Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jessica Jane Clement Bikini Photos Poolside And Taking A Dip Then Showering In Ibiza


    Here is Jessica Jane Clement sexy wet body looking hot as hell in the pool and poolside in Ibiza in some photos taken May 2012. Nuts Magazine used a few of these photos this week to highlight the hotness of Jessica Jane Clement but something tell me people would rather see the full set... Just how amazing does Jessica look here? Even with the tatoos taking away points this chick is still ridiculously hot! Can you only imagine how hot she would be without the ink ruining her near perfection? Damn tats... She is often called one of the sexiest women in the UK and you can sure see why in these pictures. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.

    And here are the original pics:

    Source: http://kaleidoscope-views.blogspot.com


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