Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ferrari 599 GTO Crash Into A Taxi Resulting In 3 Deaths, 2 Injured In Singapore


    Warning... the video below is very graphic and disturbing!

    Tragic car accident involving US$1.43 million (SG$1.8 million) Ferrari 599 GTO in Singapore leave three dead on May 13, 2012. Reports say the Ferrari was going over 180km/h when it t-boned a taxi at the intersection:

    Watch the Mediacorp 5 news report:

    Saw the video on with the following report:

    A horrific accident that took place in Singapore this past Saturday leaving three people dead and two seriously injured has fueled an outrage in the country.

    The crash was captured on film by a vehicle that was not involved in the incident. The video footage shows a blue Hyundai Sonata taxicab pulling ahead a couple of seconds after the green light goes on.

    As the taxi reaches the middle of the crossing, we see a speeding red car, later recognized as a rare Sg$1.8 million (US$1.43 million) Ferrari 599 GTO, smashing into the blue sedan. The Ferrari most likely ran a red light. According to reports, the taxi then hit a motorcyclist.

    The Ferrari driver, who was identified as Ma Chi, an affluent 31-year old Chinese expatriate, died on the scene, while the 51-year old cabbie, Cheng Teck Hoc, and his passenger, Shigemi Ito, a 41-year-old Japanese woman, succumbed to their injuries a couple of hours later at the hospital.

    The young female passenger of the Ferrari, Wu Wei Wei, a student from Wuhan, China, and the motorcyclist, were injured and remain hospitalized.

    The Associated Press reported that the accident has sparked a strong "anti-foreign sentiment" throughout the country with many people posting online attacks on Chinese and other foreigners as well the government's immigration policies.

    Singapore, a small city-state of about 650 square km, saw its population rise from 4.4 million people in 2006 to 5.2 million last year, mainly due to immigration. Officials estimate that there are more than a million immigrants in Singapore today.

    It is very terrible what happen to the innocent victims in this tragic incident caused by a seemingly reckless and foolish man. But what is also terrible is how some people are using this tragic incident to further their political agenda. The fool behind the wheel of the Ferrari could have been from anywhere. Yet certain demagogues are quick to point out that he was a foreigner. Thus claiming this is proof for a more restricted immigration policy. Remember, a person that uses a tragedy for political gain and who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument is considered as a demagogue. The good people of Singapore should not soil their souls listening to the demagogues. And the good people of Singapore should beware of the dangers of demagoguery. For the dangers and to understand the damage that a single silver tongue demagogue can cause see Germany circa 1933-1945. Rational Singaporeans should be brave and tell the few demagogues in their midst spewing hate and bring international shame to their good country to "fuck off!"


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