor.
    After 15 minutes Salim & Javed got nude and came on the bed. Arti’s eyes were closed. Javed put his tongue on her navel and Arti opened her eyes to see who is next. Javed also looked into her eyes and gave her a flirty smile. He then started sucking her navel and kept on looking her eyes. This time Arti also didn’t closed her eyes and kept looking him. She was shocked to see an old man of 58 years sucking her navel like a crazy man. Salim got close to Arti and grabbed her hair and pulled her face little backward. He pushed his dick inside her mouth and started pumping her mouth. Javed then started sucking her boobs and then her fleshy thighs. He then pushed his dick inside her pussy with full force. Arti was in pain and she wanted to scream but Salim’s dick was inside her mouth. They both fucked her in tow holes and cummed in her holes. Salim didn’t took out his dick after cumming for some time and so Arti swallowed all the cum of Salim.
    They both got up and Arti was very tired because of their fucking. Now it was turns for kids- Banti & Chotu. They came on the bed & Arti was pleading with her eyes not to fuck her anymore. They saw the fucking in lots of blue films and always wanted to fuck but they never imagined even in their dreams that they will get to fuck a girl like Arti. They got nude in no time and jumped over her and started kissing & sucking all her body. They were so excited that they started biting her which made red marks. Banti went to her navel n started sucking it hardly while Chotu was busy with her boobs.
    They were very hard in sucking & Arti was feeling pain with their roughness. She was shouting- please don’t do this….leave me……leave me……tears were coming from her eyes. But the kids were not paying any attention to her cries and pleas. Banti started biting her navel and this made her scream more. He sucked n bit her navel for 15 minutes and when he got up from her navel, her navel was turned bloody red. Now he pushed his dick inside her pussy and Chotu pushed his dick inside her mouth and started fucking. Both were over in 10 minutes. Arti spit Chotu’s cum on the floor. Chotu was upset and he slapped her.
    They all started drinking again and Arti was lying nude and crying on bed. After one hour they all came again to bed and this time together. They were drunk a lot and now there was no difference of status and age between them. They all jumped over her and started sucking, licking & biting her body. She was trying to resist then but couldn’t . Javed slapped her face and she started crying- leave me………….plzzzz…….tum sabne kar to liya hai….ab mujhe chhod doo pleaseeee. Salim turned her grabbed her waist and made her doggy. Her ass was raised and he inserted his finger insider her ass hole. First one finger then two and then three…….he fucked his ass hole with his three fingers….she was crying in pain and then he placed his big dick on her ass hole and pushed it inside.
    Arti screamed much louder this time and so Arif slapped her on face and Javed & Salim slapped her ass. She was crying in pain with tears flowing from her eyes but they were busy in their work. Salim pushed all his dick inside her pussy and grabbed her stomach from back and slowly lied down on the bed and made her to sit over him. His dick was inside her ass hole and he was pumping her. Then Javed brought his dick on her pussy and inserted in one go with force. She screamed like hell , they both started pumping her from front and back together. Tears were continuously flowing from her eyes as it was not a pleasureul sex for her. Arig pushed his dick inside her mouth and started fucking her mouth. They all cummed after 30 minutes of fucking. Arti has to swallow Arif’s cum. Soon after them Banti & Chotu jumped on her and started fucking her ass hole and pussy together. They changed their holes two times and fucked her hard. Then they took out their dicks and cummed inside her mouth and made her to drink all load.
    After one hour of rest they started again and this time they were slapping her ass, thighs, stomach & face. They also put their feet on her stomach and pressed her stomach. She was shouting and screaming but they raped her brutally and before leaving they all pissed on her and about 5 am they went from her house. She was lying nude on her bed tired and exhausted with red marks all over her body.
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