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Models Claim Misuse Of Photos By Pimp Behind Underage Prostitution Scandal In Singapore


    Many Singaporean models seen on online social escort agencies like and others name in a previous post are saying pimps were using their photos without their involvement or permission. The models are claiming misuse of their photos by the pimp behind the underage teen prostitution scandal that is rocking the island and other pimps. Several of the models and/or their friends have emailed the bangsat requesting the removal of names and photos identifying the girls once suspected as the underage teen in the large sex scandal in Singapore at the moment because the pimps were false advertising. And while their photos were seen on websites of social escort agencies, they had no involvement.

    As a result of these emails claiming and other local Singaporean online escort agency used photos of models not involved with the escort business the post will be edited to reflect these claims.
    We believe many of the the models not truthful about their innocence and were involved but as a result the emails from some of the models themselves and their family and friends including a fiancé of a model the Gutter Uncensored will remove the names and uncensored photos of the young women that are not the main focus of the "Singaporean Underage Teen Prostitution Scandal Exposed" post from three days ago. Emails like the one seen below from a man engaged to one of the models explaining why his future wife was seen on the escort website involved in the underage prostitution scandal and some other models who were seen on other websites of the escort agencies is the only reason why their names, photos and other identifying information will be edited out of the post revealing the identity of the now 19 year-old young woman who worked as an underage escort in 2010 and 2011 when she was only 17 year-old. FYI, when looking for a social escort, whore, escort, prostitute or any other lady of the night she need to be at least 18 year-old if you are going to pay for sex in Singapore. Apparently is wife was seen on without her knowledge or permission according to his claims in the email seen below and subsequent emails identifying the photos of the model.

    Let this be clear, we knew for a fact that some of the models named in the
    presentation in that post were involved in prostitution and online escort agencies years before the source of the presentation revealing the identity of the underage prostitute sent the first email to GutterUncensored(at) a few months ago. However all their names will be removed from the post since the authors of bangsat decided not to expose some of these models and/or bloggers years ago as escorts and since they are not the focus of the current Singaporean underage prostitution sex scandal. Okay, the reason why these Singaporean models were not exposed before is because we were still collection more revealing pics of them. LOL... Information about the young woman at the center of the scandal will not be affected nor will the censored photos of the models directly from the websites of the escort agencies.

    And let this also be clear, the names of the models, photos and other identifying information will be edited out not because of threats of lawsuits or the filing of police reports because this website is not in the jurisdiction of Singaporean law and the distribution of leaked information is not illegal where it is based. And especially information that is at least 2 year old and already found on many websites including local Singaporean web-forums. Some of you guys already know which forums LOL... But rather because of several emails like this one explaining why one of the models was seen on against her will. According to her future husband, the pimp was using the model's photos without her permission to sell the services of other girls:

    From: ****** *** (***********
    Sent: Saturday, April 21, 2012 11:58 AM
    Subject: Desperately need your help

    Dear editor/owner of,

    My name is ****** *** from Singapore. I am really at wits end and desperate to the max and that's why I'm writing to you. I know you are not obliged and probably have no reason to help me out with this. But I'm at my last straw to save my future here. I have been praying to god ever since your website posted the news on the underage escort in Singapore causing a huge storm.

    I have been an avid reader and supporter of your website about the juiciest news globally. Extremely amazed by the depth of info you guys get access to. Today, however, I fall victim. I really hope you can help me due to the following reasons:

    1. Apart from Chantelle the underage gal, there are other photos you posted (the censored ones) stating they were other escorts from the alleged pimp. A few of them are not true, those gals were low end models where they are paid by amateur photographers to have their photos taken, not nude, but some are scantily clad. The pimp had used them for the gals he pimped. As such, they weren't the actual people.

    2. One of the censored photos models you posted happened to be my wife-to-be in dec this year. Though no full faces were shown, but some people on the net are linking them. Both of us are traumatized and our parents aren't aware yet. We are totally helpless and no amount of explanation will help. my wife-to-be is 23 this year and I am 29. She was a amateur model when she met me, I got her to quit after 1 month together and wanna start a new life together. She's in uni now and I am working. We met last year in march, I already proposed to her last Dec. Her dumb job of being an amateur model had allowed Tom dick Harry photographers to take photoshoots and as such her photos are on the online so called portfolios of the photographers which got misused by the pimp. I am very sure of that because it happens very often in sammyboyforum which I think the source of those few photos and others were gotten from. I do not blame my wife to be for what she did as she was young and photoshoots gave easy good money. I tried so hard to get her back into school and am paying for her hoping to have a good future with her. I am pleading with you to help me prevent further damage if you can remove those few photos (I will reply u with the exact photos) if you can help me out. I pray very hard that this miracle can happen. She has been devastated by this, and I am helpless besides telling her that no matter what I will not leave her and we will get married with or without my parents consent.

    3. The few photos I am begging you to remove, Sir/Mdm, they are not the focus of your news on that post, so they will not depreciate the contents overall. And because we were in a way sabotaged (that's the price to pay for doing photoshoots, it happens all the time), I really hope you can help me with this. I have saved up some money for wedding, but I am willing to part with it or do anything in return if you can help.

    4. Sir/Mdm, if you concur and will help me out, I will email you the name of the escort that carries my wife to be photos which I know for sure she was not an escort but a low end model. I have gotten to the pimp last year on this and he did take the photos off his website but the link lingered in Sbf and someone dogged it out. It's difficult to clean out everything but because your post is so popular today and since my wife to be is not the main focus of the post, there,s a high chance we can overcome this damage if you can remove the photos discreetly without compromising the main contents of the post.

    5. Sir/Mdm, I am begging you for your help. I am afraid if this gets out of hand, I will not be able to marry my wife to be.

    I look forward to your reply sir/Mdm. I am praying every single moment and I am helpless.

    Yours sincerely,
    AT from Singapore

    To the sender of this email, WE DO NOT WANT YOUR MONEY and yes the post will still be edited to fit your request as best as we can. Nor do we want the money from anyone else... We cannot be
    discreet about this one aspect of the request because it is very important that the viewers to this website know that no money have exchanged hands here. But it is emails like this one above explaining why some models were seen on the escort agencies websites is the only reason their names, photos and other identifying information will be edited out of the "Singaporean Underage Teen Prostitution Scandal Exposed" post. Some of the claims from all the models stating the pimp wrongly use their images on his escort agency website may not be true... as a matter of fact we know some of the models and their surrogates are lying how every other might be telling the truth. Who is to know what the pimp Tang Boon Thiew from and other pimps may have or may have not done to unwitting models and their photos. One of the email defending a model seen on one of the escort agency named in the post point to reviews to read about how their customer from Sammyboyforum feel deceived that the girls they book differs from the photographs.

    The pimp Tang Boon Thiew, the owner of the website at the center of the Singaporean underage prostitution scandal.

    In other news, we are still waiting for the password to open the file that contain the content of Part 5 relating to the young woman at the center of the underage prostitution scandal in Singapore. It was revealed in Part 3 and Part 4 of the presentation and other emails from the source that her name is Steph Thia Hwee Koon a.k.a. Chantelle (social escort name) a.k.a. Steph Thia Hui Jun. And that she now 19 year-old and she is an ITE student and part-time model from Choa Chu Kang. We have tried using several programs to crack the password for this file but without success. The password for the file containing Part 4 of the presentation is "12345678" so the password for Part 5 should be something simple. And yes, we have tried the password "12345678" for part 5 and also "abcdefgh" so relax.

    Some have asked but bangsat will not widely distribute Part 5 so that others can try the crack the password. The authors of Gutter Uncensored have no idea of what is the contents of Part 5 but we did ask the source if it is something illegal and that we are not interested if it is something that would be illegal to post where the Gutter Uncensored is based. The source assure us that no such illegal contents is contain in the file. We believe the source but it seems unwise to make the file available for download by the public without knowing what is in it first.

    Anyway, the bangsat has received more photos from other sources of
    Steph Thia Hwee Koon a.k.a. Chantelle (social escort name) a.k.a. Steph Thia Hui Jun and more info on her so with that we might have another interesting post if we get the password for part 5 of the presentation to add to it. Please send more photos of Chantelle to GutterUncensored(at) as soon as possible. Your identity will kept a secret and you will remain anonymous by the website. This story is huge because this young woman took down a police officer, a civil activist from a prominent family, an UBS bankers, lawyers, the vice-president of a private company, a school principal, teachers, social elites and several top civil servants in Singapore. Even Yahoo News was interested in and buzzing about the identity of before her name was revealed on last week:

    Just who is this underage callgirl involved in a widening high-profile sex scandal that has embarrassed 48 men and counting?

    To date, 48 have been charged for allegedly having paid sex with the girl, who worked for a now defunct online prostitution website.

    Among the biggest names tied to the case are prominent local newsmaker Howard Shaw, former UBS top banker and Swiss national Juerg Buergin, an ex-school principal, an ex-teacher and several top civil servants.

    The girl is believed to be 17 – below the legal age for prostitution -- when the alleged offenses took place between September 2010 and February 2011.

    And yes, the news media in Singapore is also buzzing about the scandal the underage escort/callgirl and the many men too:

    The "identity of mystery Singapore callgirl" is mystery no more because here she is:

    Steph a.k.a. Chantelle, the 19 year-old young woman at the center of the Singaporean underage prostitution scandal.

    And by the way, while the source of the presentation might or might not be upset at the young woman who seemingly lied about her age to work as a social escort and/or upset at the justice system in Singapore so he or she might or might not be seeking revenge for the men publicly named in the underage Singaporean prostitution scandal while the the identity of the adult woman testifying against them is more protected. The bangsat has no dog in this fight... This website is just providing information for the people who like watching dog fights (figuratively) and from the stats the Singaporeans too who are very interested in watching this big dog fight in their backyard. As the source calls it "THE TSUNAMI IN TOWN" that is the biggest scandal in Singapore in years. And this website is just helping the public learn everything since the local newspapers and the nightly news reports on TV are barred by law from reporting the juices bits. This website is not located in Singapore so those local laws (respectfully) restricting information don not apply here. And the fact is the young woman testifying and/or bring the charges in court is simply not a minor anymore, she is 19 year-old.



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